Never Wait For The Perfect Moment To Chat Up A Girl [Fuck Logistics]!

Procrastination is a crime!

Well not quite, but it should be.

It’s more like a disorder to be exact.

In my previous post about running into a girl whom I’d slept with almost a year ago, I emphasized why you shouldn’t procrastinate and wait for the opportune moment in which to go after the target (the girl).

On Friday night, I had a personal taste of this where I seen a hot MILF heading down the boulevard while I was heading up.

It appeared as though she was headed into a nearby store so instead of approaching her then and there before she enters the store [so I thought], I rationalized why I should wait instead of inconveniencing her.

As we got close, I simply greeted her with a little wave from across the road but she didn’t give much of a response [I guess she wasn’t sure if I was waving to her].

At that moment, I would usually yell :”Wait 1 second”!

However, I allowed my brain to put the brakes on my legs and tongue with the excuse that I shouldn’t cause any inconvenience to this girl.

Generally, 99% of the time, I don’t give a rat’s ass about causing any inconvenience even if the girl seems to be headed somewhere in haste.

A girl is never too busy to be chatted up.

That’s the reality and that is also my reality: “Girls don’t have shit to do”.

Be as it may, I dropped the fucking ball in the end zone with the sexy MILF. 😦

You’re never too experienced in the Game to have these sporadic moments of ball-dropping.

What I want you guys to learn here is a great lesson which doesn’t only apply to game and picking up women but to every aspect of life on a whole, whether it be business, employment, shopping or getting laid.

Waiting for the right moment where every chip is perfectly in place before making a move will be your undoing.

For instance, thinking about heading to the beach but the weather doesn’t seem too conducive?

That’s when you should frikkin’ go!

Karma will ensure that the day in which you decide to go [the perfect day without a cloud in the sky], will be the worst day that you could’ve ever chosen to hit the beach.

I’ve learned this too many times to fucking count [recently also with the same beach situation].

With the sexy MILF from Friday night, I swore that she was to swing into a nearby store, instead she hailed down a passing cab and suddenly disappeared as fast as she’d appeared!

Now, had I stopped her when I had the opportunity just 10 seconds before she jumped into the cab, would she have flagged down that taxi to leave?

Of course not!

She would’ve been too occupied in getting to know me!

However, since I didn’t want to cause any inconvenience to her [as strange as that sounds coming from me], I anticipated that she was to head into the store, therefore I could chat her up when she exists where the logistics would’ve been much better and I won’t be much of an inconvenience [SMFH].

Unfortunately, my calculation was way off: she didn’t go into the store but a taxi instead.

Rookie/newbie mistake for someone who’s been in the Game for years [sue me]. 😉 😉

I waited for the right moment with the greatest logistics but that moment never came therefore I got fucked in the end.

As for “Inconvenience”, majority of us men use that as an excuse to NOT approach girls when our chance is at hand:

Men: “She looks really busy right now. I’ll wait until she puts the book down to step to her”.

Men: “I don’t wanna inconvenience her by being a pest while she’s looking to get on the bus”.

Such excuses we men make on a daily basis to talk ourselves out of approaching.

Generally I’m the exception…up until Friday night’s incident.

Word of advice: Never think that you’re causing an inconvenience by approaching a chick when the logistics aren’t too great and she seems to be busy.

I showcased this in the 4th. installment of my newbie-mission video project where I told a girl to hang up the phone on her sister so she and I could talk [check out the video below].

Now that’s ballsy and shoving a hard cock in the face of “inconvenience”! 🙂

I didn’t rationalize a thing to myself by saying, “Oh she’s on the phone. It’d be totally rude and inconveniencing to try to chat her up”.

I didn’t wait for a pause in her phone conversation or stalk her until she hangs up the phone in order to swoop in and chat her up.

The Good-Looking Loser displayed the same concept in a video of his I’d posted earlier in the year [how to pick up girls on their phones].

Therefore, never wait for the right moment, never think that you’re being a bother or some inconsiderate inconvenience-causing idiot.

If a girl is getting on a bus or train: fuck the logistics and take her hand and pull her off the bus or take her by the waist and pull her off the bus caveman style!

You’ll be amazed at how often you can get away with such bold tactics as long as you own it and don’t back down.

I spoke about this concept in detail in a recent video of mines [owning your shit like a boss].

You’ll also be amazed to see that 9 in 10 times, the girl whom you’d stopped from getting on the train or bus, doesn’t feel inconvenienced, isn’t angry but laughing over the whole incident which would’ve been her first encounter with such a ballsy fucking guy!

Nine in ten times, she will get off the bus or train which she has just boarded, so that she can hear what it is you have to say.

The only time she’ll refuse to turn back is if she senses for a split second that you aren’t sure about yourself, which she’ll then say:

Girl: “I really have to go seriously…sorry…we’ll probably see each other again”.


However, if she senses that you’re a boss while being lighthearted in the same breath, she will have complied!

Don’t know how to get women to comply? Read this: Test her willingness to comply.

It takes a lot for a stranger to truly get upset with something you’d done or said. And when I say “a lot”, I mean a fucking ton!!!

Although for fun and sheer humor, I enjoy watching videos from Garry and Brad, 2 guys who drive around throwing sexual pick-up lines at random women [dubbed drive-by pick-up lines].

These videos are really funny but they illustrate the themes here which is that strange girls rarely ever get pissed and they rarely ever feel inconvenienced.

Why I mentioned this is just to illustrate to you guys that women rarely ever get offended by forwardness, be it verbal or physical.

By extension also, they (women) rarely ever get (visibly) upset at a guy’s attempt to stop them from what they were doing or where they were going.

Even if she’s in a super rush and has to get to work: doesn’t fucking matter! Stop her and chat her up anyways.

She won’t feel a way about it. In fact, she won’t even remember that she has to be somewhere, especially while deep in the conversation.

If she says that she has to get to work: don’t allow “work” to become an excuse as to why you don’t try to seduce the girl now.

You’ll end up regretting it later.

If she’s with her mother: doesn’t fucking matter! Stop both of them in order to chat up the daughter!

In club scenarios, I can’t begin to count the amount of times I’ve seen guys say: “I’ll wait until her friends leaves to chat up the girl I want”. Either the friends never leave, or they all leave together!

Even if you have to stop traffic, block traffic or run into traffic in order to get the girl as the Pickup guru Vince Kelvin does: then do it now!


To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

2 thoughts on “Never Wait For The Perfect Moment To Chat Up A Girl [Fuck Logistics]!

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  1. What I know about myself is that if I see a girl I want to approach and the logistics are hard to handle, I make the excuse and go about my existance but I notice that the next time I see a girl I want to approach, I’m just a bit less likely to go in.
    This is really true for the club envrionment. My rule is approach in 30 seconds. Without fail, if I make an excuse to not approach in the first 30 seconds – maybe because the only girls I could see were ugly or in a group – then I get in my head and over time it gets harder to approach. This is another reason to approach no matter what imo.


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