How To Pick Up A Girl By Interrupting Her Phone Conversation [Have The Balls To Fuck Logistics]

The Good-Looking Loser (Chris)

The Good-Looking Loser (Chris)

Having balls and audacity will get your far when it comes to hooking up with random chicks.

The average guy would never attempt to do this with a random stranger [interrupt her phone call], primarily because they (men) harbor this preconceived notion that the girl will get offended and somehow embarrass the shit out of them in public by perhaps a slap in the face. 😯

Little does the average Joe know, it’s almost next to impossible to get a stranger to visibly lash out on a guy, even if he pushes the limits beyond the socially-acceptable boundary.

In this video from The Good-Looking Loser, he approaches a hot girl who’s on her phone, he interrupts her phone conversation [very ballsy] and eventually got her to come along with him on an instant date.

That is ballsy and Alpha!

I sometimes do this with girls on their phones if she’s really smoking, so I wanted to highlight this routine for the average guy in order that he challenges himself to pick up girls against good logistics.

Waiting for the perfect opportunity and moment to pick up a girl who gets your cock hard is not the best way to go about it.

Often times, when the perfect moment arrives; the girl disappears.

I can recall numerous times spotting a fine piece of ass on the street, but instead of approaching her right away in the face of shitty logistics, I waited for the perfect moment when her friend leaves before I approach, then just like magic: POOF- she disappears on a bus on into a taxi [FUCK that hurts]! 😡

This in-field hidden-cam video from the PUA coach and practitioner, The Good-Looking Loser, hammers home the point of approaching the girl you want instantly in spite of poor logistics in order to whisk her away…and eventually get the notch.

Guys remember- women aren’t approached in ballsy way on a regular basis. In fact, the average girl is rarely approached by a man with balls and audacity. So you can be that rare dominant guy to take control by ignoring what she’s doing, snap her into your reality and give her that rare experience of meeting with an Alpha-Male.

A huge component of this (dominance) is taking the girl by the hand and leading her just as Chris does in this video.

Notice how he also periodically touches the girl on her back whenever they share a piece of humor.

This sets the stage for sexual contact later on. This is why you should always touch the girl whom you’re talking to in order to get her acclimated and accustomed to your touch so it doesn’t weird her out later on.

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