Get Women More Comfortable Through Statements Of Vulnerability (SOV) + Why So-Called Successful Men Can’t Get Laid

I get asked a lot:

“What do you talk about while on dates”?

The “what” of it is pretty much irrelevant in this context, but whatever it is that you or I do decided to talk about, it’s always key to remember to drop a statement of vulnerability in there, which will serve to humanize you in the girl’s eyes.

A statement of vulnerability (SOV) can come, and should come in the form of a story or a snippet of a story related to the conversational topic at hand.

I’ll break it down with some super-simple examples shortly.

Most men, due to the fact that we’re socially pressured into being macho and Alpha, have issues with this concept of displaying (verbally) a weakness or vulnerability to women.

It’s sorta counter-intuitive.

Men are supposed to be strong, dominant and assertive in whatever we do.

Sure- I get that…and couldn’t agree more!

However, you risk coming off as being so flawlessly put together, that it repels women instead of making them want to rip your clothes off and get down to intimate business.

This is why revealing some vulnerabilities are super key whenever interacting with chicks within a date or intimate setting.

Personally, my favorite SOV (Statement Of Vulnerability) which I utilize all the time while connecting with women on a deeper level [during the rapport phase of seduction], is to say to the girl:

“I’m terrified of rats, frogs and lizards.

Funny thing: it’s totally true [which makes the impact greater]! 😆 😆

I have a body-crippling fear of those creepy-slithering fuckers and those fuzzy-little vermin!

Now which guy in his right mind will reveal this to a new girl in whom he’s trying to get with or impress?

Hardly any of us!

How come?

As a guy, to reveal that you have fears and insecurities to women, often times make you feel as though you’re a giant wuss and less of a man.

“Macho men aren’t supposed to have fear”!

With that being the case and the general consensus; men rarely ever risk revealing such things.

What most men aren’t aware of however, is that revealing some sort of fear isn’t a turnoff, nor will it make you seem weak in the eyes of the girl.

It’ll only make you more real: more human and down to Earth, which makes for a better connection.

No one likes a Mr. Fucking Perfect who doesn’t think his shit stinks like the rest of us!

We can all attest to that!

I just hate to be around guys (and gals) who erect this facade of perfection and untouchability within every facet of their lives:

“Oh I never have a bad day”

“I’m not scared of anything”

“I can bench press 1,000 lbs…with 1 hand”

“I graduated with the highest honors…”

“I’m a perfect dieter”

Bla, bla, fucking bla!

The list goes on of the verbal dribble you’ll typical get blasted with whenever interacting with “Perfect people”.

No one likes a perfectionist!

It’s for this reason in Pickup-Seduction Community, we are TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, FULLY and ABSOLUTELY against talking up one’s personal achievements! Largely for the fact that it’ll come off as braggadocious to women, even though you may mean well.

This is why businessmen and guys who are super successful in life, are the worst with women on every level: sex, attraction, conversation, etc.

Ever had a chitchat with a big-business owner or an entrepreneur who feels entitled or feels as though there’s an underlying need to brag about their business successes and ventures?

It’s fucking pathetic! 😡

These people are way out of touch [think Mitt Romney ].

Same goes for the average-male college graduate who might have only accrued a lousy-bachelor’s degree, but feels a need to always put this out there whenever in conversation with new people or within a social-group setting.

Likewise with the big-business guy: the tertiary-education guy does equally poorly with connecting with women.

Both specimens languish at the bottom of the dating totem-pole, jockeying for the 2 worst positions.

Why do such guys do so poorly with women and dating?

They erect a facade of perfection around themselves thus projecting it onto the women with whom they interact. But instead of making a good impact- they end up chasing women away.

Such men will never admit to a new girl:

“I did poorly in school”

“I contemplated dropping out”

“I failed in business twice…had to file for bankruptcy before”

“My weakness was Mathematics…hated Math”!

Such declarations totally run counter to the Bourgeois persona that these stuck-up chodes want to embody to death.

Therefore, such guys rarely ever get laid thus having to resort to banging street-hookers and frequenting brothels and whore-houses [not that I’m against banging hookers periodically for the thrill of it]. 😯

They just aren’t able to connect with women on a REAL level simply because they’re adverse to revealing vulnerabilities, faults, fears and imperfections.

Sounds familiar?

Most men unfortunately, fall into this bracket…which is no surprise why most men in the western world suck at attracting women.

I have some staggering-virtual stats for you: Only 5% of men get laid regularly while the remaining 95% scratch and sniff and scurry for the crumbs of the 5%.

Studies and research show that the average male in the Americas will have estimated to have about 4 sexual partners is his entire life. So if you break that down, it roughly means that the average male (single) is fucking a new girl probably once every 5 years within his sexual peak [let’s say age 17 to 46]. 😯

So the out-of-touch businessman and the collegiate scholar aren’t the only ones who suck at dating, mating and getting poon.

Nine in ten men whom you cross paths with along your daily journeys, do NOT have an iota of clue about women, attraction and how to get laid.

Furthermore: half of the 5% of men who do have a clue, aren’t man enough to execute. So that leaves a tiny fraction of men in society (globally) who actually know about women and dating and actually have the balls and skill set to get the job done.

Lots of men can talk it but can’t walk it.

With that being the sad reality: most women are sex-deprived, or relegated to having to share the same dick (of the 5%) between them and 20 other women. 😯

Read: Women and men are both sex-deprived.

Bear in mind those virtual statistics: only 5% of men are fucking women who are sexually active.

To simplify the analogy, let’s say that you have a room of 100 sexually-active women and 100 sexually-active men. On average, only 5 men (5%) within that room will get laid. So those 100 women will all be sharing JUST 5 cocks. While the 95 remaining men will be relegated to choking the chicken.


Oh- to digress further, I want to add another point to the previous passages on the out-of-touch guy.

The reason he feels a compulsion to talk up his business and collegiate accolades, is that he falsely believes that if he throws his occupation or accolades into the woman’s face: she’ll immediately bow to his cock!

Suck it Bitch!

Suck it Bitch!

His achievements will be his “in”.

It’d be the primary-keynote stratagem which gets him to vagina-ville easily…SO HE THINKS. 😉

Little does he know, chatting to women about his fortune 500 company aspirations or the amount of luxury vehicles he’s ridden in over the past 5 years, LITTLE DOES HE KNOW; such declarations will actually turn the woman off…UNLESS she’s a fucking gold-digger…which still doesn’t mean she won’t be turned off while raping his ass for every cent he has!

In all fairness: achievements are good! A guy should be proud of his ventures and successes by all means!

He just needs to learn the fine art of Calibration and exactly when and how to bring up his accomplishments within a conversation or while on a date with a hot item, in such a way that will not serve to repel but attract (DHV).

For more on that, read this post of mines (video included) on exactly how to communicate your achievements to women in a positive way: Flip a boring story to an interesting one.

You should never bring up your accomplishments in a way which communicates to your date: “I am better than you. You should fuck me NOW because I’m a business owner”.

Lawyers also are super notorious for this faux pas (mistake) in dating.

Society and the media have brainwashed lots of men into the belief that once they reach success in the sense of becoming a fetishized lawyer, doctor or business owner: the hottest women on Earth will willingly line up just to get a taste of their successful cocks [this couldn’t be further from the truth].

Hence, your every-day lawyer feels a crazed need and compulsion to ensure that every girl he encounters, must be told by any means that he’s an attorney…”so get on your fucking knees and start sucking bitch”! 😯

I’ve had my share of lawyer friends over the past 15 years: so I’m speaking from personal experience of hanging around these dudes.

Don the Atlanta attorney (left), Dominican girl (mid), Socialkenny (right) while on trip some years

An Atlanta attorney (left), Dominican girl (mid), Socialkenny (right) while on business trip some years ago to an undisclosed country

Their entire game sub-communicates: “I’m a lawyer: let’s fuck”! 😉

Which definitely doesn’t work by the way, yet they cling to that frame like a vise-grip! 😆

It’s also no surprise that these men [business guys, lawyers and doctors] account for the most difficult students in Pickup bootcamps.

They are virtual un-teachable.

Ok, now lemme get back to the topic at hand: Statement Of Vulnerability (SOV).

The antithesis (opposite) of the bragging frame is the SOV frame.

I’ll give you some more examples of how to convey vulnerabilities and weaknesses in order to make the girl connect with you more.

Girl says she likes horses and that she once lived near a farm town.

You can then narrate a quick story by saying something like:

“What!? I hate horses! Actually- I fear them to death! When I was a kid, I’d seen a show on TV…I think it was Rescue 911 about accidents and stuff. In 1 episode, a little kid got kicked in the face by a horse while standing behind it. They had to rush him to the hospital…and unfortunately he died due to complications weeks later I found out. Since that episode, I think I was traumatized for life when it comes to horses and being around them”.

That’s it!

A little story with built-in Statements Of Vulnerabilities (SOV).

Doesn’t make you sound macho right?

However, such snippets are powerful in the sense that they humanize you and communicate to women that you’re human just like she is: you have fears and vulnerabilities just like she does.

This carries 10 times the weight of the stories that the businessman could ever relate about the time he made a record-high profit by doing the least amount of work.

Sure beats the shit out of the lawyer with tales of how he once nailed a state attorney to the proverbial cross at a recent trial.

Now the beauty about revealing vulnerabilities is that they don’t have to be true.

If you aren’t scared of heights; then fucking lie about it! Tell the girl that you once pissed yourself while going up an elevator…to the 3rd floor!

Just ensure that within that conversation (whether in person or on date), you drop in there some SOV or anything that you’d other wise deem as weak, soft or vulnerable.

I’ll leave you with some Statements Of Vulnerabilities as templates which you can use [if you aren’t savvy enough to come up with your own]:

SOV Templates:

“I cried when I watched Titanic for the first time. The drowning scene at the end was horrible”.

“I have a soft spot for cats”

“I grew up as a very insecure and self-conscious person”

“To this day I feel as though I’m a very shy person at heart”

“I cried for a week when my ex-girlfriend had dumped me”

“You intimidate me”

I briefly touched on this in a video I’d published yesterday about awkwardness on dates.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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