How to work with women and not become their little-Beta-Male bitches [must read for men who work with women]

A must read for men who work with or around women!

Contrary to popular belief among men: Working with chicks is fucking awful!

I mean- it’s fucking hair-pulling-out insanity!

It’s like watching The Wendy Williams Show, TMZ and Days Of Our Lives…back to back!

The chick-gossips and celebrity-scandal stories are the least…as terrible as they are!

What is really unfortunate about working with or around women [as a guy], is the role that you as a man, will be expected to play [from the standpoint of your female coworkers].

Worry no more: Kenny will be your virtual-designated wingman during this time of travail 🙂 .

The Reality Of Working With Women:

First off: working with women, or merely around them, has the real potential to literally kill you as a man…or at least serve to reduce your masculinity to a pile of rubble- QUICKLY :shock:!

That’s presuming you have the wrong idea of what it is to have female coworkers.

The general talk among males is, “If I can only land that lucrative job where I’m surrounded by pussy, I’ll totally be the man”

Before that ever materializes, it’s 80% more likely that you’ll be turned into a lapdog Beta-bitch for the women within the workplace.

When I’d landed the lucrative job with the firm I’m now employed for [How I networked my way into a lucrative job], I was assigned to work alone within the department.

Months later as the workload increased, the firm decided to hire 3 new employees [females] to work along with me [I being their quasi supervisor].

Sounds good!

What better can a poor man ask for than to have 3-stunning hotties working beside him, right?


I’ll explain why that is.

The Female Psyche:

It’s commonly preached among the seduction community (rightfully so), that in relationships, the girlfriend will almost always scheme to devise ways to try to turn the man into a docile Beta-Male.

Whether she does this consciously or not is still up in the air.

Same applies within the workplace as long as the dynamics are set where women out number men.

Thinking about it: as long as there’s 1 single-hot girl within the workplace; that’s enough estrogen to emasculate the men with whom she works with or around [being that men are willing to sacrifice their manhood just to be liked by women].

Here’s What Will Be Expected Of You From Your Female Coworker(s):




•Undivided Attention

•To become a virtual chauffeur

•To become their errand-boy

Here’s What They Will Not Expect From You [the male]:




•”Not Now”

•”I’m busy”




The Psychology Of Women Covertly Dominating The Workplace:

Quick back story From 5 months ago when the firm had hired 3 chicks to work along with me as my subordinates.

To be honest: I was pretty optimistic to finally get the opportunity to work around women…hot ones at that 🙂 😆 !

I welcomed this with open arms, although my manager had given me the flexibility to decline having the new girls work with me [big mistake in hindsight].

Anyway, the first week was basically a feel-out-process for the ladies as to learn the layout of the land so to speak.

By week 2; all gloves were off, and the covert fight to dominate and monopolize my workspace had begun 😎 .

I had 1 coworker with a lame-shit attempt at using reverse psychology, requested that I dispose of the garbage beside her desk since she was so bogged down in assignments to stop and do it herself.

The other had wanted to know if it was possible that I do her a huge favor: run to the store to pick her up a newspaper during the lunch break 😆 .

The 3rd. had insinuated that since I was the only guy in that department, I should do the “manly thing” and treat the ladies to lunch at least once a week.


Really!!!? 😯

Based on their modus operandi, Kenny should run their errands, become their designated messenger, grab lunch for all, take out the trash, be at their beck and call, bla, bla, bla…

Now, are these prissy-little witches acting out of character?

Not really.

This is typical of women in the workplace, coyly maneuvering in hopes to weed out the dominant male, turn him into a passive Omega pussy who’ll be more than eager to let them virtually butt fuck him…solely because hot women should be catered to, therefore men must adapt to those twisted dynamics.

Generally speaking: men do adapt and cede power to women, whether within the workplace, household, relationship or courtship in itself.

Men allow it to happen: so women respectfully take advantage ;).

Ultimately, we can only blame the men [and feminism] for allowing women in the workplace to virtually castrate the shit out of them like willing subjects marching onto the gallows :(.

It’s our fault at the end of the day!

Ok, Here’s How To NOT Let Women In Your Workplace Turn You Into A Passive-Little Bitch

Pertaining to my situation, being an alumni of the school of Alpha-Males, where we were religiously taught to NOT take light to such female-opportunistic mind games [from women]: I immediately clamped down on the lame-shit attempts by my female coworkers to slowly convert me into their “male-bitch” :evil:.

Now, if you’re a guy who finds himself in the same predicament as I ‘WAS’, or you’re worried that you might have to face it someday: I implore you to read on if you at least possess an ounce of masculine dignity to give a shit about retaining your manliness and dominance while working with or around women 😎 .

Learn To Say No To Women!

Socialkenny in the workplace (2013)

Socialkenny in the workplace (2013)

This is a given, but it’s rarely ever taught or used by men in the workplace (in relation to hot women).

Whenever you’re asked by a female coworker to do something of a subordinate nature [barring she’s not your superior]: Just Say NO!

Classic analogy is that of a girl in the nightclub telling a guy to hold her drink while she answers her phone, goes to the restroom, or to out the cigarette for her [these are all congruence tests].

She tests your congruence as a real man by asking if you can fetch her a cup of water from the fountain: Say NO!

You don’t have to be a mean dick about it.

In fact: don’t be mean about it at all!

Tell her “NO” with a sort of sly smirk as if to communicate: “I know what you’re tryna do”.

Or simply say: “Nope, not right now” 😎 .

No, Nope, Nah, Negative; it doesn’t fucking matter in which way you negate her request: just as long as you get the point across that you’re not going to do what she requests :D: !

Such requests from women all boil down to frame battles, frame control and congruence testing (within or outside of the workplace).

A woman will always gauge to see how much shit she can get away with from males around her…and how far she can go with such leverage.

This is her gender role [at least in North America and Western Europe].

Subconsciously, she’s trying to find out whether you’re a real man [Alpha-Male] or a sell-out [Omega-Male]: “Will he bark or will he dandy on over like a tamed puppy”?

It’s all a battle of frames: who is more strong willed? Whose reality is more rock solid: the girl or his?

Battle of frames

Battle of frames

In the workplace, women are beating men hands down when it comes to frame battles and battle of the wills.

Why so?

The average male [which is an Omega, Beta/weakling], is always looking to supplicate and beg because that’s all he knows. And he still believes in the old fable [like Santa Clause], that women must be pampered, spoiled and catered to…in order to be liked by them.

With this etched deeply within his psychological fabric, he enters the workforce or dating world with a subordinate disposition towards the women he works with and the women he dates.

They say “jump”: he says “how high”.

They want coffee: he scurries to grab a cup.

They need assistance: he stumbles over himself to provide it.

They want to use the office phone: he quickly hangs up and apologizes for tying up the line.

They want the trash dumped out from beneath their work desks: he rushes over to give a helping hand.

They want their asses kissed (proverbially): he jets over to ensure that the job of ass-kissing is done effectively.

All in all, the Beta-Male in the workplace really believes that such behavior will be rewarded (with a date or sex), and that his coworkers actually find this sort of quasi chivalry as flattering and attractive.

Little does he know: he’s gradually being reduced from giant to dwarf, sexy guy to guy she will never sleep with if it means going sexless for a decade.

Be Challenging With Your Female Coworkers

The average guy (a Beta-Male) in the workplace isn’t challenging by nature, nor does he challenge women within his department of work.

She asks for assistance with something: he doesn’t say, “Why? Ask Tony instead”.

She wants to borrow his newspaper while he’s midway through it: he readily coughs it up instead of saying to her: “Get your own missy…I’m not done yet”. 😎 .

Days ago, 1 of my fellow co-workers [a chick], said to me:

“Hey Kenny, can you go into the other department to get me today’s newspaper please? So and so has it but she’s almost done”.

I said to her: “What you think I am: your personal secretary? Send someone else. You know better than to send me”.

She replies: “Come on Kenny, why act like that. You’re heading that way anyway”.

Me: “Doesn’t matter. I said no, I will not get you the newspaper”.

A Beta, whose aim is to please, would not have defied her. If he did (tokenly), he would’ve conceded in the end.

I was challenging, dominant and adamant about not going!

At first: I was lenient then stern.

What actually happens whenever you challenge women that way by saying no to them [within or outside of the workplace]:

•They feign to hate you

•They respect you

•They see you as a real man [an Alpha-Male]

All in all, you’ll be perceived as a dominant guy and someone they cannot pushover. Which means that they [women in the workplace] will then naturally assume a subordinate role after realizing that their attempts at turning you into a passive Beta was an epic FAIL!

“Can’t I Be Nice To My Female Coworkers Then”?

Sure you can!

What you shouldn’t do is allow them to use you and push you over covertly.

The neutralizing answer to this is “Mutual Favors”!

What I mean by that is, instead of assuming the role of being the one sent, you should take preemptive measures to send them instead 😎 .

Balance the fucking playing field!

They want you to do something for them: make a request of them also.

You may not have the leverage nor position to do this, but days ago, I’d called a mini-staff meeting between the 3 female coworkers and I. The purpose was to assert my position and stance as a man before shit gets out of hand.

Addressing them:

“Listen up, let me make this crystal clear to each 1 of you girls. I do not do favors, nor do I run errands for no one. You need toilet paper: fetch it yourself or contact the person who’s responsible for bathroom supplies. I’m the coolest guy in the world as you all have noticed over the past 5 months here. But I cannot be bought, bribed, tricked, hustled, tamed, neither turned into a Beta. Now let’s get back to work”.

The girls: “What is a Beta!? We weren’t trying to run things Kenny”!

As I said before, you personally may not have the latitude to convene a meeting of staff, but you can dominantly approach each female worker in order to clearly communicate your position [semi-serious and light tone].

You may be scoffed at, talked about within the workplace, seen as an asshole– but at least you’ll be respected as a dominant man, which every woman is innately attracted to [women love dominant men].

I’m also not saying for you (the guy) to be a serious-faced prick.

Always keep a lightness about you: sly smiles, smirk, bit of humor, bit of sarcasm, etc.

When I’d addressed the girls I work with, my tone and demeanor were a mixture dominance, a bit of playfulness, light humor with a few smiles- opposed to coming off as a tight-wad, snobby, authoritative supervisor.

Parting Message For The Male Worker (Call To Action)

It’s never too late to redeem your manliness in the workplace among women.

The earlier you desist from being a chivalrous errand-boy, and the sooner you put such attempts at your emasculation to a halt: the smoother your work experience will be!

However, it’s never too late.

Hopefully over the weekend, you’ll digest the grand points of this article, to then reenter the new workweek as a brand-new man with a new frame (of mind) within your workplace.

Remember: women are NOT attracted to weak men who are always available, always on call and always willing to say “yes ma’am”!

Start saying NO, Maybe, Why, “I’m busy”, “I’ll think about it”, “Ask someone else”!

Only then will women respect you, value you, fuck you, date you and stay with you!

Note: The advice in this article is universally applicable wherever there’s a male-female dynamic at play.

Check out the following inner-game video from the PUA guru, RSD Tyler, which will help you to understand and embody the vibe and persona of a badboy or dick who women can’t get enough of. Tyler also breaks down how being nice to women doesn’t excite them, etc.

[Below video: Being dick to women, dominant, playful, Alpha…]

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24 thoughts on “How to work with women and not become their little-Beta-Male bitches [must read for men who work with women]

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  1. BIg article, almost an encyclopedia. So the girls don’t ask things anymore, you think it will transfer and soon, they’ll ask if you want the paper from the store when they go there?


    1. Yea this is probably 1 of my biggest articles since I usually keep them mid-length. They do still ask up to yesterday, but it’s more subtle and coy. Instead of blatant, it’s more done indirectly. But the dynamics had flipped somewhat since I employed the strategy of asking them to do shit. So it has been reframed to the point that 1 of them had bought me a snack the other day. Could be a way to soften me up for the kill though 😉


    1. You got it all twisted, Kenny doesn’t advocate to treat women poorly, he advocates not to treat them any different than any other employee. Like would you ever see a guy asking his boss to throw his garbage, never. So if girl is employee she has no different privileges.


  2. If you understood how humans work and you would just step out of the fucking matrix for a sec then you would be able to relate. No 1 sayin that we should demean chicks. But there’s a evolutionary order to all of this. You break the order, then its fucking chaos


    1. First off don’t be a fucking pig. Second, show some respect to those you don’t know. And I am not an idiot so I don’t think I would need to do some lessons on how things work.


  3. The most annoying thing working with chicks for me is their inability to take responsibility, they love to decide what should be done and talk about it, but if things do not go as expected…

    They have no problem look with blank eyes and lie and say it was not their idea and all is your fault.


      1. I almost got fired once because of it.

        A new women manager requested me to do something, I warned her that it is not a good idea… she insisted.

        Later ass whooping time comes, and she looks on me and goes “It is horrible! it was his idea, he is just not professional enough!” When I told her it was her idea, she started denying and saying she never asked me and it is not true and telling I am lying.

        Luckily I kept it all trough email, and offered to print it right there and show it to her. Got her embarrassed and everybody looked on her like wtf.

        All happened in front of other 5 big managers.

        Would not wish such nightmare on anyone.


        1. Wow that’s fucked up bro! It’s funny how you’re mentioning all this because I’m currently seeing it play out around the workplace SMFH.

          So with that being the situation, I know you’re not looking forward to working in such environment again?


          1. I ended up forwarding those emails to my manager who realized what was going on and was on my side.

            She probably done it to others, because shortly after they let her go.

            Still, it was my 2nd month with organization and the last thing I needed is to have conflict with managers.

            So, be careful 🙂


  4. Yeah I see that happening to my boys all the time. What’s worst is that it’s not even like managers or supervisors. Just normal employees showing up in front of the bosses. Being self employed, I don’t have to worry about this happening but it’s still a must to recognize the dynamics of working with women.


  5. I’m not even a man and those girls sound annoying! Good to know you let them know what’s what!
    I don’t usually ask for guys to do stuff for me, they usually offer, lol!


    1. Lol well guys usually offer anyway, so these girls reality are pretty shattered right now that they thought I’d offer to take out trash and stuff ;). I’m not tryna be a dick but if I feel like helping and suggesting: then it’s cool.


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