Bumped Into Girl Whom I’d Seduced A Year Earlier [Connecticut-Italian Shorty Infield Video]

It’s a small-ass world: we already know that. But this really hits home when you’re actively trying to pick up girls and this somewhat awkward situation happens. 😯

sexy-Italian shorty

sexy-Italian shorty

This infield hidden-camera video is a great example of this.

Over the Valentine’s weekend while running some heavy Day Game [that is- picking up girls during the daytime], I spotted a sexy-short chick entering a grocery store, and like a man possessed by a sex God; I immediately went in pursuit by adhering to the old-school 3-Second Rule of seduction! πŸ™‚

If you don’t know what this rule is neither its application in Game, make sure to redirect to this post right afterward: https://kennyspuathoughts.com/2013/11/04/3-second-rule-video-breakdown/

Like a shark on its helpless prey, I zoned in to strike with precision!

As I banked left around a rack of potato chips, something struck me (metaphorically): “OMG- can it be”!? 😯



It’s an Italian girl from Connecticut whom I’d first met about a year ago @ a nightclub on the western coast of the island [Kenny recognizes faces]. 😯

I took this photo almost a year ago of the shorty and her 2 friends at the club the night we'd met

I took this photo almost a year ago of the shorty and her 2 friends at the club the night we’d met

Why am I shocked?

1.) I already seduced her and didn’t realize it was the same chick until it was too late…so to be cordial, I followed through for a quick and awkward chitchat.

2.) She tried reaching me on numerous occasions perhaps 9 months ago but I blew her off by not answering her calls and texts [what else can you expect with One-Night Stands]. 😦 😯

With those variables: this shit was a super-awkward encounter to say the least…but I handled it pretty well…I think. ❓

There’s no literature in the Pickup Community about “how to handle running into a girl whom you’d banged before”, so I literally had to freestyle this 1. Maybe I can be the 1st. to write a how-to guide on this.

Anyway, this’ just 1 of those strange situations in Pickup you may encounter at some point.

From the interaction in the video, it’s quite clear that we know each other and have had prior dealings, so that cannot be disputed.

I think she felt the awkward tension too from the random encounter but we both handled it maturely.

If there are 2 things I want you guys to take away from this hidden-cam video, they are:

1.) Act fast! Soon as you spot a girl who gets your sexual juices flowing: go after her right away! The longer you wait and stand around for the perceived-right moment, the greater the chances that the bogeyman Approach Anxiety [AA] would be made to surface and in turn makes you second guess the approach all together. So never give yourself the time to talk yourself out of meeting a woman by procrastinating.

2.) Touch, touch, touch and fucking touch from the get go! When I’d approached this shorty, 1st. thing I did before even opening my mouth, was to place my hand on her shoulder in order to open her and get her attention. Was she startled? No! I wasn’t all creepy about it and that’s a plus.

Remember: no procrastination (unless you’re advanced in the game), and be hands-on by touching.

Check out the infield video from Valentine’s weekend.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

8 thoughts on “Bumped Into Girl Whom I’d Seduced A Year Earlier [Connecticut-Italian Shorty Infield Video]

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    1. Lmao the Jaws theme felt right for this video. I was literally in shark mode, dropped what I was doing and pursued πŸ˜†

      Thanks a lot for the pointers on how to handle ONS girls as far as running into them again. I honestly wasn’t sure how I handled it, if it was rude or what not. Sounds like I’m being lame about it but I really wanted feedback on it. So thanks there BM.


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