Don’t Get Catfished!



A great part of why I dread online dating so much is that you just don’t know who is out there.

You don’t have a clue who’s holding dummy accounts with the sole purpose of trying to dupe you in some way or another.

The most fucked-up part about it is that half of the dummy/fake accounts out there (on Facebook, etc.) aren’t even owned by women but men who are pretending to be women in order to get a piece of your financial pie- literally.

As a black dude, it pains me to say this, but I’ll never trust a bitch from Nigeria 😯

People of that region are notorious for being scammers, fraudsters, catfishers and online-financial tricksters…of the worst kind!

Over a year ago, I caught a program on MSNB which was centered around a ring of Nigerian-online daters.

Their MO was to create a plethora of fake-female online profiles (via Facebook mainly) in hopes to catch some gullible losers with a sad story of poverty and hardship and the promise of marital commitment.

These guys (and chicks) would create a Facebook account, put a photo of a hot-fucking black chick as the profile picture, to ensure to catch the eyes of some gullible AFC’s (loosers).

One thing you’ll readily notice about these fake profiles is that they almost always only have 1 photo on their entire account.

That should automatically sound the alarms inside of your head!

Who has only 1 photo on their online-social media profiles?

No real person!

Therefore, accounts like these are fakes, and usually ran by a guy, or ring of guys (and gals), hoping to catfish the fuck out of you, take you for an emotional ride on the love train, then drain your bank account and it’s sayonara baby…on to the next fool!!!

What is Catfished?

The term is so new that it’s impossible to find it in any modern dictionary, so I’ll try my best to opine on it.

Basically, to be catfished is to be fooled by someone online (of the opposite sex) into an online relationship for the purpose of sheer head games, falsified marriage, money, or access to one’s private information (in order to rob them blind).

“Whom Does This Happen To”?

Usually bored loosers in remote areas who are devoid of a social life, entertainment, and lack sexual involvement with the opposite sex.

Generally guys and girls who suffer from low-self esteem, generally over-weight, fat and are on the opposite end of the good looks spectrum (according to society).

The Catfishers aka scam-artists who would zero in on such individuals, could be part of an elaborate ring (Nigerian, etc.), or just some lone nut (male or female) in suburbia who’s bored and looking to catfish unsuspecting people online.

“How Can I Avoid Being Catfished”?

Become a Pick-Up Artist!


People who are susceptible to being catfished (tricked online by a hot profile) generally have no social life, don’t get out much, and aren’t getting laid neither.

Becoming a PUA, it’d then be incumbent upon you to actually go out and meet women.

The more you meet women in “the real world”, the less chances you’d be enticed into “the cyber world” by some hot girl (supposedly), who 60% of the time, isn’t even a girl to begin with :(!

An added benefit in becoming a Pickup Artist, you’ll naturally instill in yourself a psychological immunity, which renders you skeptical of hot chicks (or pictures of hot chicks).

You see, the average guy (AFC) is so taken away by a beautiful face and nice ass, he won’t even think twice to employ some NEG’s and False Disqualifiers.

Read the PUA acronym list to get abreast with those terms: PUA acronym and term list

“How Does A Catfish Operate”?

Remember the little tidbit I’d always taught y’all about (online) dating: “Girls do NOT approach men! Girls do NOT initiate contact with men online”!!!

Well that quote of mines will be your greatest lesson from this article.

Women do not approach men (blatantly), nor do they blatantly open men, nor do they initiate sex with men…granted she’s a chick you hadn’t fucked before.

Where am I going with this…?

This is also applicable to cyber space: social media or online-dating sites.

With that being said, if you’re ever contacted first by a (so-called) hot woman online; there’s a 95% chance that it’s a catfish, and most likely, some dude operating from an internet cafe…in Nigeria (or somewhere else).

Nigeria boobs: photo courtesy of

Nigeria boobs: photo courtesy of

Remember kiddies: Chicks do not fucking initiate conversation with men (blatantly)!!!

If a girl does approach and initiate the chat with you in the real world or cyber space, you can guarantee that she’s up to no fucking good!

Either she has an angle of gold-digging and is looking to get something out of you…or possibly to get her boyfriend jealous…which could mean an ass-whipping for you (although this is super super rare).

Either way, a girl blatantly approaching and opening a guy is never a good sign.

A Catfish almost always initiate the texting and messaging with you.

She will be the 1 to add you on Facebook, etc.

Ever gotten that random-ass friend request on Facebook from some chick whom you have no mutual friends with?

Well she’s a catfish looking to devour you!

Run for the fucking hills 😯 !!!

She [a catfish] initiates everything: the Facebook add, Facebook chatting, messaging, etc. She’s always the first to do these thing, which is totally contrary to how a genuine woman operates.

Those are the chief signs of a catfishishing scam-artist.

They flatter you within minutes of meeting you online, stroke your ego, make you feel good as a person, wanted, desired…but it isn’t genuine!

Simply ignore her (or him) then unfriend them if you please.

Irony is, once a Catfish senses that you know what’s up; they will take the initiative to delete themselves instead of wasting time with a tough-cookie who’s onto them.

So be wary of any random girl online who’s initiating contact with you; she’s a fraud (a Nigerian mostly)!

“Has Kenny Ever Been Catfished”?

I’ve had about 8 attempts on my life…

Just fucking with ya :)!

What I meant to say was that I’d been contacted by 8 scamming Catfish, on 8 different occasions during the past 3 years alone…4 of the 8 via Facebook.

All 8 of them failed!!!

Once a Catfish senses the least amount of questioning and resistance from you; it’s his or her modus operandi to bail the fuck out!

You can simply ignore them altogether, which is good enough, and they’ll get the message and move on to softer targets.

Couple nights ago, I received a random Facebook add and message from a Catfish [which was the inspiration for this article].

She was black, a solid 10 on the looks scale. The type of chick that would cause a traffic jam!

She inboxed me (on Facebook): “Hi, you look really nice and I want us to get to know each other. You have a # I can reach you on”?

I sent her the following reply [knowing it was a catfish]:

“Sounds good. Quick question: But why do you only have 1 photo”?

Within a heartbeat: she unfriended herself!.

Busted bitch!!!

What tipped me off also was that over the past 3 weeks, I received about 8 Facebook-friend requests from seemingly hot girls from Nigeria.

Those profiles were all legit since I’d checked them out: they all had tons of photos and albums of them doing real things like real people. So I screened and accepted their friend requests after the quarantine process.

What I suspect had happened though, was that these girls with genuine profiles (non catfish) had tipped off the catfish (scammers with fake profiles), who then in turn targeted me in order to attempt to catfish me.

Another sign of a genuine profile of someone from Nigeria, is one which have Nigeria listed as its location and such.

Real catfishsing scammers will never have Nigeria, the scamming capitol of the world, as their location or place of birth.

They are well aware of the international awareness that Nigeria is synonymous with scammers, so they will never use Nigeria as their locale, unless these people are real people not out to scam anyone.

P. S. Apologies if I’d offended anyone from Nigeria who felt that I was stereotyping unjustly.

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Sexy Nigerian girls: photo courtesy of

Sexy Nigerian girls: photo courtesy of

15 thoughts on “Don’t Get Catfished!

Add yours

    1. Great point Bogs. Let’s take it a step further, never blindly trust someone you met over the internet.

      Such scamming rings are common.

      Have you ever been catfished online?


    1. Speaking of that, those are the worst lol! Who haven’t gotten those before in their e-mails? This is so common that it isn’t funny.

      I remember getting 1 such e-mail from someone claiming to be a pastor who wife died and he was looking to give away her savings out of goodwill or something like that. All I had to do was just to dialogue with him.

      People really fall for this shit once they see fake figures in front of them: $50,000! 🙂


  1. They made a TV movie based on a true story where this woman used her daughter’s pic to have a relationship with two men online who worked together, one was young and the other was about her age and married. Well when the older guy found out about it, he KILLED the younger guy. So catfishing is serious business, you don’t know what you are getting into. I only consider relationships to be real when I see and interact with them in real life.


    1. I never seen the movie nor heard of the plot until now. I didn’t know it was that dire and serious. But I want to believe that there are some mothers who use their hot daughter’s pics for attention


  2. Also, the term is new because it comes from a documentary those two guys made about one of them having an online relationship that turned out to be fake (now they have that TV show). They called it catfishing because something that the real husband of his online ‘girlfriend’ said about his job. He is a fisherman or something and he said something about putting catfish in with the other fish to keep the other fish on their toes and vital. And that’s what that fake relationship was doing for the wife, making her feel alive since she felt trapped and disappointed in her life. Sad. Though I’d share!


      1. I saw the documentary long before the TV show came out. Reema insisted I check out the show! (and a few of my other friends). A family member told me about that TV movie, they were watching the story on Dateline that the movie was based on. I actually don’t like TV anymore.


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