Best Text Game Tips Compiled From Around The Seduction Community For Texting Girls In Order To Hook Up

Texting girls is an art!

Not only is it an art, but it has rules, guideline, dos, donts and requires that you out-maneuver the girl.

Every now and then, I get into a mini rut where my text-game skills begin to stagnate or I simply get jaded with my usual text sequence so I virtually spent the entire Saturday reading some texting tips articles that I can readily incorporate into my Text Game and share with you guys.

The purpose of me getting any girl’s phone # or texting is to hook up with her; no exceptions.

It should be your primary and ultimate goal also.

Here are some texts, text samples, and texting guidelines that I stumbled upon today while reading some seduction articles [the authors listed above the tips].

The Naughty Nomad:

1.) “I usually send a text the next evening. Texting in the morning time portrays neediness and everyone’s cortisol levels are high and causing stress. Early evening is better than late at night, too, because it leaves a slight chance of casual meet-up that night without giving her time to flake”.

2.) “Use exclamation marks and questions marks sparingly. Exclamation marks (and CAPITALS too) convey too much excitement and neediness”.

3.) Give her the illusion of choice. Instead of asking her a simple yes or no question, give her a choice of two things and sub-consciously build “a yes ladder” before asking her out (via a statement, of course).

Here’s a example:
Text 1:“Do you like pizza…”
Everyone likes pizza. 95% of the time she’ll say yes.

Text 2:”What do you prefer, beer or wine…”
See what I’m doing? She’s getting caught in my web of trickery! Mwahaha.

“Text 3 (the hook):“Hmm…well then, we should have a wine and pizza night. I’m free Tuesday or Thursday…”

“Game. Set. Match. I’ve often used this technique to invite girls back to my place for the very first date. It’s golden”.

4.) “Naturally, you’ll want to confirm she’s coming and you might be tempted to text her saying something like, ”Still on for tonight?” or some lame shit like that”.

“Instead, you should have a reason to text her. Here’s the proper way to do it…”

“Keep her in the dark until the day of the date. That means that you don’t confirm all the details (ie. exact time and place) in the initial round of text . Tell her you that you’ll text on the day and let’s her know what’s up. That way, when the day of the date rolls around, you can text her saying something like, “Hey, I’m almost forgot about you. I’m busy until 7 but I could meet you around 9ish. Sound good…”

“See the difference”?

Richard Gambler:

“Stop Asking too many questions! Questions don’t create a connection, they just lead to a boring answer. So stop asking them, always assume and keep the texts flirtatious”.

Online Pickup:

“It doesn’t matter how good your game is, you aren’t going to be able to get her into bed solely on how you text. Trying will just ruin your chances”.

Pickup Artist Mindset:

1.) “When in doubt, keep it simple. Know the limits of the technology. Don’t try to charm your way into a girl’s pants in a black-and-white, 160-character message completely divorced of tone and delivery. It never works. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that, if she’s cute, she gets dozens of texts per day. She reads them with a cursory glance, not with a keen eye for your subtle nuance”.

2.) “Cultivate a Zen-like patience at all times. Texting girls can require nerves of steel. Irrespective of how friendly she was the night she met you, know that she won’t respond to your texts right away, for a variety of reasons: she’s genuinely busy, she’s trying to seem uninterested, or she’s actually trying to ignore you. Resist the temptation of sending a desperation follow-up text”.

3.) “Know when to shut up or give up.Less is more. Even if a girl is vibing you and sending you a bunch of texts, don’t correspond endlessly with her because, sooner or later, you’re going to overstay your welcome”.

Roosh V:

“Another tool for your text messaging toolbox is the Restart Text. It’s something you send days after a girl texts a date cancellation, refusal, or some other aloof message that suggests she’s slipping away. For example, say you ask a girl out on a Tuesday night but she responds by saying she can’t and doesn’t make a counteroffer. In that case, chill out, wait a couple days, and then send a restart text containing an innocuous question, such as “How was your weekend?” or “Did you survive Mardi Gras?” or something based on an event or activity she told you she was going to do”.

As a student of Pickup; I’m pretty much au fait with 100% of the above texting tips. However knowing something and applying it regularly is a different story.

You should also re-examine the way you text girls and how they respond to you, then incorporate the examples I’d shared in this post and you’re guaranteed to see better results instantly!

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