Why Guys Don’t Get Laid In Toronto + Willie Beck’s Awesome Model Of Pickup

Toronto is the (un)official birthplace of Pickup as anyone in this dating genre would know.

The dichotomy is, and what really puzzles men, is that the general consensus from around the PUA globe is that Toronto is 1 of the hardest cities to get laid in. Not because the women are frosty stuck-up bitches, but due to the huge saturation of Pick-Up Artists storming bars and malls during day and night game.

With this being the case, Toronto is deemed a burnt-out city when it comes to picking up girls, dating and getting laid.

I highly disagree with this general analysis and consensus by the Pickup pundits…I’ll explain why in just a bit.

The problem with guys who game in Toronto is pretty apparent to me: Eaton Mall!

My impression of PUA’s in Toronto is that they all frequent and converge upon this 1 mall in order to run game.


However I’m yet to hear of diversity in the locales in which guys in Toronto game. Where are the popular strips? Can’t just be 1 mall: Eaton mall? ❓

The location isn’t the problem necessarily but the type of game being ran:

1.) The #’s game (mass approaches)

2.) Getting lots of phone numbers

The other impression that I get of Toronto guys is that they rarely ever try to escalate or sleep with girls the same day or same night.

Their “pulls” are all based on getting phone #’s then bounce and hope to meet up another day or week via phone game.

This isn’t just a Toronto problem but the seduction community on a whole.

This sort of game is standard throughout the seduction genre nowadays but it isn’t the most effective.

The reason why guys in Toronto fail to get laid regularly is because they settle for small-fucking wins like getting a phone number!

Rarely do they ever try to make out with a random girl, go on an instant date or try to fuck the girl then and there.

Since no one is pushing the envelope, girls in Toronto are seen as bitches, bitchy and hard to pull, when in fact, it only appears this way because guys are using the wrong game by not escalating physically [the big wins].

I’m reminded of a video I’d posted from the Asian Casanova, who’s actually from Southern California, but had visited Toronto. He hit up the infamous Eaton Mall [PUA city] and got all sorts of negative reactions from the girls there.

He was even called out and congruence tested by the girl. 😯

Granted he was just there in the mall to test out some game. But his problem was also the same as any PUA dwelling in T-Dot: going for small wins (phone #’s).

I’m also reminded of a very controversial article published by RooshV, where he’d written about his visit to Toronto and was shocked that he was hardly able to get laid there.

Roosh’s emphasis was on the culture and custom as to why he’d failed while there.

In reality, I would say that he came up short due to utilizing the wrong style of game and neglecting to escalate physically in order to take girls on insta-date to sex.

RooshV, Turkish-American Pickup-dating coach from D.C.

RooshV, Turkish-American Pickup-dating coach from D.C.

Since doing my research on Willie Beck’s model, it becomes pretty apparent the sorta guys who will get laid there and the ones who won’t.

With that, I leave you with a video from Toronto’s PUA dating coach, Willie Beck, as he displays physical escalation and how to hook up in Toronto.

It’s not a difficult city to get laid in!

If you’re running around collecting fucking phone #’s: then sure- it’d be hard to get laid as is the case in any city!

So for the same reason you won’t get laid in Orlando, you won’t get laid in Toronto.

However, once you adopt a One-Night Stand mentality, you’ll start to get laid in places which are perceived to be terrible for pickup/seduction.

By the way, I’m really starting to respect this dude’s skills and teachings!

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5 thoughts on “Why Guys Don’t Get Laid In Toronto + Willie Beck’s Awesome Model Of Pickup

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  1. I’m sorry but these guys are idiots. It’s been years and these guys are still doing the same shit over and over again. When everyone is doing the same thing, you don’t keep doing what everyone else does, you go AGAINST the grain and make yourself stand out. You make a niche for yourself.

    Whether that’s through the way you dress, the types of places you approach women, the kinds of women you go after, the amount of physical touching, etc.

    It’s a ludicrous idea that this one city is some special bubble that make it harder to get laid than other cities. People are people everywhere.


  2. if you want to get laid, get a prostitute. Don’t play with someone’s emotions just for a one night stand. Prostitutes are there for a reason.


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