The Foundation Of It All: The Mystery Method

Just as the case with most of us who enter the seduction community: I started out with the Mystery Method model of Pickup/Seduction.

Mystery (Erik Von Markovik of Canada) has gotten many haters over the past 2 years, due to the fact that a large part of the seduction community has shifted towards so-called “Natural Game”.

Be as it may: Mystery is still the fucking godfather and kingpin of Game/Seduction/Pickup…hands down!

Seventy percent of my Game consist of Mystery Method’s old-school model, and I advise guys who subscribe to my blog to really learn this model and what it takes to FMAC: “Find, Meet, Attract And Close” hot women!

Classic theories such as Neg theory is very pertinent and applicable today as was before the seduction community was even hatched.

I’ve always been a Mystery fan and without his teachings, you better believe it: I would’ve been a lonely fucker relying on “Luck” in order to meet women.

You can check out his brand new PUA blog also @: The 3 Second Rule

*PUA acronym list

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