Top 10 Shit Girls Say Before Sex Is About To Go Down [Video]

While browsing Gambler’s site, I came across a super-interesting post which talks about LMR: Last Minute Resistance, and the (illogical) things chicks will say at the moment of sex.

Read it here: Last Minute Objections by Gambler of PUA Training.

3 Common Last Minute Resistance Lines You Might Be Familiar With:

• I can’t believe I’m about to do this [SMH]

• I’m on my period

• I don’t even know you like that

Sounds familiar!?

Check out the video and let me know which 1 of the 10 LMR objections you’re familiar with!

Feel free to add yours which aren’t on my top-10 list (in the comment section or on the Youtube video).

Hyper Smash

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Shit Girls Say Before Sex Is About To Go Down [Video]

Add yours

  1. In my country, some Zulu chicks and Swati chicks go for virginity testing so, I have got about two of the same LMRs. Basically them telling you that they can’t do it before they are 21, I met up with one of them last year December and her friend told me she got fucked. Sad moment.


  2. LOL! Yeah, girls will say anything to try to get out of casual sex, the doubts and repercussions start floating into your mind.
    I have used the boyfriend one, but my fave was to say “I’m not in the mood”, even though we had been making out or kissing for an hour! Muhahahahahahaha!
    Now I just flat out say, “I’m not having sex with you tonight.” and leave it at that. No excuses.


    1. Ok I get your point. But even when a girl say flat out she isn’t having sex, and let’s say that she’s over @ the guy’s place, what does that say? Didn’t she know what was up before she came over?


      1. You’re so right about that!
        But sometimes that is about attention whoring.
        I do think it’s hypocritical to go to a guy’s place late at night and then be all offended that he tries to hook up with her. That’s just borderline delusional!


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