Socialkenny’s (Public) Message Of War Against Douche V aka Roosh V

Happy Valentines Roosh!

Today however won’t be commemorated with deliveries of flowers and chocolates, but a declarative message which will potentially lead to your downfall.

You’re a chode-ass bitch lacking the gravitas to address certain issues in relation to points of argument (you know what I’m referring to).

You parade around the Game-world with a facade of Alphaness (which is just a facade), when in reality you’re continually exposing yourself as a pussy-hurt chode who gets a hard-on from the Rooshites praising your every actions.

You have a weak-man complex which seems to surface whenever a real Alpha-male comes into your domain.

Real men aren’t afraid to discuss opinions and point of views.

Instead you bitch up, cut and run because the heat in the kitchen is pretty unbearable.

Well I have the torch for your non-getting-laid ass. Hope you can take this heat maggot.

This is my public declaration to (possibly) ending your career as a seduction-dating coach.

The scumbag Roissy felt the pressure when I’d started the Down with Heartiste movement which had caused me to relent out of pitty.

I let you off the hook during the Roissy feuds, but you damn sure felt the heat and backlash from the weight of my podcast episode which skyrocketed in search engines under your name.

Without a doubt, you know I can fuck your credibility like a tight pussy.

You’re nothing but a totalitarian hamster who runs his blogs like a dictatorship.

Ninety nine percent of the bloggers who subscribe to the Manosphere are scared shit to oppose you since you’re notorious for unwarranted and unfair censorship and bans.

However, through the course of time, you would’ve known that Socialkenny PUA is 1 such character who doesn’t possess an ounce of reservation nor fear to air you out like a dirty piece of laundry.

As I’d stated over the Twitter-sphere, I’m giving you 24 hours to personally apologize for your catty behavior (which is personally against me), or I will go on a full-scale offensive to eradicate you from the world of Game and seduction.

You have 24 hours chode.

You obviously know my e-mail address since you’ve censored my comments over 100 times on your sites, so I’ll be awaiting your e-mail of apology:

Play tough all you want, but I’m strong enough to reduce you to a pile of mashed potatoes.

I’d already successfully shut down a handful of your followers over the months.

I doubt that you’d wanna be next to buckle under the weight of a real dominant Alpha.

Your blogging days are numbered!

And why don’t you tell the real story as to why you created the ROK site.

Your views had tanked so much on your original sites, that you had to create a spin-off to revive your cause.

I almost demolished you, and that was just in the initial phase of my shock and awe campaign again Heartiste.

But you sure felt the heat.

No man who complains and bitches so much about feminists is a real man.

If you hate feminists so much (which I do too); then fuck a bunch of them!

That would help your cause!

The PUA coach/blogger, The Great Surge, had exposed you as the biggest fraud in the seduction community, which led to you publicly inciting violence against him.

Surge however is my buddy, and we’ll take you out fast in this genre of Game and pickup, which is why I’m publicly endorsing his riveted articles: I introduce you to the biggest fraud in the dating and PUA business

RooshV the failed experiment.

Ciao Douche!

24 hours or the full-scale war is on!

34 thoughts on “Socialkenny’s (Public) Message Of War Against Douche V aka Roosh V

Add yours

      1. This tyler character is a rooshite and will defend him to death like the rest of those fanatic clowns. Too long roosh has been getting away with this shit.


  1. Hey kenny, isnt this surge guy the india troll or some shit like that? If its same guys, he been banned on roosh’s site or forum. I really can’t say who was in the wrong. I don’t respcet trolling so the verdict is still out on this 1

    Hot Rodd Todd


    1. What’s up Hot Rodd? Been ages. Seems like monogamy has you bogged down in the trenches.

      As for Surge, he’s a cool dude. I’ve been doing some guest posting for his site. Should be up soon.

      If he trolled Roosh, then Roosh had it coming. If a MOFO deliberately deleted my comments because he’s just a prick, then I’d get rough too


  2. That Indian troll guy shouldn’t be talking shit about Roosh when he was the obvious butt hurt troll who got banned for spewing ignorance all over the guy’s site.


  3. Here’s the thing. I probably only read 1 article on Roosh’s blog ever. But I know he’s a popular dude. However the guys who tout him are people I hold under suspicion of being fake themselves.

    So this is interesting to me. I don’t care how popular a guy/guru is in this community. If he’s fakin the funk he needs to be exposed.


    1. Solid point Ron.

      And you’re right about the minions supporting the BS.

      This dude Roosh would literally erase your comments in a heartbeat if you dare disagree with any points he make.

      The guys who he allows to disagree with him and keeps their comments up, are obviously the ones who suck up to him on his forum or probably bought his books.

      My point overall is just that it’s pretty fucking Beta to censor guys who question a point you made.

      And this guy Roosh isn’t being taught a lesson because the people who generally read and follow his blog are scared to oppose and talk out from not wanting to get banned.


  4. Many funny quotes in this article but the best was the line ‘if you hate feminists so much then fuck a bunch of them’.

    Btw Socialkenny pua it wasn’t Roosh who wrote that article on HIV that you comment on. Look into that.


  5. Nice one, your post will go up soon, sorry I have not been up to date man. Not been feeling well and I have been overworked too. Keep on spreading the truth Kenny!


    1. Hahahaha the Indian troll finally came out to play.

      After getting chased off of other manosphere sites youre now finding refuge in this idiot kenny site.

      Don’t worry IT you are still welcome at roosh forum as long as you recognize your role which is at bottom of the totem pole.


      1. roosh’s forum is at the bottom of the totem pole, what is sad is some of the followers to my blog are users on his forum with over 1k posts that know he is trash but post on his forum for the troll

        you are very clueless


  6. “Real men aren’t afraid to discuss opinions and point of views. ”
    Um, exactly. My experience with PUA’s vs Manosphere is that you can actually discuss shit with PUA’s. Manosphere just resorts to schoolyard name-calling.
    And I like your solution to dealing feminsts! If a feminist got to experience a REAL MAN, they would probably rethink a thing or two! Just sayin.


      1. I’m not out to get them or anything. I have better things to do with my time. But after they came over to my blog, I did check some of their blogs out and their comments. I think it’s smart to know where other people are coming from. I don’t have a big problem with most of their ideologies. I do not have respect for them after seeing their conduct though. Some are starting to speak to me like an adult, and I will respond in kind.


  7. Socialkenny, I understand that you have beef with Roosh. I’m not the man to get in the way of your dispute. I’ll let you two handle that like gentlemen. I do want to give you a heads up that you are allying yourself with one of the biggest trolls in the history of the Internet. The Indian Race Troll, as he has become known to be called, currently frequents HappierAbroad, bodybuilding dot com in the relationship forums, city-data forums and others. He even was banned from social anxiety forums. His M.O. is to find anyone that disagrees with Roosh and then use them as pawns in his game. He plays people against each other purely for his own entertainment. The guy is literally everywhere. He has since created his own blog as you know called reesarch dot wordpress.

    You are smarter than this. Don’t fall for his shenanigans.


    1. Wow, I really didn’t know that. That wasn’t the way he came off to me so I was totally unaware of the trolling behavior. He doesn’t troll on my site, so that kind of made me feel as if the trolling rumors were just rumors. I really didn’t know he was that notorious. I don’t condone trolling, so if that’s really the case that he’s the biggest troll on the net, that would be fucked up. I’ll check out the sites you named, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be used as a pawn.


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