Big Willie Taking Asian Girl Home For One-Night Stand

I made a concerted effort to check out Will Beck’s videos to see what he has to offer as learning value.

He ceases to amaze me in that his style is eerily similar to mines, particularly in the verbal-game department and his insistence on pulling the same day: that is aiming for the One-Night Stand and not wasting time on meager-petty gains such as phone numbers.

For clarification sake, Willie Beck is a German PUA instructor and practitioner out of Toronto, Canada.

He’s been labeled by many as best in the business over the past 6 months.

I can agree with that.

As for this video, I really liked it for many reasons apart from the learning aspects. But if you are new to Pickup/Seduction, this video actually encapsulates how to approach random strangers (1 mean to approach), how to build instant attraction, how to persuade and lead women, and how to set the logistics for sex.

Most of what Willie displays in this video, are staples in my game which I’ve demonstrated many times over the past 3 months (taking random girls home).

Anyway, check out Big Willie from Toronto in field on hidden-camera video as he takes a sexy-Asian girl from Street, insta-date to home for sex.

Oh- before I go, I’d like to address naysayers and guys who are quick to say: “Oh she was easy! She’s a slut. She has no respect! If it was a good girl, she wouldn’t have gone home with him”!

The typical BS you hear from guys who don’t and can’t get laid.

Any girl is liable of being fucked the same day.

Most of it boil down to her current state of mind, receptiveness, connection, comfort with the guy and the guy’s ability to execute social intelligence, leading skills and so forth.

Therefore, it isn’t that girls are easy and some are difficult to sleep with.

If I were to put the easiest and sluttiest girl in front of you and tell you to seduce her and take her home, 9 in 10 guys will fumble the fucking ball like a hot potato. So whether a girl is easy or not, you as the guy still have to have enough social savviness and balls in order to maneuver her towards sex.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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