Don’t Worry: She Will Come Crawling Back For Sex [Trust In Time]

First off: I must make it clear that this article is NOT a “how-to” on getting your ex back!

Frankly, as I’ve stated many times in the past: any guy who tries to get his ex back, needs to be dragged to an open field and burned at the stake Medieval style…or stoned to death! 😯

What this article will actually deal with, is getting back a fuck-buddy, fuck-friend, booty-call, friend with benefit or whatever you want to call it.

A fuck-friend doesn’t last forever.

Depended on the girl’s situation (or yours), it can last perhaps 2 weeks and abruptly die.

Since women hop from boyfriend to being single then back to boyfriend as though it’s a trend (which it is), there will come a time when she says to you:

“Hey Tom, I’m back with Gary now…so I’m not gonna be able to see you like that…if you know what I mean”.

“Like that” refers to the booty-call/friends with benefits situation.

Therefore, booty-calls aren’t indefinite and they usually die out quickly.

Generally, I just let it run its course and move on to the next chick [I think most of us do].

However there will come a time or 2 where you meet a fuck-buddy whom you just want to continue banging a little bit longer.

You aren’t quite ready to let go as yet.

Since it’s a world of free wills; irrespective of wanting to continue a fuck-buddy fling with a specific girl, you can’t force her to comply [unless by rape] so the good thing will come to an end.

Now, this article basically outlines getting that fuck-buddy to come back.

It isn’t strategic but much of it is left to the fat bitch karma and time itself.

How do you get a fuck-buddy to come back?

Move on!

Ignore her!

Same strategy in getting an ex-girlfriend to come back or getting your girlfriend to comply when she starts to act rebellious and disrespectful towards the relationship by treating you less than a man.

Throughout my PUA years, I’ve had many fuck-friends, too numerous to count!

However, 2 of them mainly stuck out as women I’d wanted to continue banging but not date [it isn’t wise to go exclusive with a fuck-friend].

I’ll highlight the main one for the purpose of making the case here.

I met a girl some years ago, we hooked up the same night we’d met [nothing strange there], she had a boyfriend but were on a break [yea right], so our One-Night Stand progressed into a 2 week fling where we might have shagged down 5 times…if my memory serves correct. ❓

After the 2nd week, as anticipated, she hit me with the “me and my boyfriend are back together” story.


I hit her up maybe a week and a half later for a quick booty-call but she wasn’t available [claims to still be on splendid term with the BF].


I really wanted to fuck this girl few more times although I was still sleeping with numerous other girls as expected as a seasoned PUA.

A month went by, I totally implemented some freeze-out tactics by ignoring her completely then I got an unexpected text:

“Where are you? I wanna see you tonight”.

I knew this wasn’t to talk about politics or how has life been, but it was all about the booty-call. 😈

We hooked up that night- went our separate ways.

The fling behind her boyfriend’s again back continued for about 2 weeks then discontinued.

Once again I was clobbered with the “I’m back with my boyfriend” line. 🙂

By the way guys, this is typical shit!

It’s very common for a girl to “CLAIM” to have broken up with a BF just to fuck a guy on the side [hopefully you], then put that guy on the side further to the side while “CLAIMING” to get back with her secret boyfriend.

This is common shit you’ll face on a day to day basis when getting to meet lots of chicks.

This also underscores a point which I’ve been hammering to death for years and that is: all women have fucking boyfriends!

There’s no such thing as a girl who’s single!

If she claims to be single today, she’ll claim to have a BF next week. If she has a BF today, there’s a strong possibility that she’ll play the “I’m an independent woman” card a week later…depended on whom she’s addressing.

So if you do meet a girl who says she’s single, check back in on her in 2 weeks time and you’ll be shocked to find out that she now has a boyfriend or has since reconciled with an ex [an ex which she failed to tell you about].


Anyway, for some strange reason, this chick’s vagina had a hold on me.

It wasn’t “hooked” neither some crazy-ass irrational infatuation of sorts, nor was it ONE-itis being that I didn’t want this girl for myself as in an exclusive situation.

I could care less that she was fucking other guys and had a boyfriend. I just wanted to get my fuck’s worth out of that vagina.

Some months of zero contact went by this time [think it was about 9 months] then the all-too-familiar script played out again:

“Hey, can I come by you later”?

Me: “Who’s this”

Girl: “Sabrina. What you don’t remember me now”?

Me: Lol “Shut up! Ok cool. Shoot me a txt before you pass by so I can get this place in order”.

We fucked that night…as expected.

Our nefarious fling continued for 2 weeks or so- then ended…as expected.

Now, this particular girl and I have been fucking on and off for the past 5 years: 2 weeks on, 9 months off, 2 weeks on, 6 months off, a week on, 8 months off, etc.

This fuck-buddy relationship has been the longest I ever had with 1 particular chick. I’ve virtually been fucking her for the past 5 years with huge chunks of off periods.

What is really satisfying though, and you might have to face this also, is when a falling out occurs (instigated by her) then she comes crawling back for some good-old cock. 😉 🙂

There’s no greater feeling of justice in the world than to have a BITCH [and I used that word deliberately and justifiably] hit you up out of the blue (after some months have elapsed) in order to hook up.

In 2 instances with the same girl, we had fallouts because she’d taken offense to some minute bullshit I said about something that I can’t even remember what they were…so she hung up on me and sent some unflattering texts to put the icing on the cake.


Time is on my side.

About 6 months later of no contact, the familiar text message buzzed my phone:

“You’re free later”?

At this point, I was left with 2 option:

1.) Hold a grudge for her bitchy actions 6 months prior and turn her down.

2.) Take retribution on her pussy by fucking the living daylights out of her.

Me: “Yep I’ll be free later”! 🙂

The points I wanted to get across here was just to get you guys up to speed with the way in which fuck-buddy situations are structured, how they run, why they run the way they do, why they die off and how to revive it in due time.

There’s no quick-fix technique in getting a fuck-buddy to come back for more sex [at least, I haven’t discovered it yet].

She is fucking other guys and probably have a boyfriend as you might have known, so there exist variables which change the dynamics of time and when and why she would crawl back.

The main reason, the underlying one, why my fuck-buddies would come back, was first off NOT the sex!

I repeat: girls do NOT come crawling back to Kenny because of good sex!

Honestly- I’m terrible in bed! And that’s being real [from a penetration standpoint mainly]!

What gets women hooked to me sexually that they have to come back be it after 2 weeks or 2 years, are the theatrics and the rituals apart from penetration.

Sex is 90% non-physical (as for myself)!

If she just wants and needs a guy who can penetrate her; dildos are there for that.

What the dildos and sex toys can’t provide are the drama, mind-fuck, psychological stimulation and roller-coaster rides.

I put very little emphasis on the penetration aspects of sex [only 10% or less].

Therefore, whenever I have sex with a girl or leading up towards it, I will have gotten her pissed [think make-up sex], crying or wondering whether I was sane or just broken out of an asylum.

Women are fueled by drama and live on drama like a ritual!

Once you can create a ritual out of sex which drives women crazy, they will always miss that since 9 in 10 times; they won’t get it from any other guy since most guys are under the illusion that “good sex and dick size” keep girls coming back.

I have guy friends who brag about toting 12 inches (including women to vouch for them), yet these dudes are only good for 1-offs: 1 bang and go. Chicks don’t ever return for seconds.

It’s because these guys (the average male) put 90% emphasis on penetration opposed to creating some sorta drama during or before sex, with foreplay and teasing being a huge part of sex also.

Most men are so sex-crazed that once they get some alone time with a girl they’d screwed once, they virtually rape the shit out of her with without foreplay nor theatrics.

This can only take you so far.

Therefore when a girl runs back to me after 9 months or 3 weeks, it’s a confession that she isn’t getting such stimulation (sexual drama) from her boyfriend or any guy for that matter.

She isn’t running back to me because of awesome SEXUAL penetration out of this fucking world!

I’ve made girls cum from sheer dirty talk (some drama again) without even fucking them. And yes they’ll hit me up days, weeks, months and years later under the guise of missing the sex [sex we never had] and wanting to hook up.

Hence for my shortcomings in bed [simply not giving a shit about penetration], I make up for them in various ways.

The fuck-buddy girl whom I wrote about was simply missing the sexual drama and had to come back for some more.

Not only was she cheating [a huge source of drama in itself] but hinted that her boyfriend was also cheating so that gave her justification to creep with me [more drama].

Therefore the ways in which to get a fuck-friend to come back, and by extension an ex-girlfriend are:

1.) Create drama and ritual

2.) Create sexual drama

3.) Use lots of foreplay

4.) Use freeze-out tactics whenever things fall apart

5.) Let time run its course as your ally

These tips are also super applicable in cases where the girl had dumped you.

The only way to get a girl back is through freeze-outs which is the opposite of chasing and calling her.

Before I go, another former fuck-buddy hit me up earlier today [March, 10th.] virtually begging for sex.

This’ a chick whom I haven’t heard from in like 4 months. Last time we spoke, she literally blew me off and flaked due to some unknown reason then I got these Whatsapp messages from her today [my txts in white, hers in blue]:

As you would’ve gathered from the messages, she came over and we fucked.

She too has a boyfriend (as the other girl)…a husband actually. Once again, it goes to show that majority of women whom you will have met and shagged, will be taken and in relationships/marriages [there’s no such thing as a “Single” girl].

Such is the power of freeze-out tactics and giving women sexual drama and drama in general.

The only way to get a girl chasing you is by creating drama and ignoring her for extended-durations of time [unless she’s easily submissive].

Any dating coach who says that he can teach you how to get your ex back or a fuck-buddy back by remaining in constant contact with her, that dating coach or blog-writer needs to be put out of business or put to shame.

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46 thoughts on “Don’t Worry: She Will Come Crawling Back For Sex [Trust In Time]

Add yours

  1. Dude this is on point, I can’t tell you how many times happened to me in dating chicks. I eventually wised up to game; esp with single moms. They live to have a guy out in the wings and when they get comfortable they’ll drop you for them. Most of the time it’s the fantasy they like and once it’s over they’ll hit you with I don’t want to get serious, or they have someone else, or did something wrong. If you play it cool like you said, ignore them, they’ll be back randomly. Only a family oriented woman who dedicates themself to being with you won’t do this; well until a good girl goes bad.


  2. I came across this as a guy I had a summer fling 8 years ago with contacted me again (making it three times since that summer) to try to hook up with me (either in person or Skype Sex, as we lived on two different continents for a while.) While I do agree some people can be like how you have mentioned, I sadly got a bit miffed. That every girl is not single. I have been in a relationship for nine months now, first one since my ex and I broke up 10 years ago. All of a sudden, the summer flings contacts me and gets offended that I have a boyfriend now. But I was happy to be single for those two years before the fling, and I was single for the seven years following. Was I seriously single? YES! I took four of those years caring for a parent with cancer until the battle was lost three years ago. Not once did I think of having a relationship, not once did I even go on a date and yes I abstained. The fling contacted me to “see how I was” and when I told him about my parent dying, he suggested Skype Sex. Also, the sex was bad. Yet he kept crawling back. Made me think the guy in reality had no game!

    Some guys don’t understand that time is supposed to create a distance between you, but in their minds, they keep looking for bridges that they haven’t burned.


    1. First time hearing a woman’s perspective on this subject. Good to know that you were a rare bird in that you were actually single and not pretending while having secret boyfriends and secret lovers.
      Well- good point on men. You seem to really understand how we operate.


  3. Yeah, I keep getting the “I just want to be friends” thing from my fuck buddy and then I go off and do other things and stop giving her the attention she craves, yep freeze her out. Within a week or two she’s hassling me again. It really works.


  4. Great tips. Had a fling not too long ago and I fucking blew it for being needy and of course she dumped me. (Fucking wanna punch myself in the face for that) Anyway, I gottta master that “Freeze out tactic” and NOT being needy for the next chick that I fuck or the same one who dumped me IF she comes back that is, god willing.

    Has that ever happened to you guys? The needy part?


    1. Hey Average Joe…of course it happened to me in the past. I know the feeling of wanting to punch yourself in the face. As you begin to gain abundance with women, getting needy won’t happen anymore. It takes time to master freeze outs, so don’t be so hard on yourself bro


      1. Thanks a lot, K. Yeah, it’ll probably take some time but hey if it’s for the best then I’m up for the challenge. Keep those tips/articles coming bro! Good stuff.


  5. Very interesting. How would i know ic a guy is trying to freeze me out or just totally over the situation? I told my fwb i didnt want to continue with it bc we arent exclusive (he said he wasnt having sex with anyone else) now it has been 2 months and he wont answer me except maybe one out of 4 msgs. I asked if would could have sex again as i lust after him….no response! When do i just say forget it just stop contacting him?


    1. Well, I never advised a woman yet about this, but it’s obvious that he’s freezing you out. What you need to find out for yourself is the reason he’s doing it. Perhaps he’s freezing you because of something you said or did that made him feel violated?


      1. The only thing i have done is tell him i didnt want to continue with the fwb, i ended it on my terms. So its been 2 months and i want him again. I have never said or done anything disrespectful. My question is how to you kmow when a temporary freeze out has turned permanent?


          1. So true. But this confirmed men also come crawling back for sex in due time. Quick update. After accepting his freeze out and moving on with zero contact he did contact me again 6 months later professing deep fondness for me. After 2 months of wish washy behavior I cut if off and there has been no contact for 6 months again. It feels good that he reached out allowing me the chance to end it myself. So we are even I suppose.


  6. Here is a scenario. She breaks up, after being needy and beg her, you find out she got on with another guy and tell her never to speak to you again. You see her occassionaly but you are cold and rude towards her. How do you give her the option of re entering your life as a FB?
    I don’t care about her or what she does in her life, I have other girls that I bang, but I want to add her just as FB(and I’m being sure I will never have more feelings for her). The sex was good and she was excited also while it lasted. So is there a way to make this happen and not sound needy?
    I thought of sending a message(its been a year btw), telling her straight forward if she ever wants to have sex without any attachements I’m up for it whenever she likes it, she can send me a text. And she knows she can trust me.
    Is this a good idea? Or should I take another road?


    1. Do the complete opposite of what you’ve been doing (as far as getting her to what to coke back as a fuck buddy). Most guys cannot let go because they don’t have closure on whether the girl is sleeping with another guy or not. You on the other hand, know that she’s sleeping with, or slept with another guy. This reality should make it easier to play strategic and get your chasing you since you have nothing to lose because she already committed the ultimate violation. And no! That is a terrible idea to send her a text like that!


      1. What is the opposite? I’m rude and cold while speaking to her, like im her boss. She huffs and puffs whenever she speaks with me. The relationship dynamics was like that: i was the man and she obeyed everything with roses in her eyes, then around the end it changed by finding someone who chased her around like a sheep. When she broke up she turned the table and made me look weak and pathetic in her eyes.
        But when i found out about the other guy i went back to my old self and the one she was crazy about(i have this fuck off i dont care attitude). I know she will dump his ass(or bored of him to death) eventually and that she will want some c0ck to play around freely and i would love that. So how am i going to give her this option without changing the dynamic again?
        When we communicate is because of work related stuff nothing to do with each other. And i dont want to be nice with her all of a sudden. It’ll give her the power back, i have to be congruent.


        1. Dude, you don’t fucking get it! Being rude and cold or boss-like in such a situation as yours does NOT come off well! It makes you sound weak and butt-hurt! That is the problem. You’re supposed to be aloof and act as though nothing affects you. That’s the opposite.


          1. So you mean to say being nice and aloof to a killer of your family member will make him want to make up for it instead of seeing it as a license to kill more members of your family?
            The point im trying to make is that she should give me the excuse in making me being nice towards her, otherwise i will look incogruent and a yo yo person.
            The problem is that: breaking the ice. If that goes away i will not have a problem making her a fb.
            As i see it right now i reestablished the respect she had for me. She doesn’t have the spine anymore to speak to me in a sarcastic way. She sees that im aloof with other people especially her friends who we have fun. And she knows i’am with other girls. If i show even the slightest weakness it will make this go all away.
            I’m discussing this in a more “philosophical” way im not doing this just for my story. What best works in the long term without looking pathetic.


    1. No, that is not what I’m saying. There are times and instances where this should be the approach. But it varies depended on how much leverage the guy has. I’ll can explain further if you want me to


      1. My ex gf dumped me 3 times during 3,5 years relationship, I got her back by going no contact and then eventually I reached out and got her back.. Last time I went no contact 5 months, and she called me out of the blue.. She said she doesn’t love me but we could be fuck buddies… We fucked for 1 month,.. now she met a guy. Last I called her 2 weeks ago, she said she is seeing someone and for me not to call her because would be weird because she is seeing someone… She said if things don’t work out or if she is single she would call for sex.. I said ok… Bye… Then week later I texted her happy birthday and she said thanks :)… I dont oman to contact her until she does… What would u do?


      2. My ex gf dumped me 3 times during 3,5 years relationship, I got her back by going no contact and then eventually I reached out and got her back.. Last time I went no contact 5 months, and she called me out of the blue.. She said she doesn’t love me but we could be fuck buddies… We fucked for 1 month,.. now she met a guy. Last I called her 2 weeks ago, she said she is seeing someone and for me not to call her because would be weird because she is seeing someone… She said if things don’t work out or if she is single she would call for sex.. I said ok… Bye… Then week later I texted her happy birthday and she said thanks :)… I dont want to contact her until she does… What would u do?


      3. Or should I text her like once a month or 2 months to check in on her to see if she is single… Bad move? I mean sg asked me not to contact her, that she would call if she wanted sex…


  7. Speaking to a girl on tinder – Sunday – only dirt talk. She wanna fuck so I told her I can only on Saturday. What I don’t know:
    1. How to keep her on the mood during the week for Saturday?
    2. Should I text her during the week for a casual convo? I tried once she didn’t reply. Next day sent her a tease pic she wanted to see more but didn’t show her.. Just told her to appreciate. What to do next? When to text her again?
    3. How to make her want to meet on Saturday?
    4. Been giving her not dull but short texts avoiding long explanations and essays. Good move? Struggling to maintain this so help please. I feel emotions are getting involved like when she read my text and didn’t reply – how to avoid that? Don’t wanna fall for her.



      1. This is gold!! Thanks!!

        I used similar style of texting her 2 nights ago but I didn’t last night because she not been online in WhatsApp since 7am. I need to communicate with her so our connection doesn’t die out. I don’t wanna make any assumptions but what do you reckon? Try call her once tonight? Because that seems like the only option.



  8. I’m in a situation right now, sorta like this one. I met this newly separated female, and we’ve been fucking for a little over a month now. The sex is the best I ever had, and she says the same. Definitley, since she was married for over 20 yrs with a little penis ex husband she always says. Anyways, I got this woman so hooked on my d**k, I literally had her on the phone telling my friend how damn good I was in the bedroom, this and that. Making her have her very first orgasm, cumming outrageous amount of times in a session, in the teens!! Recently tho, we been having problems. She called me today tripping on non sense and she really pissed me off to the point I told her to delete my number. She said fine, so I said hang up. So she replied ” I will delete your number and never talk to you ever again”. She also assured me I would be calling her back first… but guess what.. I must really have the best damn d**k to her, because 40 mins later.. SHE CALLED ME BACK!! Lol


  9. Hey there! I’m a woman and obviously I find this post sexist and offensive….but you’re kinda right. At least I think this only applies to women with issues and complexes such as myself though because women with more self-respect would just quit that shit.

    I’ve been fuck buddies with this guy for nearly a year now. He isn’t anything special in the size or performance department but for some inexplicable reason I got hooked on him? He uses these freeze out tactics you’re calling and it’s driving me nuts. He’s so effing cold but I’d still want to fuck the living daylights out of him. However I’ve never chased him because I’m too uppity for that and his coldness makes me fearful of approaching him first but whenever he rings me up I’m always so eager I fear he’s starting to think of me as his bitch. I’ve turned down some really nice, honest men just because of him. I don’t even know if I’m just going insane or if I’m starting to have feelings for him but I do know I just want things to go back to the way they used to be before I met him.


    1. Well I appreciate your comment Lizzie. Not too often I get females share their stories here. And yes; things may seem a bit sexist around these parts. So I commend you for staying strong.

      As for your situation, I obviously can’t offer no remedies (not that you were looking any) since I advise men on how to freeze women out. But I’m still glad that you shared your experience and confirm that this actually works.


    1. Unfortunately Cass, men do not thrive on sexual drama. Such things generally turn guys off big time. However they are simpler ways to get guy’s attention though. E-mail me about your situation (if there’s any), and I’ll break it down for you


  10. Three weeks ago my ex-fwb broke it off. I went silent. Last week she texted me at 1 AM with an apology – she was sorry and that she never wanted to hurt me. Of course this was an assumption on her part because I’ve been radio silent since she broke it off — I also didn’t overreact when she called it off. I have yet to respond. What’s the best way to respond to something like this?


  11. What the dildos and sex toys can’t provide are the drama, mind-fuck, psychological stimulation and roller-coaster rides.

    Im a girl and i totally agree to this article.. point on . Wow


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