“I Dont Have A Phone”: Getting Her # Is A Waste Of Time [Part 2]

The title is my motto for 2014!

In addition to my previous article, I decided to take things a step further, not only as advice for myself but for those reading who are expecting a better success rate with women in the upcoming year.

The greater part of this routine is psychological but would appear very impractical to the ordinary mind.

In my previous post, I advised you guys to “not get phone numbers”…if you’re looking to hook up.

In conjunction to not asking girls for their numbers or any contact information, is if the question comes up as to your phone number (perhaps she asks), tell her that you don’t have a phone.

Feel free to add a bit of back story to the reason as to why you don’t have a phone:

“My son smashed it by mistake”.

“The dog ate it” πŸ˜‰

“I lost it at the club”

“I dropped it and some thief ran away with it”

“I loaned it to my sister”

“I’m just not the phone type”

If you do decide to follow my strategy/routine for getting more lays, then a big part of bringing that to fruition is to say to the girl: “I don’t have a phone number right now”.

Feel free to use 1 of the reasons I’d cited or come up with your own.

In spite of the fact that chicks want sex, often times (most times), they will do things (subconsciously) that make sex more difficult to come by or impossible.

What I mean is, for example, you meet a girl for the first time, she’s totally into you, she wants to get laid but she calls a cab to go home.

In essence, she’s making sex impossible although she really wants to rip your clothes off and get it on!

To apply this to the topic at hand, whenever a girl asks you for your #, or she suggests that y’all swap, she is making sex harder to come by [whether she’s truly aware of it or not is up for discussion].

Since women are women, you simply have to give them a break on such equivocation [pun intended]. πŸ˜‰

Ok, so women love sex and want sex but they’ll do and say things which appear otherwise.

One such example, although it doesn’t appear that way on the surface, is exchanging phone numbers.

It’s at that point in the Game of the interaction, you should think to yourself:

“We can continue possibly to sex. Giving her my phone number would mean a possible continuation later in the week”?

“Now or later”?

Well, the best answer to that is “NOW”!

Just as she’s open for sex “NOW”, but needs to be nudged into that direction.

Also, limiting beliefs in men would have you thinking that sleeping with a woman the same day/night you met her is impossible and unlikely.

Such belief is endeared by losers!

Allow me to recount a field report from years ago which illustrates how easy it can be to fuck a girl the same day/night.

Kenny Fucks A Member Of An Opposition-Political Party

I have 3 passions in life: Pickup, Religion [debunking it] and Politics. Since the age of 10, while my siblings were out playing in the park, I was at home watching the history channel learning about the Kennedy assassination or tuned in to C-Span to consume what was going on in Washington politics.

As an adult, I’ve been an officially registered member/supported/contributor of the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) since 2003 [in the Caribbean that is].

The ABLP political party in party colors

The ABLP political party in party colors

Politics all year around is huge in the Caribbean. It rivals that of professional sports as far as enthusiasm and participation from young people.

Anyway, some years ago, the opposition party [UPP] held a major public rally in conjunction with their convention. Since it was a public event housed outdoors, non members were expected to be among the supporters.

As a staunch member of the opposing party (ABLP), I was last to be expected to show up. But as an ardent Pick-Up Artist at that time, as long as there was a congregation of hotties (irrespective of differences); I had to be there! πŸ˜‰

So I showed up! Being in enemy camp can be a real fucking tense situation might I add! 😯

Alright, details of the interaction are very sketchy (after all, this was over 6 years ago). To be honest, I don’t recall an iota of the dialogue, but what took place and how it all culminated are still etched into the memory bank.

Anyway, spotted the girl at the outdoor convention. She was with 2 other girls, but I somehow found a way to woo her away from her circle of friends.

We chatted for a while [no recollection of the dialogue], no phone # swap!

I repeat, No phone numbers were exchanged!

At that point in my game, I was the Same-Day Lay king! Every girl I interacted with, my sole intention was to sleep with her that same day or night! This girl was no exception!

Somehow, I got her to leave the convention grounds with me to take a walk.

This was in the evening, possibly before 9 PM but later than 7 PM.

Our verbal interaction lasted no more than 90 minutes. Due to various-existential occurrences on that day, I’m able to assess that we had only been talking for about 90 minutes.

I can recall using the classic PUA line in order to get her to my abode:

“Why don’t we stop by my place real quick to check out some photos before we go back to your party’s convention”.

I didn’t wait to hear a yes or no. I led her to my apartment.

Now that I think about it in retrospect; I wasn’t big on phones. This was a huge reason as to why I never got her # or gave her mines. I actually didn’t have a working mobile phone or sim card, so it was pointless to swap #’s but it was a blessing in disguise because it pushed me to pursue sex on the spot. Since I was constantly traveling between NYC and the islands, my service wasn’t active on island.

Also during that time, I’d dubbed myself “One-Night Stand Kenny” since that was my modus operandi.

Ok, back to the field report. So I got her to the apartment and we fucked (she rode me the entire time until I came). In those years, I never wore condoms so I fucked her raw as possible.

I took her back to the convention of her party and called it a night. I frankly didn’t remember her name then or now.

Once again: no #’s exchanged!

The Mystery Method Model Of Pickup Is King

A great part of my success in being able to pull girls for Same-Night Sex, was the model of Pickup in which I had religiously subscribed to (and still do): The Mystery Method Model.

Mystery, founder of the Mystery Method Model (MM) Of Pickup

Mystery, founder of the Mystery Method Model (MM) Of Pickup

In retrospect, the MM model was based on One-Night Stands and NOT getting phone numbers and setting up dates.

Hence MM’s 7 hour theory of meet to bang.

None of Mystery’s classic stuff was based on dates, phone numbers and text game! It was all about fucking the girl now!

[Videos below: Mystery teaching The Mystery Method]

With that being the case, In those days, I never seen a flake!

I didn’t know what the fuck a flake was!

I never got flaked on since I didn’t take girl’s phone numbers!!! πŸ™‚

You cannot get flaked or stood up when your game is all about sleeping with girls the same day.

As the Pickup community started to shift with the times [Facebook, texting, online dating, etc], most of its material began catering to phone game and every company and Pickup coach started to advise “how to get her phone number”.

That shift inevitable enjoined with it the reality of girls flaking. When prior to this shift, a PUA didn’t have to worry about flaky bitches.

Now as for the girl and the field report which I’d written in the previous passage, was that an exceptional case?

Fuck no!

It was the norm for me!

When I first started out in Pickup and into my intermediary years, almost all of my lays came by way of One-Night Stands from bars, nightclubs or cold approaches on the streets during night and day game.

That’s some crazy stats when you think about it! But that was the culture of Pickup in those years. If you weren’t able to fuck a girl that same day, you somewhat felt ashamed and less of a man.

That feeling drove you to perform better, work harder and tweak your logistical issues (since poor logistics are your worst enemy in getting laid).

This hearkens to an article I wrote back in 2011 where I almost fucked a girl in back of a dumpster outside of a nightclub. She was an “Almost” case, but I’ve done this numerous times over the years.

Due to bad logistics, I wasn’t able to bang her then and there.

Now tell me, had I taken her phone # to try to get her on a date or to come over to my place at a later date, would she had shown up?

Hell fucking no!!!

Therefore, it would’ve been pointless to get her phone #!

Such is the case with 90% of the girls you will meet. It would’ve been pointless to get their phone numbers.

Guys, y’all need to understand that flaking isn’t the exception but the NORM by far!

As I touched on in the previous article, If you were to get 5 phone numbers today, 3 to 4 of those would result in NO results! 3-4 of those would be flaky waste-of-time girls. All 5 being flaky is a strong possibility also. But to get 5 phone #’s and expect all 5 to sleep with you is rather delusion. The reality is, only 1 of the 5, or 0 of the 5 will have slept with you.

Social Media, Smart Phones, Texting And Online Dating Have Diminished Your Chances Of Sex

I’d written about this in the past and it still stands true.

Just as the cellphone is killing your chances of getting laid, quite the same with social media and online dating.

When I first got into Pickup, Facebook and Twitter were nonexistent.

The term social media wasn’t a household name. In fact; it wasn’t even a name at all.

Texting wasn’t the main mode of communication. People was still actually using the phone to talk and have human-to-human interaction and not texting like robots.

Along came Facebook and the amount of girls I slept with had began to decrease dramatically.

It wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s fault, it was my fault for allowing myself to get away from what works (same day hookups) to getting engulfed in the female-dominated world of social media.

Just as I advise guys all the time: You cannot pick up random girls off of Facebook and into your bed!

The only how you could pick up a girl on FB is if she’s already in your social circle, already knows of you, and the 2 of you share some mutual friends.

That’s it!

However, to spot a random hottie on Facebook and think that you could pick her up and sleep with her is NOT going to happen!

There’s a 40% chance that she may reply to your 1st. message (from curiosity), but once she notices that she doesn’t know you; that is it!

Even if it does go further and you do get her phone #, 9 in 10 time, it will not go anywhere!

As with everything I write about, I’d field tested this by over 100 times by trying to pull random hot girls over Facebook.

Guys need to realize that Facebook is NOT a website in which to hook up!

It’s where girls go to chat shit, gossip and get attention.

Women do NOT sign up to Facebook in order to find guys they can bang [that’s what dating sites are for]! It’s just a medium to communicate and chat.

This is part of the reason as to why social media kills girl’s willingness to want to fuck.

When there was no Facebook, if a girl got your name of phone #, she knew automatically that it was about sex.

Nowadays, if you chat up a girl, name and number swap, she’s readily looking to Facebook you or add your phone # to Whatsapp where she can cyber text you to death but not actually want to hook up in the real world.

As a man, a smart man, it’s your job to counter the bullshit by stop trying to pick up girls online, stop adding them on Facebook (unless it’s networking and business), stop giving them your phone numbers, and stop asking for their #’s and Facebook.

The only 2 exceptions to this is if it’s a chick in another country or perhaps another city which you’ll be visiting shortly.

You can use tourist game in order to seduce and bang her.

The other exception is online dating sites where you pretty much have to get the girl’s # in order to take it off line and hook up.

Apart from those 2 exceptions; getting a girl’s # is worthless if your goal is to date or hook up.

If you’re looking a phone-pal or texting buddy: then that’s fine! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

In keeping with the topic at hand, when interacting with a woman, you should be looking to exhaust every possibility of hooking up before even thinking to get the phone # if you do decide to go that route.

By exhaust, I mean try to get her to go on an instant date, try making out with her, try kissing her, flirt, touch, try getting her back to your place, try fucking her in the nearest public bathroom or something!

If all fail, I would leave without giving my #. But if for some reason you think that you have another shot, then you may give your #, however I advise that you don’t since the likelihood of it going anywhere is next to zero.

Believe me, you’ll have more success in getting a girl to meet up with you by saying to her: “Meet me at this exact same spot on Thursday at 7 PM”, than you would have by swapping numbers and trying to set a date via phone.

When you refuse to give a girl your # and refrain from getting hers, a sense of loss develops in the girl’s mind…that is if she’s into you from the initial interaction.

To eliminate this sense of “I’m gonna lose this great guy”, she will be forced to hook up with you that same day. This is the underlying theme of One-Night Stands.

By swapping #’s, she would not have had this sense of loss.

This was the hidden key to me pulling One Night Stands every 2 days when I didn’t have a working mobile number.

I would meet a hot girl, we’d hit it off, she would totally be into me, but I had no way to keep in touch [Facebook wasn’t around] so we had to hook up NOW or Never!

On that note, for 2014, if a girl whom you’re chatting up vis-a-vis (face to face) asks for your phone #; do NOT give it to her!

Fabricate some crazy-ass excuse as to why you don’t have a phone currently!

Seducing women is about being smart, smooth and cunning and using the logistics in your favor.

As Todd Valentine recently said in a video of his, “What is the point of getting a girl’s phone #? Is to meet up at a later time. Well if that’s the case, you have the girl right here right now. Why wait for a later date when you’re with her now”!?

Think about that shit!

Why the fuck would you ask a girl for her # in order to meet with her some other time when you’re there with her now!?

You have your chance now!

I leave you with another awesome talk by Todd Valentine as he encapsulates everything I spoke about here including Same Night Sex, logistics and why to not go for the phone number unless you’ve already executed everything possible!

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    1. I couldn’t have said it any better Mr. Player πŸ™‚

      For 2014, the only phone #’s I’m taking are business and guys. There will be no female #’s going into my cellphone unless it’s business and girls I already screwed and they are there for booty-call purposes.


  1. Good post kenny. I am 1 to try to follow the advise you give because so far since learning about pickup seduction through this site I got good results and slept with 1 girl so far who I was tryin to f close over the past 2 years. She goes to my school.



  2. You mentioned doing this before!
    Or maybe you were talking about texting and social media, and how you were gonna stop and only to face to face pickup.
    Nothing can substitute face to face interactions!


    1. Lol you really pay attention girl! I feel like you’re calling me out but that’s good. I did write about this before (few times). I didn’t really stick to it as best as I could but I’m planning to now


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