Dress For Sex + How To Structure Dates For Sex

Be Prepared For Random Moments Of Sex!

Sex sometimes come about sporadically.

The more inclined you are to adventurism- you’ll be more readily able to spot those random moments of sex.

“What is all this mumbo jumbo here? What are you getting at Kenny”?

Ok, sex doesn’t always come when you expect.

We can all agree on this…right?

As a guy, how many times had you forgotten to tote your condoms while heading to meet up with some hot-ass chick you’d met the other day…with the possibility of sex popping up out of nowhere?

We’ve all had this happen to us.

How about the time when Jackie invited you over to her lair then as things get to heating up an hour later, you caught yourself patting down your pockets for the sex-facilitator…but there was none?

Fuck!!! 😡

Yep- I know the feeling.

Now let’s assume that you have a carton of rubbers therefore protective measures have already been handled on your end.


Let’s take this a step further and assume that the date/meet-up is in a public setting and not within the privacy of a home.


Let’s assume that you’re a man with a dick + sexual desires hence wanting to escalate physical contact so you manage to flirt, kiss, makeout, fondle the shit out of each other while on this so-called date or meet-up.


Am going somewhere here- so bear with me.

Now if I were you, and for some reason, all options have been exhausted, she doesn’t want to go back to my place neither hers: then I would elect to bang here there!

“There” meaning the restaurant, park, lounge, bar, nightclub, a dark alley…you get the picture. 😉

Voyeurism baby!

Public sex should always be a viable option…just so you know.

However, it’s best to be dressed for sex!

This all came to me few nights ago while chatting up an HB10 on the roadside (however not a total stranger).

She and I have history but never 1 of intimacy, but the sexual tension during that brief encounter was so high, that we both had “FUCK ME” written all over our foreheads…MUTUALLY!

I got all up in my head trying to quickly map out the logistics: she was on her way to work, my apartment is to far, she lives way too far, no transportation…SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! 😡 😡

There’s only 1 option: fuck her here…or somewhere nearby…like an abandoned building [I’m such a dirty muthafucker]. 😉

Long story short; sex didn’t materialize.

Had I chosen to settle for a back-alley blowjob instead- still wouldn’t have been that expedient.

Basically- I wasn’t dressed for a random moment of sex.

“Well Kenny aka Mr. Genius, how does one dress for random moments of sex (whatever that is)”?

Denim jeans aren’t good for sporadic sex.

Nor any pant which requires the wearing of a belt, neither pants which are secured by numerous buttons and so forth.

The point I’m making here is that you want to allow easy fucking access to your cock!


I have a particular pair of denim jeans (my favorite jeans actually) which always seems to fuck me out of random sex!

How does it feel to wear pants that cock-block the living daylights out of you!?

Anyway, my favorite jeans are fastened by way of 6 buttons instead of a zipper.

Even just to take a piss, it’s like a wrestling match trying to get this fucker unbuttoned to prevent urinal spillage if you know what I mean! 😉

Such pants are totally NOT conducive to quick sex.

This is the opposite of “dressed for sex” [random sex that is].

To counter this though, I came to the realization some years ago that I must dress for sex on specific occasions or I’ll continue to fumble the ball and miss out on mucho sexo en un santiamén.

In English, that would translate to “lots of random sex”.

With that being the case, whenever I had a date, Day 2, meet-up or was simply heading out to the bar, I always ensured that I was dressed the part…for easy access to my buddy downstairs. 👿

No more wearing complex-fitting jeans which make whipping my dick out a task and a half.

Slacks and dress pants became my preferred choice of bottom wear.

It isn’t just for easy access but such fabric and material [wool for instance] will allow for bodily friction with greater sensation opposed to denim or khaki which are more coarse and allow for less sensation [DUH].

Basically- your cock is able to gain more stimulation through finer materials and fabrics.


My so-called dates 95% of the time entail physical contact in the sense of caressing and body-to-body contact, therefore pants which allow for greater contact is a no-brainer.

This is largely why I prefer super-casual dates like a walk in the park opposed to the traditional dinner bullshit.

My dates are more like hangouts than anything, so it’s quite common for me to show up in sweat pants or basketball shorts and bloomers for men: highly conducive to quickies and easy-access sex.

While on my hangout dates, at some point, I usually grab the girl and have her sit on my lap while we chat and the sexual tension naturally increases.

In addition to that, during a playful and flirty interval, I would place the girl’s hand on my cock just to heighten the sexual tension even more [sleazy bastard]!

Being dressed for sex by wearing something super casual like sweat pants or slacks, the sensation would’ve been greater for both parties.

Wearing denim or something coarse will not be expedient.

Also, having to un-buckle a belt in the event of a quick blowjob request also isn’t expedient. Therefore, you want to structure your meet-ups and dates for easy access to sex.

This too is applicable to women and their dress code.

If you’re inviting a girl out, whether a traditional date or “hangout”: encourage her to dress for the occasion.

In other words, you want her dressed loosely; preferably in a skirt or flowing sun-dress.

Flowing sun-dress

Flowing sun-dress

You don’t want her in pants and definitely not fucking jeans!

If she does wear pants, encourage her to go the casual route.

Once again, I implore you guys to kick dinner @ a lavish restaurant to the fucking curb!

Structure your dates as hangouts where the girl is encouraged to throw on some sweats, tights or leggings which make things 100 times easier if sex is your mission.

This hearkens back to a date (hangout) I had with a Vancouver cougar photographer, in which she showed up wearing sweat pants on my behest and request.

Vancouver cougar

Vancouver cougar

I can’t even begin to count the amount of fucking times on dates, I have the girl well situated in my lap with her legs apart while trying to rub her pussy through the pants but the jeans wouldn’t allow for suitable friction and contact!

Coupled with the fact that “belt” was another issue when trying to get her pants down or off.

Therefore, girl in jeans is a fucking NO NO!

Encourage her to put on something loose, light and thin…and short which allows you to finger her pussy or merely to get semi-decent contact with her labia for clitoral stimulation. 👿

That should be your ultimate goal of the date: putting yourself in position to facilitate sex or at least some adventurous situation like a public blowjob, handjob or finger-banging.

If you’re crafty enough, there will be presented to you opportunities to slip penis into vagina like a cool-ass customer. 😉

Again- whenever meeting up with women; always try to dress for sex by wearing pants which don’t require belts and are easy to slip in and out of…or to pull down.

You will regret or continue to regret if you decide to not take heed.

Always facilitate your chances of sex.

With that, I leave you with 2 pertinent videos from PUA coaches Todd and Julien.


To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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