Just a quick #-close of a Halle Berry look-alike sassy-ass black chick [in-field video]

Looks just like Halle Berry but a little thicker with bigger boobs.

Looks just like Halle Berry but a little thicker with bigger boobs.

I’ve been day gaming hard as a MOFO over the past 3 weeks!

Those unfamiliar with PUA jargon: Day Game simply means picking up girls during the day-light hours.

As the sun sets; Night-Game commences [which entails a different set of skills].

While running some day game yesterday morning on island (Monday), passing by an office complex [a cable company], I glanced a sexy caramel-complexion black girl glued to her computer through the transparent glass.

Generally, I’m not attracted to light-skinned girls [I’m more of the brown and dark-chocolate type], but I said to myself “Fuck It”!

Went inside the office complex and started fucking with her.

Not kissing her ass, not being apologetic, not complimenting her, but fucking with her in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

My vibe was:

*C & F (Cocky-Funny)

During the first 2 seconds of interacting with any HB, I can sense immediately which sort of Game I should bring to the table (the most proficient to the moment): Romantic, Asshole, Suave, Dominant, Playful, etc.

This ability and skill I dubbed “Calibrated Foresight”, which will naturally show up as you become battle-tested and in-field experienced.

Had I approached her with a semi-passive vibe, she would not have coughed up her digits, and she would laughed me the fuck out of there!

Sassy girls respond to ballsy guys!

Bad girls respond to bad boys!

After sensing that she was a sass queen within the first 2 seconds (at least with me she was), I deployed my own weapon of Sass and fired right back!

Personally, I don’t # close women anymore.

I’d written 2 articles a while back denouncing the act of getting girls’ phone numbers.

This video clip was basically to demonstrate to the students of this blog how to pick up girls who come off as snarky, dominant and bitchy.

However, I personally have no desires to actually call this girl.

It’s just to showcase how easy and fast you can get phone numbers from BWA’s [Bitches With Attitudes].

The video was hardly edited besides blurring her face [I have my reasons for that], but this was literally a quick # close in about 90 seconds.

This chick had a frosty exterior towards my cocky frame, but this was a winning approach.

My game was so on point that at the very beginning of the video, it’s of her telling me that I should invite her over to my workplace sometimes… which I totally brushed off.

Lastly, make note of the little-verbal gambit I did when she gave me her #: I threatened to call it right then and there, and that it better be a real number!

This is a powerful declaration which ensures that a girl isn’t giving you a fake # and isn’t bullshitting you like a clown.

Tell her you will call her right now!

If the # was fake, she will apologize then give you the real 1 (since she was put on the spot).

All in all, just another # close of an island hottie.

On the overall PUA’s looks scale, this chick was a solid HB 9 with an old-school Halle Berry haircut (look like twins).

I really wanted to keep her face in the video clip just to ward off naysayers who may chime in saying that this was a UG (Ugly Girl). But since I will be doing business with this company in the near future, it was in my best interest to keep the chick anonymous [Kenny does have a heart and foresight].

Anyway guys, don’t get turned off and discouraged by girls with attitudes.

Plow the fuck through it: attitude against attitude!

Strongest frame wins, as the seduction gurus would say!

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

10 thoughts on “Just a quick #-close of a Halle Berry look-alike sassy-ass black chick [in-field video]

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  1. Very cool. I usually call or text a girl’s number immediately these days so that she has my number, which helps the subsequent communication go more smoothly. Also ensures that it is indeed her actual number.


    1. Lol I’m gonna have to blog about accents in pickup real soon. Thanks for reminding me. Sure, the accent is a plus whenever I do use it (eventhough I hardly do in set). But it’s definitely a DHV.


  2. I wish we could hear what led up to the number. (Especially as a BWA myself)
    This is why I don’t give out fake numbers anymore. Dudes will call you right then and there. I just don’t give it if I don’t want to.


    1. Lol wasn’t much that took place before recording. I did record it, but her fucking computer was blocking her face so I just edited it out. But wasn’t much but 20 seconds or so of bantering. I entered and said something to her like “I bet you get a lot of guys hitting on you but I’m not 1 of them”. She gave me a WTF look, said something else, then I introduced myself and told her that I work at ********, so that’s when she said I should invite her over there. So that was pretty much it.

      As for fake #’s, I guess if you can give it then bounce immediately, that can work lol too.


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