Kenny’s End Of Summer 2013 Documentary Video: Making It All Count In 2 Nights

This Summer [2013] was probably the worst I’ve had in the past 5 years as far as partying, game and lay counts go.

For the average guy however, my 2013 Summer results would’ve been stellar. But for a guy like I am who’s usually putting up football numbers, it could’ve been better.

To catch up on lost time, I did a video that was shot on Sunday (16th. September) which pretty much culminated with icing on the proverbial cake as I was hell-bent on redeeming myself for time lost between July-August.

My entire Summer was dedicated to street/day game while I inadvertently neglected clubbing and bar game altogether :(.

By not making the time to go out, I met less women, and by extension- slept with less girls.

Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Kenny’s End Of Summer 2013 Documentary Video: Making It All Count In 2 Nights

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  1. Oh shit you’re pissy drunk bro smh

    On a serious note, I love your videos and how you document your stuff with step by step breakdowns including footage of you in field actually picking women up and chatting them up and then take them to the bed


    1. Thanks DJ.

      Thing is, I don’t have an official wingman and I personally prefer to roll solo. I find that when I’m out with friends, I use them as crutches and end up blowing a whole night talking to friends instead of women.


    1. Not at all. But I do get the practicality about rolling with others. Great for when there’s a group of girls and you’re with a group of guys. So there is good reasons for rolling with friends. But if you can come off as normal as possible wile dolo


        1. Yea I know what you mean. That’s why I said that lots of guys when out with friends, they gain courage or appear normal as possible. But when alone in social situations, they get consumed by fear. I know guys like that too who won’t open unless me or another guy in the group opens and hook the set.


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