Get Her To Text Back By 1 Super-Simple Trick [The Nuclear Option]

Before I get into this 1, I want to first state that you should NOT be texting women whom you haven’t hooked up with as yet!

Frankly, you should not text women at all except in few cases such as quick reminders and so forth.

Anyway, this post will address the all-too-familiar situation all men face: and that is non-responsive chicks.

When I was heavily relying on text game and online dating (just last year), for every 10 phone #’s I got, 5 of them would turn out to be totally non-responsive through text.

For other guys, this stat could be higher or lower but the fact is still clear that most phone #’s will turn out to be worthless (7-8 in 10).

There are tons of hidden reasons why girls are or become non-responsive, but I won’t get into any of them here right now.

Presuming you have dead #’s in your phone book, mobile app, Whatsapp, etc. I advise you to fucking delete them now!


Before you do that though, try 1 last attempt at getting them to respond and engage in a chat to hopefully meet up.

This trick is almost certain to work on non-responsive girls.

Whether you eventually get her to meet up or not is another story.

What I’m here to do is to get you that initial response then you’re on your own from there.

Alright, if a girl isn’t initially interested in texting you, you have to spike high on her radar in order to get her attention.

Sending a “hi” text to a girl who isn’t responsive will get you no response.

A “hi” or “good morning” don’t do enough to cause a reaction in the girl.

When I was field testing this trick/routine, I would typically send a “hi” to non-responsive girls and get no reply. Then I started to ponder, “What the hell could I possibly do or say to get these chicks to engage me”?

“Congratulations on the pregnancy”

That’s it!

No- literally- that was it!

I sent a text saying “congrats on the pregnancy”, to a chick who wasn’t responding at all to my texts via whatsapp.

She sure did respond then! 😉 😉

Presuming that a girl is pregnant who isn’t actually pregnant, is enough to cause such a text to spike high on her radar.

Now if she was actually pregnant, it wouldn’t have had any impact and she still wouldn’t have replied.

Basically, you have to say something real outlandish or disrespectful in order to get the attention of a girl who doesn’t respond to your txt messages.

You have to assume something so crazy that she’s forced to reply and engage out of sheer curiosity if nothing else.

Vague texts are also great for this.

Send her a real vague text message where she wouldn’t have known if you were addressing her.

“I wasn’t able to find it but I’ll let you know”

Such a vague text 7 in 10 times will provoke a response from the girl:

“Huh. I don’t understand that message”.

I”ve personally field testes these texts to success recently and in the past.

Another trick/text which I used to provoke a response was an idea I got from a video by RSD Julien:


Pretty simple! 🙂

Two days ago, I decided to test this out by sending “Slut” and “Bitch” to 3 different girls whom I had as contacts in my Whatsapp but were unresponsive over the past 7 months.

You better believe it that all 3 of them responded to the “slut and bitch” texts I’d sent them.

It also goes to show how fickle-minded and shallow women are that they’d rather reply to negative assumption than positive ones. This also makes you realize why it is that nice guys finish last and bad boys and assholes like myself always get the girl.

Anyway, so their replies are always a combination of shocked and confused:

“Was that meant for me”?


“What do you mean”?

Their replies are never:

“Fuck you”

“Go to hell”

“You mother’s a bitch”

Simply because they aren’t sure if you’re addressing them or if it was a mix up.

Another 1 that I’d field tested 2 days ago was:

“Can’t believe you slept with that dude SMFH”

That text sure did get a reply after 6 months of messages being ignored from this particular chick.

How far you can go is boundless. You can go over the top; doesn’t fucking matter. Your goal is just to say something so “out there”, weird, controversial or fucked up, that she has to respond. 😈

Now I’m quite sure there are dudes out there who’ll say that this is attention-whoring, trolling and needy.

Sure it is!

However, you’re not attached to the results/outcome which negate the true attention-whore factor.

You’re merely doing this to provoke a response in order to continue normal chitchat.

You attempt to get her on the phone to set something up.

If she becomes non-responsive again; you delete her phone # finally and move on.

For the record sake: I do NOT text women whom I haven’t slept with (as of 2014), nor do I advocate for you guys to rely on texting girls.

This post was merely a last-ditch effort: all or nothing when it comes to dead-phone numbers you might have had taking up space in your phone.

Check out this video from RSD Julien on his text-game method.

He makes many great points that you might not have been aware of previously: like the fact that most girls will give out their phone numbers to any guy who asks.

This should make you realize that phone numbers mean shit!

7 in 10 times, a girl giving you her phone # isn’t because she likes you, but because she simply can’t say no to strangers.

By the way, feel free to include some “nuclear texts” in the comment section that other guys could possibly use to arouse a reaction out of non-responsive girls.


To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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