POV Picks Up An Irish Tourist In NYC [Learn To Use The “Inprov’ Routine/Opener to break the ice”]

Solid day-game pickup video from the guys over @ POV Pickup.

In this footage, 1 of the instructors (of POV Pickup) approaches and opens an Irish tourists on the streets of NYC to eventually getting her # and time bridging to a date.

What you will learn from this clip is the PUA routine of improvisation.

I’m not quite sure if this routine/opener/ice-breaker was originated by POV, however it doesn’t really matter: it’s solid!

The concept of openers and routine stacking is based on presenting the girl with a plausible reason as to why you had approached her in the first place.

POV demonstrates (after he breaks the ice) how to use the “Improv’ Routine” to not only intrigue the girl but to present her with something unique opposed to the average guy going up to a girl without anything of interest to say.

This is what you do:

Approach the target (the girl), open her in whatever fashion you’re used to (as for pickup), then say to her:

“I’m in an improv class and I’m supposed to go up to like 20 good-looking girls everyday and say what’s up…you’re like #6″…

Doesn’t have to be verbatim (word for word) as with most PUA routines. You adjust them based on different variables.

For instance, you can say to the target: “I’m in an improv class and we’re supposed to go up to like 10 random strangers and make conversation…”.

Feel free to add on a bit more to the routine if need be.

The coolest part of the video is the end where POV suggested the date instead of asking or begging to go out with her!!!

He merely invited her and her friend to join him and his friend at an outdoor locale.

This hearkens backs to a post of mines on how to get girls on dates by suggesting they meet you opposed to something high pressured: https://kennyspuathoughts.com/2013/06/07/how-to-ask-a-girl-out/

Check out the video to learn this routine and how to finesse it into getting her phone # (as the case in the video).

You can check those guys out over at The Ministry Of Attraction.com blog.

Check out the PUA acronym and term list to familiarize yourself with the jargon used on this site and other PUA/seduction sites: https://kennyspuathoughts.com/pua-acronymns/

12 thoughts on “POV Picks Up An Irish Tourist In NYC [Learn To Use The “Inprov’ Routine/Opener to break the ice”]

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  1. What up! Here is my breakdown of what I found he did:

    “I’m supposed to go to like 20 good looking girls everyday, and say wassup”

    This is what RJ would call an implied compliment. Instead of saying to her, “you are a good looking woman” he implied it by saying, “I’m supposed to go to like 20 good looking girls everyday”. The act of him going up to her means she is a good looking woman.

    His tonality is REALLY good. No fear or anxiety in his voice.

    I would like to get these sargers to join, “No KJs Allowed!” Kenny, see if you can convince them to join. 😉


    1. Great breakdown ND. I’m not a fan of direct complimenting nor direct game, so the Ross implied compliment suits my style. I do that a lot.

      Would be nice for such sargers to join the group too. I’ll try to get his contact info somehow and present the idea to him. I’ll keep you posted bro’.


  2. Tourist girls are always the easiest to talk to, and New York is full of them, especially in the summer lol.

    The implied compliment in this case is a cool way of going, but at the same time women are pretty savvy. Everything in the situation (the guy approaches her, clearly trying to start a conversation, just happens to “mention” that she’s attractive, etc) indicates that he’s attracted to her, it’s not like it’s a big secret. She’s flattered though, the whole routine is very cute to her.

    It’s definitely possible to have that mystery that RJ or Mystery might promote, but in this case, it sounds like he’s showing lots of interest. Of course we can’t see his body language or eye contact, which is a huge factor in indirect game.


    1. Yea I know what you saying. I wrote about this in my ebook how to bang foreign girls. They are easier to get with than the local girls who are already adapted to the culture and norms.

      I understand what you’re saying about women knowing “what’s up”. They ultimately know what we want but you should already know that most women must be taken on an illogical journey in a sense. Not quite sure if you get what I’m trying to say?


      1. Yeah that’s true for a lot of women, in certain circumstances. Others go the other way and actually like a man who is upfront and totally honest about what he wants. Which is rare because most guys can’t own that kind of thing.

        And the more indirect stuff shows a lot of social intelligence and sensitivity to social norms, which is attractive in itself.


      2. Yeah a lot of girls are like that. Although many others appreciate the more upfront, honest approach from a man.

        It’s not so illogical in the sense that it shows social intelligence and social awareness, which is very attractive in itself.


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