Getting Hickeys Just Might Be The Best-Attraction Magnet Ever!

Against my will, my girlfriend had managed to pin me down to the bed just to give me a damn hickey on my neck, even though I protested and tried fighting her off [she won this round though :(]!

Personally, I hate hickeys!

In retrospect, Mystery (the world’s greatest Pick-Up Artist from Canada) was definitely on to something when he popularized the (artificial)-lipstick stain kiss on his neck [great for pre-selection]!

Mystery with lipstick kiss mark on his neck in order to give people the impression he's a lady's man

Mystery with lipstick kiss mark on his neck in order to give people the impression he’s a lady’s man

Since you’re not a rockstar like Mystery who had a gaggle of hotties willing to bite his neck off, the next-best thing to having a real or fake lipstick mark on your neck is: The Hickey!!!

For me though, the mere thought of a hickey, and the thought of getting 1, seemed pretty juvenile and inane…until last week ;)!

Chicks Get Attracted Once They Spot A Hickey On A Guy’s Neck?

There’s no greater teacher than experience – and experimentation!

Over the last few days, sporting my brand-new hickey on the left side of my neck, I’ve had 4 women (2 random, 2 co-workers) commented on the innocuous darkened mark:

“Is that a hickey on your neck”!? 🙂

“You’re a player aren’t you”!?

“Your girlfriend is marking her territory I see”!

Honestly, I wasn’t even aware of this stupid hickey on my frikkin’ neck…until 1 of my female co-workers (obviously attracted to me), whipped out her pocket-sized mirror and told me: “TAKE A LOOK KENNY”!!!

“WTF- oh no she didn’t” [referring to my girlfriend marking me up] 😯 !!!

Later during the week (days ago) while running some day-game pickup and looking to record some in-field footage, I chatted up a group of college chicks and they immediately zoned in on the hickey on my neck!

I mean, I’m a dark-skinned dude, so to spot a little-dark mark on my neck is sorta the furthest thing from my mind!

But holy shit; women are really analytical- or nosy!!! 😉

Either way, a hickey just might be the best-kept attraction magnet ever!

“Wouldn’t Women Believe That I’m A Player If I Had Hickeys On My Neck, Thus Turning Them Off”?

Yes she will automatically assume that you’re a player!

No, it will not turn her off!

Once you understand how attraction works on a macro level, you will have realized that what you’d been taught all these years about women is bullshit!

It isn’t the hickey itself, nor the lipstick residue on your neck which gets chicks fluttering inside.

It is the mere fact (and presumption) that you get laid, and have lots of women in your life.

This is the essence of what we call “Pre-Selection” in the world of seduction and Game.

Saying to women, “I get laid”, will not cut it, and will be a turnoff (depended on variables) since you’re so blatant about it.

You should instead “insinuate” and hint that you get laid often.

One of the greatest yet simplest ways to communicate and hint at this is via hickeys!

Action speaks louder!

What I Want You To Do:

Guys, the next girl you manage to sleep with, make sure she leaves a hickey or 2 on your neck. The chest doesn’t count since it won’t be visible.

There should be no objections on her part to doing you this stupidly innocent favor.

Even if you’re not getting laid at all and you’re still a virgin without success with women; beg a fucking girl to put a hickey on your neck!!!

Beg a platonic-female friend who had friendzoned you a while back!

Ask your sister to do it for crying out loud!!! 👿

Hickey Opinion Opener

Approach a hot girl with this opinion opener (aka ice-breaker):

“Quick question, what you think about hickey on a guy’s neck”?

Now remember guys, you’re not actually looking for her honest opinion on this.

It’s just an opener. Her opinion on hickeys doesn’t really matter unless you’re truly interested in her take on it.

I field test (demonstrate) this opener/ice-breaker live while running some street day game.

Check out the in-field video where I’d approached and opened 11 super-hot girls in rapid succession on a half-mile strip!

Remember guys; it isn’t what you say (the opener), but what you aren’t saying (non-verbals).

The opener was still kick-ass and interesting, so that’s a major plus!

This is also what separates keyboard jockeys from guys who actually do this. I’d originated this opener days ago, and went out just to field test its potency instead of garnering info and tactics but never putting them to use!

Remember to Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more in-field videos which will assist you into getting into women’s pants!

9 thoughts on “Getting Hickeys Just Might Be The Best-Attraction Magnet Ever!

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  1. Lol I’ll do that soon enough Hot Rodd; I swear.

    By the way, thanks for promoting my videos on the different sites and forums. I really do appreciate it. You’re like a brotha from another motha 🙂


    1. I had posted some stuff over at venusian arts site but the mods didn’t really approve since I was a rookie member and technically wasn’t allowed to post in that section


  2. Funny thing, I think hickey’s to cause more people to comment or attract the opposite sex, as I was reading this it brought me back to this one time my ex decided to be a jerk and put a hickey right on my forehead and neck. I was pissed, he thought he was marking his “baby” and when we went to a local store and went down seperate isles, a guy approached me and asked did I have one on my forehead, I said yeah….and he said wow. What’s your name? I thought it was weird and walked off, like really? But I guess something about it turned him on. LOL

    Needless to say, I told my BF, hickeys don’t keep men away and he never did it again.


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