Reader Question: “Why Don’t You Ever Get Negative Reactions [Like A Slap] To Being Physical With Strangers”?

Very good question from a follower of mines on the Pickup Artist Forum.

I want to put this out there right now: I do get negative reactions to holding, grabbing, touching and KINO in general.

However my question would be, “What do guys consider negative reactions”?

Sure girls pull away from me all the time as did the girl in this video.

Was that a negative reaction?

To me it wasn’t.

To most men: it was super negative.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the worst case scenario rarely ever materializes.

True negative reactions will almost never occur when being physical with women…at least not with me.

I do recall though while at a supermarket, I put my hand on a girl’s shoulder while greeting her. She reacted super bitchy and told me not to touch her. Being the guy I am who periodically plays with fire, I touched her again and she punched me in the chest.

That was literally the worst it’d ever gotten for me.

Sure that was bad but I asked for it being that the girl was adamant and somewhat in a bitchy mood due to some other whatever.

Generally though, 9 in 10 times, the girl will take light to being touched.

For me personally though, no reaction is a negative reaction, even if the girl throws a fit (which I’ve had on numerous occasions).

Whenever a girl pulls away from me, once again as this girl had done in the following video, I don’t take it negatively!

I don’t respond negatively to rejections and blow offs.

Sure I’d cuss a girl out royally, but not for rejecting me, nor for pulling away, etc.

Back to the original question posed by a reader, “Why don’t you ever get negative reactions to being physical with strangers”?

When your mind is in the right place [or wrong place actually], and your demeanor reeks of “nothing is too serious”, women ping off of this on a subconscious level.

If you approach a woman while you’re consumed with fear, shivering and all weird-looking then try to grab or hold her, she will react negatively by becoming nervous and threatened.

Now that is a negative reaction if you ask me.

I’d rather a girl pull away yet view me as a ballsy guy than to see me as a weird stalker-type whom she’s trying to get away from but don’t wanna make it too obvious. 🙂

Now, if you approach a woman in the right frame of mind: light, fun, playful, dominant, cheery, assertive and so forth, you are 1,000 times less likely to get a genuinely negative reaction from the girl [like she being weirded out].

Furthermore, it’s not that I don’t get negative reactions [as to what the average guy calls negative]. It’s that I don’t take them as negative therefore my mood isn’t fucked up neither that of the girl’s.

Ninety nine percent of the girls who walk off from me, all do so with smiles on their faces or half of that percentage with giggles or light-hearted comments.

Only 1 % of girls pull away from me with bitchy attitudes and genuinely offended.

It’s all about you and what you’re bringing to the table attitude wise.

With that, the next time you’re to approach a girl, think for a split second on your state, vibe and presentation: are you nervous, needy, in need of a good reaction from the girl?

Or are you free of outcome dependency and just being yourself (the new self) who realizes that women rarely get offended?

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