Groggy yet social: French-sailor chick and her travel group [in-field footage]

Your Social Challenge

Summer’s already heating up so the Game is almost in full swing.

While running some early-morning errands [totally wasn’t in the mood for day-game pickup], I decided to purchase some trinkets @ a local pier. Waiting around for the clerk, I immediately sparked up a conversation with a French chick who had just came from diving [she’s part of a sailing group from France].

The purpose was just to flex some social muscles bright and early (since it was like 8 AM) and not necessarily to pick up chicks.

The interaction had went on for about 25 minutes which included her group.

Not much Game at all in to display, but I just wanted to illustrate the importance of being social and socializing in order to crack your way into social groups which will then lead to making more friends which means more possibilities of building a social circle and networking.

•Such random approaches will get you accustomed to chatting up groups of people and mixed sets without hesitation.

•A great way to kill approach anxiety and fear of talking to strangers- just do it :)!

Instead of waiting around like an anti-social chode stuck in your head;

•Take action and strike up a little chat, however meaningless, with people around you.

•Train yourself to become comfortable with talking!

That morning, I was definitely not in Pickup mode nor a sociable mood (since my game is usually high energy), felt very groggy and out of state, but I didn’t let those factors become excuses to not talk to people.

With that, I’m challenging you to just:

•Strike up some early-morning conversations just for the fuck of it!

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19 thoughts on “Groggy yet social: French-sailor chick and her travel group [in-field footage]

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  1. Pardon me if I missed it sociakenny, but what is the purpose of all this? I get the objective of talking to people but what do this tie into? I guess the point is what I’m asking for :confused:


    1. @Ruya- Good question, and it’s typically asked of women. Overall, the point is guiding men of less confidence to a path of building confidence to become social with women. That is the point. The average guy lacks the ability to just go up to random people and just talk. Well the thing is, that girl whom you’d been too shy to approach just could’ve been your future wife but you blew knowing.


        1. Yea it’s sort of issuing a challenge to guys out there to be social irrespective of your current mood. In the video, it was like 8 AM, I hadn’t eaten anything yet, didn’t have my cup of Joe, wasn’t looking groomed to my liking…but no excuses. So I want guys to embody that.


  2. Hardest time to game is when
    you’re out of state especially first
    thing in morning. Happened to me
    yesterday too while making some
    runs and stopped by a bakery to get
    a bagel which I usully don’t do.
    Service was very slow so I chose to
    chat to the person next to me and
    found out some interesting things. I
    didn’t get a # close or anything but
    besides the point


  3. Great website bruh.

    Do you have a daygame model where I can learn some day game from you or stuff like that?

    Or even just some daygame stuff you recommend to be social and stuff?


      1. u should write a manual on bagging white bitches from a niggas point of view. i m a black dude but have hard time tryna fuck snow flakes. u do your thing mad easily


  4. Kenny, 2nd time posting on your site after noticing the linked post on Roosh’s blog.
    What I wanna know is, when it comes to AA, what is the biggest advice you can give pertaining to the video?


    1. I’m not Kenny, but the obvious way to deal with aa as the video posting suggests is to just do it! Just go talk to girls and not wait around like a dodo expecting the best logistics. Kenny would absoultely tell you the same thing.


      1. Ok thanks buddy. You seem knowledgable about pickup and seduction so I take your word for it since I am used to seeing your comments since I been coming here.


  5. By the way dude, I plan on staring my own blog soon and a youtube page. I noticed after checking your tube channel, this video of your has almost 120 views within less than 24 hours. How do you get so many views in so short time on your videos?


  6. I’m not Kenny, but the obvious way to deal with aa as the video posting suggests is to just do it! Just go talk to girls and not wait around like a dodo expecting the best logistics. Kenny would absoultely tell you the same thing.


  7. Very true Kenny! I was in a class last weekend. It was a mix of different people and cultures (I was the only Black Guy). I used this as a chance to pretty much conversate with almost everyone there. Sometimes its not about getting the number but still talking and getting used to socializing in different situations.


    1. I get you DJ. Some guys have the mindset that if they aren’t going for the # close, they won’t bother hold conversation. I advocate talking to everyone, even if your goal isn’t to # close. So I like your mindset in the class setting of just getting used to socializing.


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