You May Have To “Sell” Your Date In Order For Her To “Show Up” And Not “Stand You Up” [Low-Pressured And Low Commitment]

To get chicks on dates, 70% of your proposals will be met with uncertainty from the girl. Even if she accepts the date- she can flake.

With that, you’ll have to device a way in order to “soft sell” your date in getting her to feel more comfortable in accepting and actually showing up and not flake/stand you up.

Not being able to “sell a date” or convince the girl to want to actually come along, is a key area in which guys falter big time.

Key notes of the video:

* How you should set up a date to where it doesn’t feel like a date at all.

* Why you should not ask her out in the first place.

* Why you should say to her that she should not try to out do herself with the dressing up.

* Hints to sell the date.

* Lightening the anxious mood of a date with some nifty texts.

* Why it’s important to encourage her that the date isn’t and shouldn’t be a big deal therefore she can come in flip-flops 😉 .

* What to actually text her while you’re waiting for her to show up.

Keep in mind that a girl flaking on you as the date approaches, 90% of the times is due to a lack of comfort, massive anxiety and nervous tension…which cause indecision at the last minute.

The tips that I provide in the video will counter this in a way as to lower the anxiety levels.

A critical mistake we guys commit is making dates such a big fucking spectacle!

You want it to be low pressured instead!!!

Note: For those living in colder climates who aren’t too giddy about going out, the tips are still pertinent in that they can be utilized in situations where you’re looking to get the girl at your place for perhaps an in-house rendez-vous opposed to a restaurant or something.

A perfect example would apply to meeting girls online and then having them come by your pad.

Eighty percent of it will come down to how you sell it and your ability to persuade and convince.

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