Certain Things In Game/Pickup You Never See Me Do + My Standard Approach Explained

I get asked a lot the following questions on many forums [Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc]:

“Why don’t you ever formally introduce yourself to women you chat up”?

“Why don’t you ever hug goodbye”?

“Why don’t you ever shake hands”?

The short and fast answer to all these questions is 1 word:


What I mean by that is, whenever I approach a total stranger (as the case with 99% of the girls in my videos), a core part of my seduction style is to present myself as “familiar”, as if I knew the girl for ages and we played in sand boxes together as kids.

That is the tone I like to set, and that is the best tone to set actually.

I never ever do formal introductions!

They literally weird me the fuck out!

“Hi I’m Kenny…nice to meet you…what’s your name”?

I almost gagged merely typing that sentence! 😯

Sure it’s not the words but the approach and body language. I understand that fully.

Note: 99% of the women whom I take home or take on insta-dates, do NOT know my name prior to going with me! Likewise: I don’t know theirs and I don’t care to know neither.

Sounds innately contradictive for someone who’s trying to come off as “familiar”, but the theory is pretty clear cut.

Note: for clarity sake- when I say “familiar”, I don’t mean “friendly”, neither do I mean coming off as a buddy, nor do I mean divulging my life’s story as if the girl and I went way back.

Familiarity in a friendly frame actually kills your chances to sleep with women.

Ok, why don’t I do the formal stuff?

It comes off as cheesy, lame and generic.


Not that it’s a deal-breaker to do the formal workings, but I find that it immediately puts you into the “normal guy” basket.

I wholeheartedly prefer to be seen as the “radical and unorthodox” dude…which is largely why I never ask for girls’ names nor do I ever give mines but in rare cases. She’ll get it later but it doesn’t matter in the preliminary stages of conversation.

I was asked a curious question via Google + from one of my followers pertaining to my latest-published-infield hidden camera video:

“Kenny, why does it seem like you had prior relations or dealings with the girl in the video as if you knew her personally?

This question is a good and observant 1! And as this post clearly detailed: my Pick-up approach is centered around building a familiarity frame which is why I avoid by all means, anything that would brand me as a complete stranger (such as formal introductions).

I never approach women whom I’m trying to sleep with as though we’re strangers or that we’re meeting for the first time.

In essence: formal approached are backwards [approaching women like strangers].

Your goal or 1 of your primary goals, should be to communicate “connection” and familiarity.

This is quite intelligible and understood on every level.

Hence with the girl in the video (as with most of my sets), my approach and opener/ice-breaker were that of “familiarity” as though the girl and I had history.

This is called short-circuiting the girl’s brain!

You’re creating a false impression of connection/comfort/rapport.

You’re tricking her brain (on a subconscious level) into forming familiarity patterns as if the girl already knows you.

This is super-dark advanced seduction tactics (however simple).


Therefore, every girl I approach is a total stranger whom I never seen before let alone have history with (unless I note that she isn’t a stranger). So the girl featured in my latest video: I never seen her prior to the recording. But my seduction method is designed with built-in nuggets of “familiarity”.

On a further note, approaching a girl as though you already know her will serve to make her more comfortable most times than not.

Once you begin to internalize the old concepts of seduction such as “Emotions are contagious” and setting the frame for the girl to follow, you’ll notice that 9 in 10 times, the total stranger will follow.

Therefore, once you set the frame from the get go that “we’re cool like that”, the girl will naturally fall into that frame.

My conversational dialogue and openers with random strangers always come off as though we’re continuing something and not that we’re starting something from scratch.

It’s for this reason why I can just approach and open random girls walking by grabbing their hands as if we’ve already been acquainted for years.

Funny thing is, the girl would usually give me a quizzical look as if she’s trying to figure out if we know each other. But even in this case, I’m still indifferent and nonchalant about it. 🙂

In closing: if you’re the traditional-route guy who approaches women with:

“Hi my name’s Kenny…nice to meet you…what’s yours”?

Make it your business, even just to test it out, to approach hot girls as though the conversation is resuming instead of the 1st. time meeting.

Case in point, as in the video, as the girl with the baby in hand approaches, my ice-breaker/open was:

“How’s my baby”?

In which the girl responded laughingly with:

“Funny”! 😆

Overall, avoid being the generic-traditional robot and add some unorthodox flavor to your skill set.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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