6 Very-Simple Quick Steps To Picking Up A Random Girl

This is the most slim-down version of a pick-up sequence you will have ever read…at least on my website.

It’s ironic that I’ve been giving pick-up advice for some years now, but the simplest aspects to picking up girls has been bypassed for the most advanced of techniques which I write about mostly.

1.) Spot her. As you spot her, look for a super-quick Approach Invitation [perhaps she smiled or looked at you], then approach and open her within 3 seconds [Justin Wayne breaks down Approach Invitation].

2.) Strike up a conversation by asking an interesting question: “I need a quick opinion on something. My sister’s birthday is coming up and I don’t have a clue of what the hell to get her. I mean, what do girls like”? We call this an Opinion Opener. I demonstrate it on hidden-camera in the clip below.

3.) Tell a quick and interesting story related to the opener/ice-breaker question: “My ex told me that girls like lingerie for birthdays so I decided to surprise her with something lingerie. Got her an underwear set and could you imagine she got pissed at me saying that she feels cheap and disrespected! Are all girls like this”? This is called Routine Stacking.

4.) Get her phone #. You don’t ask nor beg for her #, but you do something like the following before the convo wines down: “Hey, I gotta get going but you seem like a cool chick so far. We should hang out sometime whenever we’re free”. Then hand your phone over to her in order to input her #. This is called a # Close. Check out the way AL of The Ministries of Attraction does it in the video below.

5.) Leave!!! After you secure her # or contact details: leave right away. Lots of guys prolong the interaction after getting the girl’s #, which runs the risk of messing up all the good work. So get the #, say bye and leave! The fashion in which you leave will be discussed in the 6th. tip below.

6.) Hugs and kisses. Most guys as they get a girl’s # would just say goodbye and leave. In most cases- that is fine. But you want to be that exceptional guy to hug and kiss her bye. Now, I’m not saying to full-blown tongue her down but a hug and a peck on the cheek will suffice. Crazy thing is, most guys don’t understand how ridiculously easy it is to hug and kiss goodbye. I’d say 99% of girls will participate. As long as she gives you her #: she will hug and kiss bye. Instead of asking for the hug-kiss, you just lead into it and the girl will follow. My nemesis Boy Toy Thomas gives a good example of that (hug and peck on cheek) in the video below.

By the way, this entire post illustrated a quick sequence of how to pick up a girl. It’s equivalent to what we consider “Flash Game” opposed to a lengthy sequence of more rapport building with the girl.

An example of true “Flash Game”, I demonstrate below as I get a random girl’s contact info within a record time of less than 45 seconds.

Not to cheat you guys out of a proper and complete structure of Pickup, I include a video (below) which deals with “Inner Game”.

You can have all the tips and tactics in the world of how to pick up chicks and get phone numbers, but if your core/foundation (Inner Game) is shitty, whereas you lack confidence in approaching women, then everything you will have read in this article would surmount to naught.

Therefore “Inner Game” gives you confidence and instill in you the mindset that approaching a super-sexy girl is as easy as taking a piss.

So check out the video of mines (below) where I teach you about the mindset and frame to embody whenever approaching (random) women.

PUA’s acronym and term list for dummies

27 thoughts on “6 Very-Simple Quick Steps To Picking Up A Random Girl

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  1. Damn!
    Social K this is good stuff,I like this…
    you make it to relate to.
    Because of your blog,I had to go delete all those motivational couches sites I booked mark.Damn homie! Lol


          1. Om yet to perfect the art of conversation,I alway runout of words…
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          2. Ok well that’s very common to stall out during conversation. I’ll write about that soon but few ways to handle that is to have a set of questions (maybe 5 the most) in mind to ask the girl in order to prolong convo.


  2. Hi kenny very nice article with visuals.

    Can these tips be applied in college settings also or are they just for a particular place?

    I would really like that calrified.


    1. Of course it can be applied at schools. It can be done at college, restaurants, supermarkets, on the streets, bus, wherever. This is just the most standard of pickup you’ll ever come across. It tried to simplify it as possible for the guys with less experience. But it’s applicable everywhere.


  3. Well I am having sticking points at approaching girls at school to get their numbers so i thought was something inherently wrong in trying to do it at school. I just don’t see it as easy as you guys make it out to be. And more examples would be appreciated for my situation.


    1. @Wanderer- Just as I told Dosman, this is a very common thing and 1 way to eliminate stalling or dealing with it is to have a pre-planned idea of topics to talk about. This is essentially routine stacking. After you talk about 1 topic with the girl and that 1 topic has met its apex and cannot go any further, then you routine stack to another topic or question. So have at least 3-5 questions in mind to ask in case things stall.


    1. @Uni-student,you have to modify these rule depending in the environment and the mood,so this is more like a key but depending on the door you want to open the twist will vary.
      So is best you flow with the mood,adding what you see fit at the time you talking with the person
      And ya,you should download Social K ebook below,shit is simple and precise.peace,


      1. @Dosman- Thanks for the clarification and recommendation on the e book. I couldn’t have said it better. Modify the approach and so forth due to the situation, environment and moods as you’d said to Uni Student.


  4. @dosman and kenny I underderstand you now.

    Kenny, so if you are in a classroom setting and a new girl is there who you want to talk to, what is it I should or could do. Keep in mind I never spoke to her before


    1. Pretty simple. First off, look for an IOI, indicator of interest. If she shows or shows none, still approach anyway. And don’t do a full on approach in the middle of lecture or something like that :). You have to display social intelligence also. So watch the environment as Dosman suggests, then use the info I gave in this post.


  5. Dude no! You are trying to spark interest and attraction right off the bat not trying to bore her to death.

    The fundamentals of seduction still applies. What I mean by that is you can think to approach a hot girl to talk about what she’s studying and expect her to be fluttering inside. If you were more skilled, then you can get away with shit like that, like asking her what she’s studying to then flip thay into an interesting dialogue.


    1. To add to your point of which I agree with 1,000 %, sparking instant interest is the goal.

      @Uni Student- Keep that in mind; you’re given 10 seconds to spark attraction. If your opener sucks and is boring, then you’re toast. Just use the opener I suggested in this post. It’s intriguing, interesting and women love such subjects of gifts, dating, gossip, etc. Asking her how is school or anything about school while being @ school is just a buzz-kill in the grand scheme of things.

      Now, if I were to open a new girl @ school, it’d be like this:

      Me: “Hey new girl, it’s your first week at school and you’re already violating 10 rules ;).

      Now, that would obviously be said in a tongue in cheek manner as to communicate humor and balls.


      1. you demonstrated with the hickey opener video. It is an interesting opener and question to ask the target. See the difference between such openers and “how is school”? Thats meant for uni guy


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