Work Smart For The PUA

[Guest post from my buddy, renown PUA-dating coach, Kingy of PUA Method out of the UK]

Work Smart For the PUA by Kingy

Work Smart For the PUA

Article Written by Kingy from

Hey man,

A lot of guys out there are training at pick up but they are training wrong.  There are a few key rules which must be implemented every time if you wish to reach a mastery level at pick up

Focus on your sticking points (brutal self-honesty required)

Be honest with where you are weakest.  Most people only want to practice at their strengths because it feels better to be good at something.  Most people dont achieve mastery and get exceptionally good at something though.

The top four most attractive Qualities a PUA can have are:-

  • Confidence
  • Genetics / Aesthetics
  • Humour
  • Positivity

attraction pua

Aesthetics, the things that you can work on are displayed below.

attractive pua

Other attractive qualities are:-

  • Dominance
  • Pre-Selection
  • Being Emotionally Healthy
  • Social Value
  • Physically Healthy
  • Being a Challenge
  • Ambitious
  • Has his life in order

What are your weakest things sticking points?  These are the areas which you should now start to focus on when you are practicing to become better with women and dating.

Build fixed attractive qualities and not variable ones

Work on the areas of attraction which are fixed because these will give you a natural boost even if you are having an off day internally.

Some areas of attraction like confidence and humour are dependent on how you are feeling that day.  There are other areas of attraction which will be constant at all times.  Some of these things are:-

  • Being in good shape
  • Being healthy
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Shoe Lifts
  • Stylish Clothes
  • Piercings or tattoos (attractive to a certain type of woman)

These things all contain attractive value which wont fluctuate.  It doesnt matter if you have a bad day these things will stay the same.  The advantage a good looking guy might have is that he has a level of attraction value that doesnt change.  Plus the good looking guy is more likely to get IOIs from other girls in the venue which will boost his confidence and give a feeling of entitlement.  That said, look at all the areas you can improve that contain fixed levels of attractiveness.  Then when you game you wont need to be at 100% best night ever but instead maybe for example 70% a good/average night and you can still get laid.

What is the objective?

Most guys who dont know what they want to achieve in this game.  It usually takes them several years longer to achieve their desired results.  A person who set out with a clear objective of what they want to achieve will get there a lot quicker.  A clear objective along with meditation will give you lazer focus and allow you to cut right to the chase.


In this infield video of me you can see I have a clear objective. In my mind, before I even approach, I know where I can take her for an instant date. I know where my second location will be (the park). I know that to get sexual with her it will probably need to be on our second location. (Doing this on the second location dramatically reduces escalation LMR.) Going for what you want and knowing your desired outcome really helps a guys game.

Dont be afraid to fail

A lot of people give up because it hurts their ego too much when they dont get the results they want.  Failure is needed for you to succeed.  It is impossible to get good without failing and recognising what you are messing up on.  Failure builds inner strength but also shows you where you need to improve.


Work on the highest impact tasks

As mentioned earlier it is important to focus on your sticking points but also it is important to focus on your sticking points that have the highest impact.  If you have a sticking point of not being able to dance well, will this really help you to get better with women?  How attractive is knowing how to dance?  Honestly, this is a very low percentage thing.  So dont waste time doing it.  If you want to learn to dance for the enjoyment of it, that is fine.  But dont pretend this is helping your ability to pick women up.  Select the things that will have the biggest impact on your level of attractiveness.

Highest gain least Effort

As well as focusing on your sticking points that have the highest impact it is also important to focus first on the ones that require the least effort.  Building your confidence or humour can take a lot of time.  These are definitely things that need doing.  First though why not get a style make over, get some lifts for your shoes or lose weight.  These are all things that will give you quick results without needing much effort.  Do these first along with approaching women on a regular basis.  Then you can see how far away you are from achieving your goals when working on the higher effort things.

Get Training or Ask for Help

To many guys are too proud to get help.  They brag about the girls that they had sex with on the forum but in reality the girl is average and he is just deluding himself.  Get help or at a minimum find a wing who gets the level of results that you would like and spend as much time approaching women with him as possible.

Peace n Love,


7 thoughts on “Work Smart For The PUA

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  1. “A person who set out with a clear objective of what they want to
    achieve will get there a lot quicker. A clear objective along with
    meditation will give you lazer focus and allow you to cut right to the

    That quote is just gold, up until yesterday, I never really set out my objectives, was kinda just floating around and taking whatever was available, but after my blog post about honesty. I realised there’s nothing I want more at this moment than to get laid with a variety of women. Knowing that is slowly making me more efficient as I know the direction forward when I’m talking with a girl. Nice one.


  2. Hey Kenny, it’s really cool posting on your blog! It’s missing a couple images “the pie charts”. would be great to get them up because I think they help illustrate the point that “everything counts when it comes to attraction”.


  3. “Work on the highest impact tasks”

    This is definitely a good technique. One of the biggest I see is bad breath. Just freshening your breath will have a huge impact–you will go from women running away from you to women actually staying and not minding your presence. Same thing with body odor. So many of these guys are obsessing over their “game,” but they’re not paying attention to these basic, fundamental things that account for the vast majority of their failure.


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