I’d Rather Be The Guy On The Outside Than The Guy Being Cheated On [Help For Men Who Were Dumped Or Being Cheated On]

Cheating girlfriend

Cheating girlfriend

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum ; the guy who had slept with girls who were cheating on their boyfriends (and husbands), and the guy who was cheated on by his girlfriend.

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Remarkably for me though, I didn’t go bat-shit crazy and suicidal when a previous girlfriend of mines had cheated on me twice.

I handled it pretty damn well! But I was undoubtedly deflated as a man nevertheless 😦 .

After eventually breaking up with that girlfriend [she’d cheated 2 days after she was caught the first time], I noticed a major-fucking shift in my perception towards exes and how I go about managing such a thing.

As I lie down one night, I said to myself: “Wait a minute; it doesn’t feel bad at all being the guy on the outside”.

What am I getting at?

Read on!

No man appreciates being dumped, nor does it feel any less painful to have your LTR (relationship) crumble before your eyes due to some fucking guy who’s been banging the shit out of your cherished girlfriend…which led to an eventual breakup [although the relationship-wrecking guy isn’t to be blamed].

However, when the dust clears and you begin to pick yourself up somewhat and deal with the fact that your ex is now with the guy she’d cheated on your with; it gets fucking better 🙂 !

Tapping Into Some Revenge Pussy

Am I advising you to willfully try to fuck your ex girlfriend who had dumped you months ago?


It gets more complex though, so allow me to delve into the nuances.

Being cheated on deflates your fucking self-esteem like a punctured tired on a brand-new ride.

It sucks; and I don’t have to tell any guy who had experienced it for himself.

Ok, now that you’ve been effectively relegated to the dog house; in other words you’re the guy on the outside while the new guy who had fucked your girl is now on the “in”… you’re now in the position to have your cake and eat it too (in regards to your newly ex).

If you’ve recently been dumped (as a guy) or had a nasty breakup; ever wondered how great it would be for your ego, confidence and self-esteem to become the revenge guy!?

Probably not, since most men don’t think the way Kenny does [sexual retribution is a huge part of my schtick].

For a minutes though; just imagine you were me, or at least Kenny-esque.

The Dumped