Why I Prefer To Pickup Women In Rural Areas Instead Of Busy Streets & Towns

Suburban girls

Suburban girls

I was asked a curious question by 1 of my video subscribers via Youtube:

“Why don’t you ever post videos where you’re picking up women in busy towns and busy streets? Is there a reason behind this”?

Great observation and question dude!

There are 6 main reasons why I don’t particularly game girls in busy towns and busy streets.

1.) Possibility of competition factor.

Why look to pick up girls where there is more competition in that more men are available to possibly fuck your chances or cock block?

2.) The “Busy” factor .

This should be a no-brainer. It boggles my mind why most PUA coaches and advanced practitioners elect to run day game in super-busy locales. Surely the “#’s Game factor” plays a huge part, but it still strikes me as odd.

3.) Slower pace.

Another no-brainer in that the slower the pace, the better one gets to connect with the girl and build a semblance of rapport/comfort.

4.) Difficult to record covertly.

Since I shoot hidden-amateur infield videos on a daily basis [where I pick up women on camera], I’m more liable to get away with it in rural areas which have way less traffic. I remember recording a set once [“set” meaning an interaction with a girl] in the downtown area of St. John’s, Antigua [in the Caribbean], and my cover was blown by a nosy-fucking passerby when she noticed the image of the girl on the screen of the phone as though I was recording. 😯

St. John's, Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua

The streets of St. John’s are pretty crowded during the mornings up until 8 PM. So that makes recording hidden footage a bit of a challenge…for me at least.

5.) Location.

Here on the island of Antigua, I mainly reside in a rural-suburban locale, so quite naturally, that’s where I would have gamed the most [“game” meaning picking up women]. But as documented through my videos and articles, I almost always hit up the more populated towns every weekend for some night-game action and club-hopping [“Night Game” meaning seducing women during the night], while running day game [“Day Game” meaning seducing women during daylight hours] in the suburbs instead.

6.) The Laid-back factor.

Suburban girls are more laid-back and chilled which makes for a smoother time gaming and trying to seduce them, opposed to city girls who are generally all over the place (mentally), faster pace and high energy…and have shorter attention spans.

One of the biggest obstacles with seducing girls in cities and populated towns is sheer energy of the girl and her propensity to be distracted by things outside of the conversation (motorists, traffic, noise, etc).

Having grown up and lived in New York City my entire life, I actually enjoy and appreciate the tranquility of living in less populated areas (or countries) where you can actually enjoy a peace of mind for once. 😉

Plus if you run the numbers, at least when I do, I have a better success rate of sleeping with rural girls than big-town girls. So one is more inclined to frequent his sweet spot where minimal game and tactics are required just to meet a girl who’s DTF.

On a broader note, I would advise guys who live in the city to chat up girls in rural areas for a change.

Your attractiveness [vibe and energy wise] will have been a novelty to the suburban girl who isn’t used to meeting and mingling with guys who are faster pace.

You’ll have an exotic appeal to you. Whereas if you only pick up girls within big towns and cities, you will have zero exotic appeal unless you’re foreign in accent and mannerism (as a tourist).

When I first moved back to the islands full time from NYC [perhaps 3 years ago], I was slaying massive amounts of pussy in the rural areas from the sheer presence of being a foreigner or at least having a foreigner’s appeal and fast-pace city-slicker persona.

As a city guy moving through suburbia, you’ll have a huge edge over the local guys who have zero “outsider” appeal to themselves.

Whenever I game in moderate-size to big cities and towns nowadays, I basically blend in with the other AFC chodes with next to nothing to make me stand out.

As for gaming women in busy streets; that’s a waste of time in my book.

Women are generally speedy in cities and have somewhere to go and be…fast.

On the contrary, when I’m strolling an untapped area of some coastline village, the chicks I comes across generally are out just to take a walk, jog and to stretch their legs.

These are prime targets for seduction opposed to women in cities and downtown areas who need to be somewhere and are there in transit to and from work.

With the suburban chick, once she’s out strolling her neighborhood, it’s largely due to boredom and inactivity and a lack of stimulation on a daily basis.

Once again: these girls are ripe and ready for something thrilling and spontaneous.

The city girl is more adept and accustomed to stimuli from every direction: men in droves staring her down, indirectly boosting her ego, etc.

The suburban girl is pretty much void of such attention unless she ventures into the city and towns on the weekends.

All in all, when you weigh the pros and cons, it’s really ridiculous that guys spend most of their pickup time trying to chase women on busy streets when they can simply opt out for the better sets in seducing girls in smaller towns and rural areas.

Pretty difficult to covertly record seduction in areas like these in city of St. John's, Antigua

Pretty difficult to covertly record seduction in areas like these in the coastal city of St. John’s, Antigua

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy gaming in the city but it just isn’t the most feasible option when trying to get laid.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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