Socialkenny PUA Podcast Show Episode #9: “Best Online Dating Tips Ever For Picking Up Girls On POF,, Tagged, etc.

Been ages since I went back into the virtual studio to record an episode of my PUA podcast show.


In this episode, which was recorded June, 26th. 2013, I break down the fundamentals of winning in online dating!

By winning, I mean the fundamentals, tips and tricks in order to get you more #’s, dates and pussy than a rockstar!

Most coaches are great at giving vague advice and tips on online dating, however, I took it to another level with in debt details, templates, real-world examples, etc. on how to succeed at picking up girls on POF,, Jazzed, Tagged, Hi5, etc.

All the tips in which I share and disseminate on the show (including top-secret shit), are applicable to any online-dating site.

What you’ll learn about online-dating on this podcast episode

•How to set up your profile

•What to put as your job-description

•Generic profiles (with generic info) will get you nowhere

•How and when to send your first message

•What should your first message consist of

•Should you compliment as an opening message?

•How to almost guarantee a reply from the girls you inbox

•How to get a 90% reply rate

•The types of messages to NOT send (the ones that would have her screen you out fast)

•How to appear genuinely interested by the way you structure your first message

•Using negs is a great weapon when sending that first message

•Why sending canned or mass messages is a recipe for “No Replies”

•Women on dating sites can sense instantly when your messages are mass texts or personally for her

With online dating, your first message is the most important: make you or break you like a first impression!

Once you get her to reply to that initial message; the game is 70% complete!

It’s an hour and 22 minutes of the best out-of-the box online-dating tips you’ll ever get!

This is also assuming you would’ve had the basics of your profile already set up the way a successful Pick-up Artist’s would: pre-selection, social proof stuff, photos of you with other women, etc.

If you don’t already have the particulars in order, then you may also want to check out this killer-fucking article I wrote a while back: Socialkenny’s POF online dating method.

This episode will be available for download via iTunes within the coming days. In the meantime, you can listen to it via the video embed below!

Download the Socialkenny PUA Podcast Show episode #9: Best Online Dating Tips Ever [44 MB, 85 minutes]

5 thoughts on “Socialkenny PUA Podcast Show Episode #9: “Best Online Dating Tips Ever For Picking Up Girls On POF,, Tagged, etc.

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  1. it is about time u get back to doing da show my man i was wondering if u retired from your podcast. i have a question when it come to online date. how would u set the age thing in your profile? i am 42 years old and i don’t want to put it. you did not address this on the podcast


    1. Hey bruh I’ve been procrastinating like hell when it comes to the show.

      Alright, as for your age, it isn’t a big deal to put it or not. Either way, that is the least the girls look at. They’re more concerned with your size, weight and height than age, as long as you’re not an old guy like 60 +. Being 45 isn’t too old to snag 25 year olds…


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