Justin Wayne vs Will Beck: Who Is The Better Pickup Coach & Practitioner

Justin Wayne of New Yor City, USA. Willie Beck of Toronto, Canada

Justin Wayne (Jamaican) of New York City, USA. Willie Beck (German) of Toronto, Canada

This debate has also been the talk of the PUA community as far as Youtubers are concerned.

Whenever I check out videos from either guy, the comment sections are usually flooded with spectators from either camp lambasting the other and calling out their respective coach against the other.

I personally didn’t want to touch this topic due to the innate conflict of interest being that Justin and I are good friends while I never met nor had any conversations with Willie Beck. So to avoid favoritism: I abstained from chiming in…until now.

To be clear here, I’m not even declaring which of the 2 guys I feel is better at game.

Justin had been nominated and voted as the best PUA of 2012 according to my readers, but Willie wasn’t even selected as 1 of the top 10 nominees, so I’m not sure it’d even be just to judge who has better game based on the aforementioned fact.

Nevertheless, I personally favor Justin with a slight edge based on 1 key factor and that is persistence!

I also like his insistence on “Dominant Romance” and he’s actually the pioneer of romance game in Pickup which leads me to mention his popular method called “The Romantic Connection”.

No one can deny it that Justin Wayne is the most persistent coach and practitioner that the Game has ever seen when it comes to going after what he wants: be it a phone # exchange, getting the girl to stay and chat, getting her to go with him on an instant date, getting a kiss, etc.

Justin is absolutely the most persistent and insistent in that area, and it’s due that 1 factor why I would personally give JW the edge over Willie Beck.

However, Big Willie is super-fucking impressive and persistent also, so I don’t even think I can give JW an edge in persistence!

I must confess that although hearing about WB and stumbling across his videos on Youtube, I never actually took the time to watch at least 1 of his infield videos simply because I presumed he was all hype and possibly a marketer-type PUA coach who didn’t have any Game.

Out of sheer mistake, I happened to click on 1 of his videos “BY MISTAKE”, and I was hooked from the inception!

This dude has fucking skills!!!

Similar to Justin, I find that Willie is also super persistent but in a different way…if that makes sense.

Really fucking hard to explain what I mean.

Both guys are super impressive and it’s no wonder why fans and students of both camps have been going at it for some time as to hoist their man above the other.

On a final note, I do give Willie an edge in 1 department also, and that is his ability to NEG and use humor with perfect precision in a way which is almost always delivered the right way, right time in order to get the right response from the girl.

I also like Willie’s damage-control skills, which Justin is great at also.

All in all, each guy has slight edges in particular areas as expected.

If you’ve never seen neither guy in action, I’ll include a video from each coach displaying certain skill set in the field on hidden-cam video.

You’ll see why I like Justin’s game and why I like Willie’s game.

Also, both guys fall under the “Indirect Style” of Pickup as I wrote about in a recent article.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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