Newbie Diaries Part I: “Making Out With A Cougar Old Enough To Be My Mother”

“Making out like there’s no tomorrow”!!!

You can read the Spanish version of the article here:

I decided to post 4 memorable field reports from the past when I was a budding PUA newbie trying to make it in the cold world of Pickup.

This will be a 4 part series. And the purpose is to demonstrate to newbies that there will come a point where they finally get it!

[Some years ago…]

The Heritage Quay hotel where I stayed

The Heritage Quay hotel where I stayed

…Left my hotel and made my way further downtown to the Coast nightclub [my favorite spot on the island that time].

[Video below of the Coast nightclub in Antigua]

Just as any good newbie does, I stood outside for about 45 minutes scoping the scenery.

Tons of hot chicks arriving in groups while others await their girlfriends who were showing up in taxi after taxi!

My night hadn’t even started yet and the anxiety level was on full-fucking throttle :shock:!

The craziest part was that 9 out of 10 girls that were showing up, were hot as firecrackers…and none of them were alone!

Fortunately, I ran into a friend of mines from South America [an Alpha Natural].

“Hey Kenny, what’s up”!!!?

My anxiety dissipated much as I was now in the company of someone I knew.

We paid our entry fee, got frisked and rolled in!

Trying not to wallflower like an AFC chode, I made my way onto 1 of the dance floors just to survey the land.

No action here, so I strolled over to the bar counter to get me another drink.


This night isn’t going my way at all!!!

Every single chick that I’d desired to approach was either with a group or with some dude!


At that time (as a newbie to pickup), I didn’t have the sufficient skills to game groups of girls being that I wasn’t advanced enough to fathom such documents.

Hours passed and I finally fucking spotted a lone wolf :smile:!

She was dancing, twirling, bending, stopping, resting, dancing…

I said to myself: “Fuck it! It’s now or never”!

Whatever routine I’d used to open her was a success (although I can’t recall which routine it was). But she was hitting me with massive amounts of IOI’s (signs of interest).

After a bit of dancing, that’s when I got a good look of her countenance and realized that this woman was old :shock:!

She had the classic Cougar look like a Vanessa Williams but a tab bit darker in complexion.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

BTW, from this incident was when I discovered that I had a deep-seated lust for banging MILF’s and Cougars. Therefore, she was workable! Plus my cock wasn’t about to play a game of being selectivity ;)!

We dance a bit more then: Boom!

I kissed her dead on!

I’m not talking about a peck, but a full-blown fucking makeout session!

Prior to this, we had only met about 10 minutes earlier and now making out already!

I don’t know what had possessed me to act so ballsy, but whatever it was; I salute it :lol:!

Pumped from the makeout, I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the VIP area for a bit of privacy.

We weren’t even VIP’s but we snuck in the booths anyway :evil:!

Started making out again like little-wild rabbits in lust!

She got on top of my lap and tongued me down like a mad woman!


This is what Pickup is all about!!!

Two chicks and a dude showed up, apparently we took their VIP spot. We apologized, gave up the spot and jetted before security is alerted :shock:!

She asked me how old I was, which was then she’d dropped the bombshell on me that she was 45 years old [same age as my mother at that time].


This lady is old enough to be my mother!

How dare I make out with this lady as if she’s some wanton-club slut Bimbo bitch !???

Fuck it: pussy is pussy :smile:!

I tried pulling her back to my hotel to seal the deal but my ability to move chicks from the club to home sucked donkey balls (being that I was a newbie/student).

So she hit me with a lame-shit excuse that she was waiting for her boyfriend and couldn’t leave.

Obviously an excuse. Why would your BF show up to the club at 4:30 AM!?


Had I had more skills in the art of persuasion, I would’ve done a better job in convincing her to come with me.

All in all, I didn’t get the bang notch, but this was a great boost to my ego and game as I began to make major strides and progress in the field!

[Part 1 of 4 of the newbie diaries field report]

Read the Spanish version of the article here:

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4 thoughts on “Newbie Diaries Part I: “Making Out With A Cougar Old Enough To Be My Mother”

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  1. Jesus those caribbean bitches hot! You said you not from antigua but was just visitng I assume since you stayed @ hotel. What are the prices like there? You can email me some details or inbox my facebook to talk about some of this


  2. Lmao! This was a nice read, I laughed my ass off when I thought about that excuse, I mean really, which sane guy would pick up his chick at 4:30 am at a fucking club? Oh lol!


    1. According to her, he wasn’t even picking her up. He was coming to the club at that time to meet her there, not to take her home. But that was then. Skills 100 times more sharp so those things won’t fly so easily.


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