She’ll Only Get Upset If You Back Down [Escalation-Game Tips]

I like drawing the boxer’s analogy for this one.

If you’re familiar with the sport [I’ve been boxing for 8 years], a boxer who lacks respect for the punching power of his opponent, will walk him down in disregard of his power.

However, if his punching power carried weight and he was able to stand his ground to fend off the other, the more aggressive boxer will have relented in respect of his opponent’s power.

Likewise with women.

If you aren’t able to defend your shit, and are unable to stand your ground [be it a battle of wits], they (women) steamroll you without an ounce of respect.

For example, if at a nightclub, and I see this happen often [pretty hilarious], and you decide to grab a girl’s hand as she walks by and the girl pulls away and yells: “Why you touched me”?

Guy: “Oh sorry miss”! 😦

Game over!

All respect for you is lost [not that she had any in the first place]!

Smelling blood, the girl would usually go further to say something like:

“Well don’t touch me again. I don’t know”!

Total disregard for you on the basis that you weren’t able to man up to your actions.

I see this play out every weekend at the bars or clubs: guy attempts to touch or grab a girl, girl pulls away and responds with attitude [congruence test], guy quickly apologizes and backs down, girl scolds him some more just for good measures.

In such a case, the guy should’ve simply stood his ground and NOT apologize.

Only weak men apologize to women…in this scenario that is.

Sure you might have come across lots of PUA videos where the practitioner apologizes, but it isn’t done in the light of being weak (and the girl senses this), therefore the guy would’ve still retained his manhood and attraction value.

You only lose value once the girl senses that your apology [backing-down] was sincere.

Sounds ass-backwards.

Welcome to the world of women. 😉 😉

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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