Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You + How It Applies To Seducing Women

The element of surprise is everything!

I want to draw your attention to an excerpt from an article written by Brian Walton:

Subconscious Behavior aka Best Guessing.

What is it?

It’s pre-cognition.

Um, What?

Okay, fine. It’s not exactly pre-cognition. But there is evidence that your brain makes predictions (oftentimes incredibly bad ones) about what’s either happening or about to happen in the future.

Once your brain has a good idea of what it thinks is about to go down, it acts on that prediction, and–here’s the weird part–there’s evidence that it acts before you’ve made a conscious choice to act, either by moving parts of your body, or just by fucking with your perception.

Why Does the Brain Lie About it?

Because, otherwise, we’d be the clumsiest creatures on the planet. Our brains are lots of things, but they aren’t necessarily that bright, and they particularly aren’t good at coping with entirely unexpected situations.

We deal with almost everything that happens to us by comparing ongoing events with past experiences, mostly in our subconscious.

Our minds pay much more attention to comparisons with past experiences than they do with the events facing you at any given moment.

It’s why “practice makes perfect.”

Where it’s less useful is when your brain gets confused and starts fucking with you, like in the Starburst illusion.

The Starburst illusion takes advantage of the fact that your brain (and eyes) have LOTS of experience with converging horizon lines.

When we “see” the background Starburst pattern in real life, we’re generally traveling towards the point of convergence. Your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy, so it assumes you’re traveling towards the center of the image, and adjusts your perception by enlarging and distorting the center, as though you were moving towards it.

So when we say “adjusts your perception,” we mean “fucking lies to you. AGAIN.”

Where it Really Gets Weird…

Scientists recently found out that if they hook your brain up to a scanner and then ask you to make a decision, a part of your brain lights up to take action several seconds before you consciously make the decision.

So when you’re working out in your head whether or not to go to work tomorrow, a part of your brain has already decided to call in sick, several seconds before the voice in your head arrives at that same conclusion.

I’m calling the shots, here.

That’s right: If somebody had electrodes hooked to your brain, they could tell you–with 100% accuracy–what decision you’ll make a few seconds from now.

Now think about what that means for free will…

What the article is eluding to, and I’ll use a male-female dynamic to illustrate, is that a woman’s brain (or male’s) acts before it thinks based on prediction and how accustomed it is to a certain actions, occurrences or movements.

As the excerpt eluded to, our brains are totally incapable of coping with or handling spontaneous occurrences that are outside of what they’re accustomed to.

Makes sense?

Of course!

Therefore, the brain smartly scales down its workload to only handle what it’s used to and it can predict while filtering out or ignoring what it isn’t accustomed to.

“Our minds pay much more attention to comparisons with past experiences than they do with the events facing you at any given moment”.

What this excerpt is saying in relation to a guy and a girl, is that a girl is less likely to defend herself against a move that she isn’t accustomed to (or her brain) since it (her brain) draws references from past experiences and familiar events.

This is why Pickup-seduction tactics are so powerful.

They operate outside of the mainstream consciousness or outside of what the woman’s brain is accustomed to expect, predict and handle.

Lost yet?

Hope not. 🙂

This is largely why One-Night Stands happen and work, opposed to a date-first process which has no element of surprise nor spontaneity, whereas the girl can predict every movement based on her perception of what a date is…based on her prior experiences of dates.

“It’s why “practice makes perfect.”

Practice means repetition. This excerpt is saying that along with practice, our brains get accustomed to that action.

Therefore, when a guy approaches a girl, she automatically assumes that he’s gonna hit on her outright since that is what her mind is used to (based on repetition and repeatedly having guys do this).

This is also why when a seducer approaches her with Indirect Game, she becomes frazzled and caught off guard since her brain isn’t accustomed to guys coming up to her and not giving cheesy compliments and so forth.

In relation to my previous post about compliments, this’ why generic compliments don’t work and have little effect in a positive way on the girl. Her brain is used to processing generic compliments, therefore the girl whenever approached, instantly assumes she’ll be complimented on looks and directly hit on.

This is why I advocate complimenting women on something innocuous, different and original.

Her brain will not have had any references of such a compliment, which will in turn shake up her reality and render her disable in a sense. 🙂


Overall, it’s common sense. We as humans react or think the way we do based on past experiences, patterns and predictions based on prior experiences.

If a hot girl is accustomed to guys gawking and lauding over her, putting her on a pedestal and offering to take her on lavish dates, her brain will predict that this is the same reason that any other guy will have approached her based on patterns.

This is also once again why PUA-seduction tactics, such as Neg Theory and False Disqualifiers, work wonders on the hottest girls because they fly under the radar, and a hot girl just isn’t accustomed to a guy approaching her and not wanting to praise her but pushing her away instead (false disqualifying theory) and acting as though he isn’t interested.

Her brain cannot predict this pattern (a guy turning her down) since she isn’t used to this.

Now let’s tie this into more aspects of pickup such as kiss closing (kissing strangers) and Same-Day Sex (One-Night Stands, etc).

Kissing Girls

I’ve been preaching this to infinity on this blog over the past 2 months: Kissing girls is easy!

Nah, lemme take this a step further: kissing a stranger is easy!

The crazy thing is: the longer you wait to kiss a girl, the less chances you’ll have to do it (chances keep fading away).

The more a girl gets to know about you (based on patterns via her brain), the less likely she’ll be to have sex with you.

Think of the friendzone.

That’s a perfect example of familiarity killing chances of sex.

The less a girl knows of you, the more things you will have been able to get away with [kiss, sex, etc].

Therefore, a complete stranger has a greater chance of banging a girl than a guy whom she’s already accustomed to.

It only appears to the contrary because 95% of men in society are NOT aware of this, so they elect to go the “take it slow and let’s date” route, not realizing that taking it slow will kill their chances.

However, if the average guy knew that he had an 80 % greater shot at sleep with a girl as a stranger than to befriend her, he will have stepped on the gas pedal from the initial conversation.

As for kissing and making out with random strangers, this act isn’t normal.

What I mean by that is, it doesn’t register on a girl’s radar that during her journey today, some random guy will have stopped her, chat her up then try to kiss her.

This isn’t what women foresee when they look forward to their day.

Therefore, there is no pattern for the mind to follow in accordance to random makeouts.

The girl’s brain hasn’t been trained for such (random) experience.

That is why when confronted with a spontaneous guy who has big balls and audacity, the girl becomes frozen in her tracks unable to predict this guy’s movements.

In pickup, this brain-scrambling technique is used often.

Let’s bring this down a bit with a simple scenario.

Let’s say that you have your routine (as we all do), and part of that routine as you get to your doorstep from work, is to grab the keys, open door, close door, flick on lights, kick off shoes…

That is your routine. Your brain is familiar with that pattern.

Now for mind-fuck sake, let’s say that the landlord had changed your locks without informing you.

Would you have expected that?

Would you have predicted that?

Of course not.

Your brain has no past reference for this, therefore it cannot predict it, nor can it defend against it. So your routine of routinely opening the door will have been interrupted by such an unpredictable action.

Try opening the door; JAM!

Your brain doesn’t know how to take action and doesn’t know what had hit it.

You’re rendered defenseless.

Likewise with a hot girl being chatted up by moi, or a guy who practices Pickup; she nor her brain will have predicted such an unusual act as sporadic kissing or some unforeseen-game tactics.

Therefore, her defense (guard) against it will have been drastically lowered, which means that the kiss will happen or she’ll barely deflect it at the last second (in fewer cases).

However it turns out; she will have been flustered, frozen in her tracks or left speechless or incoherent.

Days ago, I met a hot girl on the streets (she’s 19) and I physically and sexually escalated within 10 seconds of the introduction.

Few seconds after that, I attempted to kiss and make out with her [which she totally wasn’t expecting]. At the last second, she was able to pull her face away where the kiss landed on her cheek instead of the lips. 😦

Nevertheless, the move was so unexpected that it left her speechless.

She wasn’t prepared to cope with such an occurrence. So most times, the girl will either have no choice but to allow it to happen or retract at the last second.

As for One-Night Stands and Same-Day Sex, just as the spontaneous kiss, also aren’t processed by the girl’s brain.

A girl doesn’t go out expecting to get fucked that same day by a guy whom she will have met…that same day.

This just isn’t computed.

She [her brain] cannot predict this happening, especially since it [One-Night Stand] doesn’t happen often, which means a recognizable pattern hasn’t been established.

Now when faced with a guy who brings a One-Night Stand frame to the table [a rare individual by the way], her brain has no screening process (based on experience) to screen this out.

Get that?

This is why I’ve always said that it’s easier to pull One Night Stands than to try sleeping with a girl the conventional way of phone calls, dates, dates, more phone calls, texts, dates…then sex…maybe.

Overall, my advice to the average guy is to become a spontaneous junkie and stop doing things by the book in relation to women and dating.

Oh before I go, I want to recount an incident which was shared with me by a female friend who had visited New York City during the Summer (2013).

She told me while on the bus with her sister, some random dude approached her, professed his love for in front of everyone, how beautiful she was…

This had totally shocked and embarrassed her as would’ve been the case with any girl.

The guy then got even closer to her then BAM: he full-blown made out with her and there was nothing she could’ve done but participate!

As the girl was recounting this story to me, she said that she was virtually paralyzed and couldn’t move and didn’t know why.

Once again, this hearkens back to the theme of this article including the excerpts based on psychology which is that the brain sets patterns of normality and what it is accustomed to.

If something outside of what is considered normal happens, then the brain and the person shuts down for a split second.

This is the exact same sensation as when one is suddenly frightened or pranked- the body tends to experience a moment of shock and paralysis. So it was no surprise that the girl had told me that when the stranger leaned in to kiss her, she didn’t expect that in a 100 years and didn’t know how to react to it.


The element of surprise is key whenever seducing women.

This is why nice guys have a difficult time traversing the world of dating.

Much of what they present the girl is routine, predictable and follow a common script.

It’s very difficult to seduce someone with what she or he is accustomed to. This is why sleeping with women the same day you meet them is so doable: the element of surprise is appealing yet startling and the brain has little to no reference in comparison to compare such an action with.

A lot of what is taught in seduction is outside of the box, uncanny, original and hard to predict…which is why it’s so powerful in nature due to the process of tapping into the. subconscious brain.

I like this video from the 33 Secrets because it embodies the concept of being spontaneous, thrilling while short-circuiting the girl’s mind.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon (used on this site), check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

11 thoughts on “Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You + How It Applies To Seducing Women

Add yours

  1. What a genius way to be a dickhole. “Let’s not care about anything but their bodies, their sex, and what they can give us.” Novelty is a great dating mechanism, but if the only thing you’re looking for is sex, you need to grow some actual balls and man the fuck up enough to respect a woman for who she is.


  2. This is really disturbing….if you have to “trick” women into having sex with you you should give up and get a doll. You don’t have to trick them. And one- night stands don’t “work” on women. Women choose to have one night stands for the same reasons guys do. Misogynist


    1. @Doesntmatter- We all have to trick women into having sex with us. Don’t you realize that? In order for a woman to have sex with a man for the first time, she must feel as though she’s being tricked or else she won’t have sex. You wouldn’t know that apparently. You don’t understand the psychology at play. Maybe you should learn.


    2. Oh really. This has got to be the most ignorant comment yet I came across on this blog. How is it misogynist for a woman to have 1 nighters? Explain to me or us.


  3. This is a disgusting “how-to” about taking advantage of people by making them vulnerable and putting them in situations they have no desire to be in. It’s sexist (whether it’s women attempting to do this to men, or men doing it to women), and a “surprise kiss” is sexual harassment with molestation ties to it.
    You to use the studies cited at the beginning to get with a girl? Be the kind of guy she imagines herself being with. Act like someone she would normally want to pursue something with.


    1. Stephanie you’re a woman so you won’t understand the male femal dunamics at play when it comes to seduction. You come off as a feminist and feminists are what’s wrong with society today. What the author is trying to point out is the facts of the dating world today. Take advantage doesn’t have to mean a negative connotation as you have it.


  4. Why should be seek to learn from socialkenny when for valentines he obviously couldn’t get laid according to the video he posted after valentines?


    1. @Mason- You didn’t understand the underlying theme of what I was trying to get across in that video. I had to deal with major obstacles as far as men who were hell-bent on blocking and sabotaging my interactions.


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