How You Can Lose A Girl On The Streets By Positioning Your Body The Wrong Way + How You Can Open With A Cheesy Smile [in-field footage breakdown]

While running some heavy day game earlier today [Friday], I spotted a girl coming my way whom I wanted to open and chat up.

Fired up the camera and started to record.

The fly-by interaction lasted maybe 8 seconds the most.

What was so unusual about this approach and lost is that the girl was obviously open for a chat (massive Signs Of Interest).

Because I actually had to fumble with turning the camera on within a split second as she approached, I wasn’t able to hold her attention long enough (with my body language) nor project a meaningful state…so she kept it moving.

Ok, so that was the negative.

The positive was the opener/ice-breaker.

I’d opened her with a non-verbal open just by smiling at her while maintaining eye contact as she passes.

That is actually 1 of my favorite openers and ways to test whether a girl is up for chatting with me.

So as the HB approaches, I flashed her a cheesy smile with steady eye contact which forced her to say something to me first.

What you’ll learn is 2 things:

1.) You can get a girl on the street to say hi to you just by simply smiling animatedly as she passes.

2.) No matter how interested a girl is; you may lose her within a twinkling of an eye if your body isn’t positioned the right way while simultaneously communicating interest and dominance.

This girl’s demeanor + her SOI’s (Signs Of Interests) were obviously of that of someone who was attracted but was encouraged enough to stop and chat.

All in all: just another day in the field. You’ll lose some and win some.

I lost this 1 due to rookie mistakes which even the advanced guys aren’t impervious to.

Anyway, I break it all down in the video, so check it out!

Check it out!

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