10 Ways To Spot A Fake-Facebook Profile

Fake Facebook chick

Fake Facebook chick

What constitutes a fake-Facebook profile is one which is that of another person besides the actual person who’s the account holder.

It’s very common for people online to use stock photos of someone else whom they deem to be more attractive than themselves, so the fake profile phenomenon is very common nowadays.

1.) Photo Shortage

A fake-online dating profile, or even just a mere Facebook profile which only has 1 photo, or no more than 3 photos; is a huge red flag and an almost sure sign of a fake profile.

First off, if a girl goes the length to actually create an online profile, it’s only conceivable that she’d upload loads of pictures. And if you actually check out the profiles of women whom you personally know: they have tons of albums and photos.

2.) Generic Messages

Another sign of a fake profile is if the person (girl) contacts you with a generic-ass message which doesn’t seem tailored towards you:

For instance: “I thought you were really cute and I had to say hi to a lovely guy like you”.

Fake profile! Especially if she was the one to message you first.

3.) She Takes Preemptive Measures

If you receive a random Facebook-friend request or random message from a chick you don’t know, nor do you share any mutual friends with: this is a fake profile!

As I’d stated in my previous article: “Chicks do NOT approach men first, nor do they open the lines of communication with men first”!

4.) Compliment Galore

Assuming that you’d already added this girl as a friend to your Facebook, and within a matter of minutes of the add, you receive a chat or inbox message from her of instant compliments…and she keeps them rolling and rolling.

This is a fake profile also known as a Catfish!

5.) “Is She A Model”?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then she’s a fake!!!

The thing about owners of fake-online profiles is that they understand that men are visually stimulated by the model-type [blame the media]. With this being said, you should be skeptical of any girl online who tells you that she’s a model, or has photos of herself (or some other chick) modeling or in what appears to be a photo-shoot setting.

6.) No Mutual Friends

We touched on this a bit in point #3, but it’s worth delving into.

Everyone (whom you know) on Facebook practically connects somehow [assuming there are mutual friends involved]. But to get a random message or friend request from a girl whom you have no mutual friends with, is a sure sign of trouble.

7.) Generic Profile (too good to be true)

If everything about her fits your ideal type to the most minute of details: then be wary of this person.

Thinking that the perfect girl is out there is always the mind-fuck which gets many men in trouble online.

If she doesn’t have any physical flaws, nor does her profile exposes anything not too pleasant about herself; then there’s a 50-50 chance that this is a fake profile, ran by someone who looks totally different than the person you’re looking at in the pictures.

8.) Predictable Reply Time

Assuming you’d met her on an online-dating site and you begin to try to spark up a chat with her- but she only replies at set times [5 PM, 7 PM, etc.]. This is a huge yet subtle sign of a fake profile.

The reason for not replying at random intervals is that they [fake-profile holders] are currently trying to dupe others at the same time, so it’d be quite difficult to have a random dialogue with you at sporadic times of the day. So it’s much more easier to reply to you in bulk (while replying to others sheks stringing along) than to burn time specifically for you.

9.) Fast on Phone #’s

Whenever a girl whom you’d met online asks for your phone number within her first to third message; this is a huge red flag…coupled with the fact that girls rarely ever ask guys for their numbers.

Therefore, if during the initial conversation she sends you a message saying something like: “Hey, I am logging offline now. Give me your # please so we can keep in touch”.

Be wary!

She will never call!

10.) No Voice To Voice Interaction

Assuming that you’d gotten the phone #, but he or she keeps being elusive when it comes to having an actual conversation on the phone. This is a sure-shot sign of a catfish aka someone with a fake profile who’s looking to string you along.

The reason someone would create a fake-online profile, whether on Facebook or online-dating sites, varies between few factors. And the type of individuals who do this are:

•Someone who’s very insecure about their physical appearance, thus creating a false and alternate reality of him or herself.

•Someone who’s just looking for attention from the lack of it in their personal life.

•A Pickup Artist who’s merely field testing a theory of what men responds to online [I’ve sorta done this before :)].

•Worst of them all, is someone who’s looking to lure you into an online relationship for the purpose of trying to get something out of you later on: money, marriage or personal information (accounts, etc).

To eliminate the chances of ever being tricked online by an unsuspecting hottie (or hot guy): start going out more to meet real people!

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