I’d Rather Be The Guy On The Outside Than The Guy Being Cheated On [Help For Men Who Were Dumped Or Being Cheated On]

Cheating girlfriend

Cheating girlfriend

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum ; the guy who had slept with girls who were cheating on their boyfriends (and husbands), and the guy who was cheated on by his girlfriend.

Read: Socialkenny’s romantic letter to an ex-girlfriend.

Remarkably for me though, I didn’t go bat-shit crazy and suicidal when a previous girlfriend of mines had cheated on me twice.

I handled it pretty damn well! But I was undoubtedly deflated as a man nevertheless ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

After eventually breaking up with that girlfriend [she’d cheated 2 days after she was caught the first time], I noticed a major-fucking shift in my perception towards exes and how I go about managing such a thing.

As I lie down one night, I said to myself: “Wait a minute; it doesn’t feel bad at all being the guy on the outside”.

What am I getting at?

Read on!

No man appreciates being dumped, nor does it feel any less painful to have your LTR (relationship) crumble before your eyes due to some fucking guy who’s been banging the shit out of your cherished girlfriend…which led to an eventual breakup [although the relationship-wrecking guy isn’t to be blamed].

However, when the dust clears and you begin to pick yourself up somewhat and deal with the fact that your ex is now with the guy she’d cheated on your with; it gets fucking better ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Tapping Into Some Revenge Pussy

Am I advising you to willfully try to fuck your ex girlfriend who had dumped you months ago?


It gets more complex though, so allow me to delve into the nuances.

Being cheated on deflates your fucking self-esteem like a punctured tired on a brand-new ride.

It sucks; and I don’t have to tell any guy who had experienced it for himself.

Ok, now that you’ve been effectively relegated to the dog house; in other words you’re the guy on the outside while the new guy who had fucked your girl is now on the “in”… you’re now in the position to have your cake and eat it too (in regards to your newly ex).

If you’ve recently been dumped (as a guy) or had a nasty breakup; ever wondered how great it would be for your ego, confidence and self-esteem to become the revenge guy!?

Probably not, since most men don’t think the way Kenny does [sexual retribution is a huge part of my schtick].

For a minutes though; just imagine you were me, or at least Kenny-esque.

The Dumped

From my observation, most guys who have been dumped, either fall into the following 2 categories (post breakup):

1.) They fall into deep depression, neglect their hygiene and start to disintegrate as a person (from man to beast).

2.) They totally move on to become content with singledom, given up on dating nor are they banging any chicks.

Rarely do you find a guy who has been dumped, yet has the intestinal fortitude and mind power to immediately after, play the field and get more poon.

I am fortunate enough to have been 1 of those rare and lucky specimen of a man: thanks to the Seduction Community’s solid-inner game teachings.

Also, most dumpees (guys who were dumped) aren’t thinking “Payback” and how much new vaj they will soon be able to conquer. Instead, they beat themselves up literally and metaphorically, which is undoubtedly the wrong way to go.

The time that my ex had cheated on me twice (exceeding 5 years ago) which lead to a nasty and almost brutal breakup [clothes being burnt and thrown out into the driveway], my ego was deflated, I felt like shit- yet I still never fell into an abyss of depression, and I immediately (the same week) went out and got a One-Night Stand pull from a night club [a sexy Jamaican girl].

Not only was my self esteem restored from conquering new vagina in little or no time, but my ex had started to covertly stalk my social-media profiles and noticed how much I was enjoying the fuck out of life…without her ๐Ÿ™‚ !

The guy whom she had dumped me for (and also cheated on me with), was now the new boyfriend while I became a thing of the past…until I decided to get a revenge kill ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

On a covert mission to get the revenge kill

On a covert mission to get the revenge kill

Now, some may view such methodology and tactic to be nefarious and straight-up low-down, but who said dating and mating were a recipe of harmony, joy and good-will?

Anyway, I decided to play a game of dirty-hard ball and take a stab at being the guy on the outside who’s now sleeping with the girlfriend (my ex) of the guy who had helped to mess up my relationship [I don’t blame the guy since he wasn’t at fault].

That’s what eventually happened; a covert-sexual fling with my ex had materialized.

Not only did I enjoy getting revenge by doing to the guy what he’d done to me months earlier; but I felt a rush of manliness by fucking the shit out of the girl who had practically dumped me for this guy (who in hindsight wasn’t doing anything wrong once again)!!!

The tides were now turned where the new boyfriend was having his new girlfriend fucked by the ex-boyfriend (moi) ๐Ÿ˜† !

Isn’t life a twisted irony โ“ !?

Casual fling

Casual fling

On a side note, my advice here for guys who currently and in the future, will have fount themselves in the position where they’re sleeping with another man’s woman; Please keep it casual and just a fling!

You’ll be crying your balls off if you happen to make the grave mistake of getting into a serious relationship which was hatched out of gross infidelity.

Karma will ensure that she fucks you up real good ๐Ÿ˜ˆ !

Just as the case with the guy who had gone exclusive with my ex.

Had he kept it a casual-friends with benefits situation instead of cheering for the girl to break up with me; he would’ve been well off! But he made the oft-so common mistake of getting with a girl who was prone to cheating on her boyfriends.

Now it so happened that she cheated on him (with me)! If it wasn’t with me; she would’ve done it with some other guy.

All in all; this was great for my ego, self-pride and manhood!

To have your ex fawning all over you and virtually begging for you to give her another chance is a wicked-fucking high unimaginable!!!

How To Re-attract And Bang An Ex

There are tons of articles online about getting your ex back and ways to make it happen, etcetera… [which I’m no fan of since I advocate moving on from an ex].

The most effective, no-bullshit way to getting your ex back (whether she dumped you or it was a mutual split), is to do as I had done:

The Donts

1.) Do NOT fucking fall into a state of stress [perhaps easier said than done]!

2.) Do NOT seek a retreat onto Mt. Everest, nor shave your head, travel to the other side of the globe to join a Buddhist monastery in order to become a monk (just to cope)!

3.) Do NOT waste your hard-earned savings on a therapist; they do not know shit, nor can they help you!

This is what you want to do instead:

1.) Drop the napkin, wipe your tears and get the fuck off the couch!

2.) If it’s a weekend; go out!

3.) Just socialize without intent to pick up any girl.

4.) In due time, start to pick up girls with the skills you will have accrued from reading my blog, or by downloading my free concise e-book: 7 ways to become social with women.

5.) Post about your fun times on Facebook or any other social-media outlets which your ex would see you on.

6.) Start to open the lines of communication with your ex again (that’s if she hasn’t beaten you to the punch already).

7.) Schedule a meet up with her then fuck the shit out of her!

Banging a recent ex doesn’t require any game and skills whatsoever, so it won’t be a situation where you’d have to re-seduce her all over again (unless it was an ex of some years ago).

In the grand scheme of things; I do NOT advocate getting back with an ex unless you’d unfairly dumped her and now regret your decision and wish to re-commit to the relationship.

However, if it was a mutual severance or she’s dumped you (for another guy): What the fuck are you thinking trying to get back with that heartless bitch!!!? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Keep it casual and enjoy your revenge kill for a brief stint, then move on as your sense of manhood has been restored as you gain closure on this chapter!

To be honest, after getting back into the groove of dating and sleeping with your ex simultaneously, rekindling an LTR (relationship) with her would be the furthest thing from your mind.

Parting Message To The Guy Who Had Been Dumped

Overall, sleeping with a girl who had wronged you in some way, is the ultimate get back and the pinnacle of game [I recently had sex with a girl who had bad-mouthed me].

Those who would say that it’s unethical and childish to get a revenge fuck will only say that until they’ve fount themselves on the shitty end of the dump stick as I have.

If you decide to just move on and leave it as is; then that is fine if you can attain closure that way!

For guys like I am, the only way forward is to witness my jizz all over the face of a recently cheating ex who had dumped me.

Kenny's jizz!

Kenny’s jizz!

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11 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be The Guy On The Outside Than The Guy Being Cheated On [Help For Men Who Were Dumped Or Being Cheated On]

Add yours

  1. Good post mate. Thankfully I can’t relate because I’ve never been cheated on, although I do often wonder how I’d react to it.

    My friend in school got a girl to cheat on her boyfriend with him and then they were together for 3 years. Guess why they broke up.

    If she cheats with you, she’ll cheat on you.


    1. Lol glad you haven’t been there mate. It’s not a pretty place at all, although not being an AFC would help tremendously!

      Hey Matt, your comment sums up everything I wanted to in this post: which is that I’m hoping to get across to guys that they should NEVER enter into an LTR with a girl who had cheated on the guy before you. There’s more than an 80% chance that she will eventually cheat on the new guy.

      Men seem to not realize this!


  2. Isnt this a little needy? Going to all this effort to appease an ex? This doesnt sound like moving on at all, but rather putting her opinion on a pedestal.


    1. I would say that it would be needy if the guy had focused everything on an ex, don’t game other girls, does nothing with his life, but pine way @ his ex. That’s the quintessential meaning of needy in Game. But I was advocating for guys to game on, move on (just as I did). But if you can get closure and you’re somewhat still feeling a sense of betrayal; then flirt with the possibility of banging the ex. Not to pursue her full on. Plus the thing about recent exes is that they don’t really flake since they don’t have anxiety issues nor safety issues to worry about (since they already know the guy). So banging an ex isn’t difficult at all. And I don’t see it as needy as long as you’re coming from a place of vengeance instead of, “I need to win my ex back from her boyfriend”. Huge difference.


  3. There’s something weird going on with the format of this post, fyi.
    Re post
    That’s karma and it goes both ways. I tell my girl friends this all the time. If he cheats with you, he will cheat with you with someone else. It’s not because you’re all that that he’s cheating, he’s cheating because that’s his character.


    1. I wonder what the bad formatting is about. I have no clue what it could be.

      I was never the 1 to believe that (what you said about cheating) until you really looked at and analyzed other couples I know personally. True shit!


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