Why Did I Get Rejected And Fail To Stop A Girl With “The Hand Grab” [Infield Video]?

First off: failure and rejection don’t exist!

To be more specific, they only seem to exist because you make it so.

You give life to failure as in any other aspect of life.

“Looks matter” doesn’t exist neither. It only exists because you give that mindset steam in order to exist.

For the sake of the average reader though, I use the words rejection and failure to avoid ambiguity.

Anywho, in the small in-field clip at the beginning of the video, a girl was walking my way so I employed the usual-dominant “hand grab” to get her to stop…except she didn’t stop.

In the eyes of the average guy: this was a rejection and fail.

However, the underlying issue was miss-calibration and timing being off just a split second.

When attempting to stop a moving target as we say in Pickup [a girl who’s moving], particular one who is coming towards you, you have a window of opportunity to stop her. That’s either from a distance or just before she walks by.

Sounds crazy ambiguous But I broke it down in the video.

Everything boils down to “Timing and Calibration” when attempting to stop a girl on the streets.

A nanosecond too late and the girl will keep walking. And that was the case when I tried stopping this moving target: I grabbed her hand and she kept walking by me although with a pleasant expression.

Check it out and learn a lesson in Calibration and timing.

Some days, your calibration and timing will be on point while other days, a tad bit slow to activate.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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