Start Using The Assumption Method

Approach a woman like a stranger: you’ll get treated like a stranger.

I felt that a post dedicated strictly to this topic was a must, being that I’ve touched on the subject but never went in depth.

In a recent video post about the sexy-British girl, I mentioned my assumption method in the way I approach girls with a sense of familiarity and assumed connection.

I never approach strange and unfamiliar women as though I don’t already know them personally.

With this being the case: I also never formally introduce myself to any woman, neither do I ask for their names nor do I offer mines but in 5% of my introductions.

My approach and openers are structured in a way which convey “history”.

This is why in 95% of my infield videos, I treat women as though we’ve already fucked or somehow intimate presently.

I own it, I sell it, I assume it [my frame that is].

Whenever I approach a hot girl (even not-so-hot ones), my conversational starter/ice-breaker always comes off as though we’re resuming dialogue from a previous time.

Examples of my ice-breakers with random women:

“I seen someone who looks just like you. Must be a twin”.

“Let’s grab something to eat. I’ll pay now and you pay next time”.

“How was your Valentine’s? Hope you treated your boyfriend to something nice for once”.

“I like your shoes. Got a lot of taste. For that, I’m gonna let you take me out”. 😆

You get the point!

If a girl ignores my opener and she just doesn’t want to be bothered with; I’ll plow and plow to see if I can crack her cold exterior until she either walks off or I walk off [a semi-true rejection].

However the beauty is (as expected), 9 out of 10 times: I get a positive response from the girl whenever I shoot my openers in such a way.

I’m not saying standard introductions can’t work. They do work! But it becomes more of an uphill battle at times than a smoother 1.

A great analogy for the way in which I approach girls is like being granted entree in the middle of the line while other guys line up and wait for the line to get shorter: be it at a nightclub, restaurant or wherever.

Why not take the free spot being offered in front of 20 other customers?

Why not quit introducing yourself to women and quit going the tradition route instead assuming attraction and assuming she likes you opposed to approaching her as though you’re auditioning for her?

Give it a try and you may find that you have more success using my method.

However if you do already have decent success with the traditional approach of introduction: then you may not want to change it.


To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

10 thoughts on “Start Using The Assumption Method

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  1. Nice video kenny. Keep them coming brodie. You been pumping out more videos than a fucking magician pulls rabbits out the hat. Bad analogy but whateva bro. It’s winter where I’m at but I can imagine how promising the summer will look for you eventhough its already like summer there


    1. and the assumption frame is right down our all because it come off as indirect game anyway and I already know you advocate that like crazy


      1. Been a while Mr. Sharp. Yea it’s a double-edge sword in a sense to game down here because you never get a break from the constant flow of chicks 12 months of the year. I might get burnt out by the Summer 😉


  2. I have a question here. By the way i love your site and i am by far trying to get into picking up women full time but I been trying to record since last week just to follow my progress but I feel as though the girs will catch me recording. tips?



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