Persist Until She F$#*ing Gives In [In-Field Video Taking British Girl With Me]

Kenny teaches you a solid lesson in how to be persistent and subtly break down resistance to get women to come along with you.

Three things in Game that get my blood boiling:

1.) Seeing guys settle for measly phone #’s and promises from women.

2.) Seeing guys allow women to outsmart them.

3.) Seeing guys give up way too easily.

At this super-advanced stage in my game, I tend to have zero patience for guys who are satisfied with settling for small wins in Pickup.

For instance; getting a girl’s phone # in my eyes is now seen as 5 steps backwards when you should be progressing by any means towards sex…the ultimate goal.

Anyway, in this latest Pickup, I happened to be passing by a business establishment (which I frequent for day game) and spotted a chick who was virtually scantily clad, which led me to approach and open her right away! 🙂

Instantly I knew she was British from the accent.


I have a high-percentage bang rate in U.K. girls, which hearkens back to a controversial article of mines where I rated women from England as the world’s easiest to sleep with irrespective of race, ethnicity or age [from experience and history].

Therefore, whenever I come across a Brit’, I’m like a shark in blood-filled water. 😉

Nevertheless, irrespective of the girl, being persistent should be protocol.

As you’ll see in the video, she tries to throw shit loads of objections and rejections @ me in order to wiggle her way out of coming with me but I executed the best routine possible to handle such objections: LAUGH…then plow forward like a fucking bulldozer!

Strongest frame wins as we teach in Pickup/Seduction.

Don’t know what that means or entails [frames]? I’ll teach you right now.

As you’ll see in the video, If a girl says to you: “I have a boyfriend”.

That is her frame/position/reality.

Whatever you chose to rebut with- is your frame/position/reality.

The person [male or female] who has the stronger or strongest frame/reality/position/belief wins!


She said she has a boyfriend.

I rebut with: “I don’t respect your boyfriend”.

Now there are 2 frames on the table: mines and hers.

Her position/frame is: she cannot come with me because her boyfriend back in England won’t approve and she’d promised him not to talk to any guys while here in the island on her “business” trip.

My position/frame is: I don’t care about her boyfriend neither what he thinks. He doesn’t count as long as she’s here. Plus he wouldn’t know. 😉

You might want to read this article afterwards as to why women on vacation are easy targets for sex: Girls on vacation: easiest to bang.

Anyway, in the end: my frame won!

My reality and position were stronger than hers.

Is it because I’m smarter?


She’s probably smarter than I am! 🙂 🙂

Frame battles all come down to which person of the 2 can remain more steady and has more conviction in their position.

This all intertwines with “Persistence”.

I was way more persistent in my frame and goal than she was in hers.

This’ what we call frame battle: the girl objects, you rebut, she resists, you persist (however wisely).

All throughout the video, frame battling was taking place BLATANTLY.

As for being persistent without being needy; that is neither here nor there in my eyes.

My advice on that is that it’s better to be needy than to throw in the towel and not persist at all. So you should not be preoccupied with thoughts of “I don’t wanna keep trying or else I’ll come off as needy”.

If you have to risk coming off as needy in order to get the girl to leave with you, then that’s what you should do.

You don’t owe this girl shit, and she doesn’t owe you shit, so if you do come across as needy while persisting: you have nothing to fucking lose with a random stranger!

Apart from that, the problem with most guys is that they give up at the 1st. sight of objection and resistance.

You should push and insist in what you want even to the point of annoyance or pissing the girl off.

You should rather err on the side of being needy than to settle for a virtual non-financial promissory note or rain check aka phone number.

If a girl doesn’t come with me now, I do NOT take her phone # as a backup plan for another day or day 2.

It’s either now or never!

That is my novel frame.

That is the mindset in which I come from.

My 2014 unofficial resolution was to NOT get any girl’s phone # by any means at all (but to plow for the instant pull), and I’ve stuck to that position religiously thus far.

No matter how hot the girl is, if she doesn’t come with me now; I say sayonara [goodbye], extract lessons from the interaction and on to another chick.

When you adopt that all-or-nothing frame, you’ll naturally persist since everything is riding on that 1 interaction where phone # isn’t an option.

Hypothetically, what if a girl were to hold a gun to your head and say to you: “Persist until you make me comply. If you don’t succeed; I’ll blow your fucking brains out you maggot”!

Settling for her phone # isn’t an option. You have to persist or get your cranium matter splattered all across the sidewalk.

What the fuck would you do in that case!?

Therefore, learn to persist as if a gun were held to your head and your only option is 1 option: to get the girl to roll with you irrespective of her relationship situation and so forth.

Check out the video and learn what persistence is and how to get to change a girl’s mind by beating her frame down to the ground.

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22 thoughts on “Persist Until She F$#*ing Gives In [In-Field Video Taking British Girl With Me]

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  1. The more I keep reading the more I learn from your site kenny.Your videos always have notes to make things clearer for us.I think if others would take time editting they stuff ppl would learn faster


  2. a question about escalation and persistance. I nnotice in the vide when the girl said she cant or dont want to or something like that but your answer was unsure or unclear to me.What you suggest when she says that?I was to add this to my game immediate


  3. Soprry for the messages but i need some tips with what I asked before and now with statement of dominance like what you said in the video


    1. How funny you guys have “alpha” in your name but you keep asking the most beta and weak questions ever.

      Before you take on the name Alpha Rob, you should learn to be Alpha first.

      The concepts are pretty simple in the video that Socialkenny shared. You don’t know what persistence is? Thats sad as an Alpha.


      1. Is the insults necessary idiot? The reason i use alpha in my name is more so as what I want to aim to be in my lifestyle and getting it all together. alpha isn’t just about getting girls but overall lifestyle changes for the better


    1. This sort of piggish mentality you men have is sickening. If the lady is still there, could it not simply mean she just enjoy conversation and doesn’t want to be picked up? I think men like you and the author of this site are poor excuses for men. I rarely ever comment on these websites promoting sexism but I skimmed your playboy website and this 1 and was sickened by what you advocate. My first time ever commenting here and I just don’t get why you guys cannot quit tricking women and simply do things traditionally


      1. If she doesn’t want to get picked up or get sexual with the guy, she is free to leave at any time. The girl in Kenny’s video, for example, stayed there talking with him for minutes on end. She’s a big girl, she can do whatever she wants.

        “Poor excuses for men”? The fact that you resort to personal attacks indicates you have little to offer in terms of substantive disagreement.

        It is absolutely extraordinary that you think I “promote sexism” on my site. I defy you to name a single sentence I have written that promotes sexism. To the contrary, gender equality is a core value I have grown up with my whole life.

        I do not advocate tricks. To the contrary, I advocate honest and authentic communication with women all day long on my site. If you can’t see that, that’s your problem. Why don’t you come to my site and comment over there where we can have a real conversation?

        What is even more interesting is that you seem to think women are delicate porcelain dolls who need to be taken care of by men and treated like babies. Women can take care of themselves and own their desires. To think otherwise, my friend, is sexism.


    2. Thanks for chiming in IP. I never held that position of toeing the line of needy and persistent but it all came to me recently in another interaction where I felt like I had nothing to lose with a total stranger/tourist who I won’t see again.

      You’re right about JW. I seen some of his videos in the past, even his more popular ones, and he persists so ardently, I don’t think I would have the heart to go as far as he does lol.


        1. Yea totally. That’s the great irony. It may seem persistent but all I was doing was just prolonging the convo long enough. Good that you raised that point. Just prolonging the chat keeps you in the game, so that is where the persisting angle comes in: persisting in prolonging the chat, but it isn’t persisting in any radical sense. And the irony is, it is also where most men fail in that they throw in the towel right away.

          This is the typical scenario for most men. He steps to girl:

          Guy: “hi”.

          Girl: :Hey! Hi”

          Guy: “what’s going on”?

          Girl: “nothing much. Just hanging”

          Guy: aaam…,you have a boyfriend”?

          Girl: “yes I do”.

          Guy: “Oh ok…Nice to meet you… Enjoy the night”

          That is it!

          It isn’t that the guy threw in the towel because he’s morally against banging girls with boyfriends. He throws in the towel because he doesn’t know where to go from there in conversation rather than prolong the convo or persist through convo as you eluded to.

          What’s your take?


          1. Hey Kenny been a while bro. I have the same issue that you broke down above. On my journey that is probably my big sticking point @ moment.

            Once the girl says she has a bf or something like she ‘s taking, I give up immediately. I don’t have a fucking comeback to that. Any help bro?


  4. Kenny:

    Exactly, and asking the girl if she has a boyfriend is a totally stupid question anyway. Let her bring it up if she wants!

    But the idea of persisting relates more to your own head–you have to persist through the awkwardness that you are feeling and the challenge you are feeling of not knowing what to say right off the bat. The girl is just standing there, she’s not throwing any roadblocks at you. All the torments and obstacles are in your head, know what I mean? It takes a lot of mental discipline.


    1. Agreed. And this is what happened. She brought up the BF topic. I watched a video RSD guy who was saying that to let her bring all the objections to the table rather than you bringing them up.


  5. Sometimes girls lie about having a boyfriend to discourage you. On the other hand, sometimes I will talk with a guy I’m not interested in to procrastinate doing something else. But either way, it’s not game over until one of you walks away.


    1. Exactly BM! I’ve been aware of this for some years now since we do teach it in Pickup. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this chick doesn’t really have a BF at all but just wanted to discourage my advances. I see this happen all the time. That’s why it’s crazy when guys hear the word BF, the immediately say bye not even knowing if it was just a white lie or something. And as you well eluded to, as long as we’re still standing there: game on! It’s only over when 1 of us leaves. I’d rather a girl tell me to GTFOH or that I talk to much than to be the 1 to walk. This wasn’t always the way I operate but has been for the past 9 months or so.


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