3 Most Common Reasons A Woman Resists Your Sexual Advances (at the last second)

Lot of guys beat themselves up about LMR (last minute resistance) whenever the girl they’re trying to lay resists their sexual advances.

I received an e-mail from a reader of my blog (Martin from Hungary), and he’d met up with a girl, got her back to an isolation spot, escalated on her (sexually) but she kept stopping him whenever he would venture too far or too close to her pussy.

Point is; he wasn’t able to escalate for the f-close.

He beat himself up instead of analyzing what could’ve been the reasons for the girl resisting and putting a stop to his advances.

The problem might just be with the girl instead of something you as the guy is not doing or is doing wrong.

You could be doing everything right but LMR based on something going on with her could be the problem.

Check out the video for the 3 most common reasons of LMR (she rejecting your sexual advances).

Guys who are advanced in pickup still aren’t aware of these reasons (just as I wasn’t all along).

So remember guys, if you have the girl @ your place (on a random occasion) and she resists your sexual advances, 75% of the times, the problem lies with her and not with you.

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  1. Kenny, if there is a major sticking point in my game, its this. If I hadn’t encountered all those LMRs, I think I would have a high sexual experience by now. I beat myself up when it happens, it happened as recent as last Friday.

    But that line where you wrote that when you wrote come across LMR, 75% is because of the girl, struck me. I mean, sometimes you do everything by the book and still fail, so its not your fault. That was a good point!


    1. True Nino. My latest encounter resulted in LMR that stopped the entire thing. I found out that the girl has a BF and was having major second thoughts and feeling slutty for thinking of cheating even though she had a fight with her BF. So it all makes sense now. So LMR doesn’t mean she isn’t into you; it can be those 3 things I mentioned. It took me a while to realize this lol


  2. if u knw the game and you not super thirsty LMR is you who have the problem but the girl.Actually when LMR happens don’t be super thirsty and u c that smthing good happens usually girls give it up after realising you don’t give a damn about her pussy. women use sex to convince you they are worth so if u relax on that thirstness on her pussy u drop her ego that she not attractive enough so she will become super thirsty for dick thus how it works.


    1. Great point Kui Gee. That’s why when LMR comes up, the best thing to do is fall back and act as though you’re not interested and don’t give a damn. This is classic pickup. Thanks for raising that point KG.


    2. “Women use sex to convince you they are worth. ” I hope you encounter a woman one day who knows better than this. “Drop her ego that she not attractive enough.” So, play mind games essentially??? And you wonder why the smart woman resists…. wow


      1. LOL and a fight has broken out between KG and Isis (if I’m correct about the name).

        KG might’ve came off a bit “in your face”, but that’s how it all plays out half of the time. Being too thirsty isn’t attractive. Being nonchalant about it all is a different story.


        1. Yeah being nonchalant has its rewards, I was watching Morning Glory yesterday and I was intrigued by Harrison Ford’s character, he was damn nonchalant, to the point of being obnoxious and it was…alluring in a strange way because the movie had nothing to do with pick-up. But his repellent behaviour drew the female lead character to him.
          Anyway, it just proves that Pook was right, there can’t be a time when you thump your chest and proclaim “I’ve made it!”.

          We seem to learn almost everyday haha


  3. Maybe she was having second thoughts because it was too soon and she was worried about the aftermath of how he would look at her (like a whore)
    And yes women are very particular about the vajj…if she wasnt prepared for sex not properly groomed then its a no go. Lol


  4. Kenny on Isis we all know lie to themselves that mind games dont work and believe they use sex as part of their game to lock u down make u their puppet.So she jus lying on her comment..lets take smart who had fallen for men who dont give a fuck about their pussy but still reward them with infinite sex Riri and Chris brown Kate perry Britney Spears so women use sex to get the attention so here are two things involved :attentiion is a need for women just like sex is a need to men so wen sex is going on this exchange is going on women get ego stroke that he fucked me coz am attractive and getting ego stroke for fucking her so thats how it works


    1. I have to completely agree with this. I know plenty of women who call a guy when the need there ego stroked and want attention. In order to get what they want they give the guy what they want. Now if you ask the women point blank if that’s there game plàn rest assured it will be denied but we all know that’s exactly what it is.


  5. I know I’m behind on your posts, but I thought you already did a post similar to this recently?
    Sometimes you could do everything right, but it still won’t get you in there because of something else going on with her. This is something I was trying to explain in my “The Question Mark” post that come out all weird.
    I thought you made a good point about girls deciding before hand whether or not they are going to have sex that night! Because we do! And some will purposefully not shave or wear certain underwear to sabotage whatever happens that night to make sure she sticks to her decision.


    1. Yea I sort posted on this prior.

      Great point Bossy! Your last comment on this post has to be the best comment on the year! For instance, if she has on granny panties; she’s not gonna give it up; unless it’s a steady boyfriend or husband! And as you perfectly said, she would wear something of sorts just to force her to stick to her guns. A very solid comment! And guys need to realize that, that it isn’t that she don’t want to have sex, but she can’t in a sense because of the reasons you mentioned and what I said on the video.


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