Always End The Date First And Not Get The Date Ended On You [Same Goes For Phone Calls]

Having a date ended on you: as innocuous and innocent as it seems, most times, it actually puts the woman in the driver’s seat and the position of higher value while the guy’s value decreases simultaneously.

The same dilemma with having a girl end a phone call first.

Always look to end things first before she does!

You’re taking preemptive strike here like George Bush and beating the girl to the punch like a crafty Bernard Hopkins.

I met up with a girl some nights ago for a non-traditional date: basically sit and chat on a public bench [sure beats paying for food at a lavish restaurant]. 😉

The meet-up went great: flirting, touching, caressing, embracing, hugging, etc.

I didn’t get to sleep with the girl [my intention] but all in all- it was a good experience where I’d learned a few more tricks and routines which I can apply in future date-type meetings.

Anyway, we were there for about 2 hours (8 PM to 10), I naturally felt that winding-down vibe that always takes place on dates, so instead of allowing the girl to end the date on me [calling the shots]: I decided to end it first regardless of the great time we were having.

The thing is; someone has to fucking end it.

Majority of the time, it’s the chick who takes liberty to end it [or elects to end the phone call].

Therefore, I casually asked her the time:

Me: “What time is it?…Seems sorta late”.

Girl: “Just after 10”.

Me: “What! So damn late”!?

[The girl laughs. Probably shocked that a guy is about to end the date on her instead of the customary way of the girl ending it] 😉

Me: “Well…I’m gonna have to get going. Plus I’m kinda chilly out here”.

Now guys, take specific note here that you ALWAYS want to end things on a high note [whether phone call or date]!

Don’t fucking wait for an awkward lull in conversation to then drop the “date over” bomb [which will seem more like a dud or m80 than a scud missile].

Always end it at the moments that seem counter-intuitive when things are going great!

By the way, this is all granted that you’d forfeited on trying to sleep with the girl that night.

If your intention is to sleep with her, then you want to end the date strategically for sex…but that’s for another post.

So we winded down the meet up with an escalation via intimate hugging, holding, smooching and a playful vibe.

Basically, I ended things in a position of higher value and power.

I was the ender, the closer, the decider, the leader…

This puts me in a more favorable position for any future rendezvous where the vibe won’t come off as though I’m begging her to meet up.

When a date or phone call gets ended on you, the previous adjectives get inverted where you become: the led, the ended, the one decided upon, the closed…all of which put you in a lesser position of value than the girl, while her perceived-stock value soars.

Dating and hooking up is all a chess match!

Remember that!

Women are always looking for the position of power and actively seeking to be the one who comes out on top with the most perceived value and power.

Guys are generally oblivious to such jockeying for power and power play by women [yep- men are dumb].

With that being the case, 9 in 10 times, the girl will emerge victorious with all powers bestowed upon her by the clueless guy.

Both sexes would love to believe that we shouldn’t play games and that dating should be a wholesome, free of ulterior motives venture and so forth.

Sounds dandy but women are the masterminds of head-games in relationships and male-female interactions on every level.

When you can become that guy to flip the script and turn the tables on a girl [giving her a dose of her own meds], only then will you have experienced true power and dominance with women by having them chase instead of you [the guy] doing the chasing.

Therefore, you want to do what’s counter-intuitive.

You want to go against the norm.

You want to end dates first (however on a high note).

You want to be the one who says over the phone:

“Anyway Jen, I got a lot to do right now so we’ll chitchat another time if I’m free”.

Rather than having Jen subject you to the customary dagger in the heart.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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  1. Ha ha. This is a good point! I don’t like it when a guy ends things first with me, but if I end it first, then I sometimes think he is more into me than I am with him. That sounds kind of dumb now that I think about it!


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