It’s Never Over Until The Fat Lady Sings: Rejection @ A Public Library [+ Infield video]

It’s never over until the fat lady sings

First off: rejections don’t exist!

I only use the word “Rejection” in order to not confuse those who aren’t privy to the rejection theory in Pickup. But rejections don’t exist. Every so-called rejection should be seen as a lesson and learning experience (which it is).

Nevertheless, I posted this video by demand from my Youtube audience who seem to have gotten jaded with the videos of successful Pickups. They wanted to see me get rejected, fail and crash and burn. Personally, I’m no stranger to publishing such videos, so the request was fair enough for me.

In this infield video from earlier in the week, I’d gone to a public library to meet up with someone. While there, I figured I should chat up a girl instead of sitting there mute [you should also do the same]. So I approached and didn’t get much of any thing as far as dialogue besides short, snarky and bitchy answers.

Such a set or interaction is essentially what is called “getting nothing”.

It’s great when a girl gives you positive feedback and back-and-forth verbal play. But it sucks when you aren’t getting much in return.

Being that I like to play with dynamites, I decided to prop and prop, plow and plow until she either cracks and warm up to me or tells me to GTFOH!

I don’t believe in going half-ass and half way.

My method of pickup includes burning it to the ground.

Either I’ll get the girl or die trying…or nearly.

With the public-library chic, I could’ve given up the interaction from the first 5 seconds of frosty answers she’d given me [like most guys would]. But with a “go-all-out” frame, giving up prematurely isn’t a fucking option!

Realistically speaking, I wasn’t looking to pick up the girl. I was there already to meet someone so trying to pick up this new girl would’ve been useless. And by “Pick Up”, I don’t mean getting a phone number. I mean taking girls home or on instant dates.

What I was looking to do though was to see how far I can push (verbally), and push is what I did to say the least.

It wasn’t necessarily a persistent push but an obnoxious 1.

After a while, I literally tried to get on her nerves being that the ship was already sinking.

This’ the point I want to get across here to you guys: If the set has already gone South for whatever reason, you might as well crash it altogether since you have nothing to lose!

This is something I’d learned and adopted from Todd Valentine, a concept that if shit goes wrong; then try anything…do anything…get lame, cheesy and sentimental like an AFC if you have to!

I TOTALLY showcased this in the video! 🙂

Did I personally learn something from this video?

Absolutely not!

The lesson is for you to learn:

1.) Don’t be fooled by all the smooth pickup videos of effortless sets. Half of the time, the game gets messy.

2.) Never give up early! If things look bad or went wrong: make it worse and not walk away prematurely just to save face and stroke your dignity.

If you sense a rejection or that the girl is frosty and bitchy; then have some fun with it as I did in the video by saying all sorts of random shit!

Remember to “like” the video at the following link:

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

5 thoughts on “It’s Never Over Until The Fat Lady Sings: Rejection @ A Public Library [+ Infield video]

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  1. Terrible set. This worse as it gets and I like how you made the video as a way for guys to learn and not get all psyched up into believing that pickup is super smooth always. Sure you gonna have smooth sets but shit gets dirty and awkward 🙂


  2. And I know you’re gonna hear some guys chime in with saying how you went afc-ish but what they don’t understand is that once the set has sunken, you have shit to lose. And you aptly raised that point which is the biggest takeaway in the video


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