The Art Of Humor + Good Conversation In Order To Attract Random Girls [+ Hidden-Cam Infield Video]

The art of making women laugh is really a super-underrated art.

In fact; most men are so consumed in their daily issues, struggles and lives that they go about their business as though life has been fucking them up the rectum since birth. 😯

The main reason guys fail to attract women and by extension fail to get laid regularly is their inability to just be humorous and free spirited.

In this hidden-cam video [shot today actually], while chatting with an associate @ a roadside, a hot girl happened to be passing so I decided to pursue her with the intention of taking her on an instant date then to my house however through playful and humorous banter.

In the end, I decided to not push for the instant date due to real-time constraints which had surfaced last second, so I merely kept this video as a guide for the average guy to learn some humor with random women.

All in all, it’s no secret that women love a guy who can make them laugh.

This is an art you should and must learn if you really want to connect with and attract girls in every situation: be it work environments, streets, bars wherever.

I also can’t keep stressing the following point enough: treat strangers [women] as though you already knew them for ages!

This is why I never ask girl’s their names, rarely ever offer mines, never introduce myself, etc. I deliver my opener/ice-breaker as though the girl and I have been in conversation prior [this’ called “assuming attraction”].

That is the biggest component to my game and Pickup method: I treat every girl whom I’m attracted to as though we’ve fucked before. 😉


One thought on “The Art Of Humor + Good Conversation In Order To Attract Random Girls [+ Hidden-Cam Infield Video]

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  1. Would be nice if you can rectify the annotation in the video. I don’t know if its the blurring effect you put on the video or if it’s my browser where I can’t read the notes too clearly. Nice day game yet still.


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