Socialkenny Decides To Give RooshV “Virgin” A Break [1 Day Roosh Bashing Spree ends]

Is the fun over already?

Now, I’m a very defiant dude when it comes to matters of disrespect.

It’d take a whole lot to get me to relent.

I’d planned on dedicating this entire month of love to bashing Roosh into oblivion.

However, I’d received quite a number of e-mails and personal messages (via Twitter) from other Pick-Up Artists and Manosphere guys begging me to let it go.

One such guy [Tyler Vin] had even bashed me by insinuating that I was a punk for going at God Roosh.

Long story short; I’ve decided to give Roosh Virgin a break.

After engaging in some heavy introspection and reflection, I come to the realization that leopards [Roosh V] cannot change their spots.

Roosh Virgin will forever be an intolerant ice-cream hearted chode who cannot take an ounce of criticism if it meant saving his lonely life.

It pains me to not rip him a new 1 for an entire month (as originally planned since his bitch move this morning).

I had planned on publishing a Roosh-bash post each day for the next 30 days, in hopes of ousting him from the seduction community and even the Manosphere by extension.

But; all good things must come to an end I guess.

Your days in the Game-sphere are still numbered though.

You got away virtually unscathed when I’d launched my attack on your sidekick Roissy about a year ago.

It pains me to have to not pursue eradicating you from this genre in which you’re an underling surving by stirring up shit and trolling.

It’s also rumored that your DC cohort VK had pulled similar bitch moves by censoring and deleting comments made by the seduction and social commentary blogger The Obsidian.

That article can be read here: The Obsidian meets Virgil Kent.

I guess it’s a common trait among seduction bloggers out of Washington DC to censor whom they disagree with.

Anyway, be grateful that you still have friends in this community who are willing to come to your defense when you really need it because I was 1 second away from ending your career.

38 thoughts on “Socialkenny Decides To Give RooshV “Virgin” A Break [1 Day Roosh Bashing Spree ends]

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    1. over at 1 of roosh’s site, Kenny made some comments on the latest article but roosh deleted them. Or some shit like that I think K said.


    2. @Ron- Well the thing is, I made some comments on the latest post over at Roosh’s other site (return of kings), and my comments were immediately deleted by Roosh.

      I wasn’t even disagreeing with Roosh’s position nor the guy who had written the article. But that goes to show that Roosh doesn’t care what I post. As long as I’m making the comment, he will delete them. So it’s personal.

      I find that to be catty, insecure and Beta.


        1. Lmao come on Hot Rodd, I’ve never delete 1 single comment yet from my blog.

          Dude, if you read my article about Heartiste, you would’ve seen some commenters defending Roissy calling me nigger, monkey and other racial epithet. Those comments are still up.

          So I don’t delete shit eventhough they are racial, insensitive or trolling. I don’t mine criticism.


      1. kenny, you fucking fool. I had the same thing happen and no, he isn’t deleting comments. It has something to do with server overload and himtemporarily shutting it down, so any comments posted get lost. What a pathetic, jealous, butt-hurt hater you’ve turned out to be…and over absolutely nothing too, LOL!


        1. @Brandon- If that’s really the case, I guess I’d owe someone an apology. But I would figure that someone would’ve already said something backing up your point. It just seems suspect to me that my comments were vanishing after I post while others weren’t.


          1. Dude, I’d investigate…I’m pretty sure it’s a highly probable alternative to what you’re getting all waded up over.


          2. I’ll check it out as much as I don’t want to but it just seemed odd to me. And I don’t know why any of the posters over @ ROK didn’t say shit about it as far as being a system glitch if it is. Time will tell though. I’m not that much of a prick to not man up and write a post of misunderstanding.


  1. Well let me ask you this, if I were to say he sounds overly tough, crass, angry and talks about women like they’re all dumb bitches would that be accurate?

    Because if so, that’s what I consider a tell-tale sign of a guy who pretends he’s good with women but is NOT. The “Tough Guys” in the (online) community are usually that way to overcompensate for their lack of actual, real life results.

    And I’m asking this, really not knowing too much about him.


    1. If you asking me, I was just playing devil’s advocate.

      I agree that this comes off as a complex and weak. I’m not defending Roossh v. I do agree too that the tough guy attitude stems from vanity emptiness and guys who don’t actually game. I’m all for guys who actually sarge in real life and not net jokey all day.


          1. Hey Todd, I don’t just start shit for the sake of it.

            As for next on the list, everything happens sporadically. I wanted to take shots @ those faggits Nick Sparks and Christian Hudson but it never materialized.


    2. lololololo Ronnie! I agree. Any man who only berates and talks so much shit about women only does it because he can’t get one. All men want is to get a woman (whether just to fuck or connect with). So if he can’t, then he lashes out at them and blames them. That’s victim behavior. That’s why I know they are all pussies over there. smh


      1. There’s a point, especially in pick up, where a lot of guys that are new to intermediate start trying to Act what they think an Alpha Male acts like.

        Many times is comes from inexperience. But the thing is you can tell RIGHT where they’re at in their game because it’s a pretty common pattern. The guys I met, who are good, and pulling lots of ass ALL have one thing in common. (Assuming they learned this game.)

        They are all pretty laid back and chill in their own way.

        So when the guys are all “Tough guy on the internet” It’s pretty obvious to be that their game is probably not that advanced.


      1. true story…

        did you hear when Seal Team 6 went after Osama Bin Laden-their commanding officer warned them not to get captured. If they did, the US government would deny their existence and then he showed them a picture of Roosh. This will be your cell mate, you will get more sex than you’ve ever gotten in your life, but, ahem, even if you were gay, it’s not the kind of sex anyone would ever want to have. Needless to say, with Roosh’s ugly mug burned into their minds, they didn’t fuck up….


        1. LMAO hey Stoner, this is the most humorous piece of commentary I ever got on this blog! BTW, I haven’t gotten any updates from your blog lately. I don’t know why if there’s a glitch in the system or you blocked my subscription somehow, but I’ll resubscribe.


  2. I posted under the pseudonym IRT and found that RooshV found my neutral comment so worrisome, that he deleted it! But this guy has worse problems. His RooshV site, his ROK site and Krauser’s are now actively posting about how game is valid, after some guy posted on their sites about how game doesn’t exist. He promptly got banned and now they are trying to protect their ego’s and business strategy of making people believe game, or at least their type of game, exists! So much for there being manly advice on the internet – they’re single-handedly bringing down the manosphere to a new low.


    1. Hey my Chicago buddy. What did Roosh get himself into? I’ve heard of all the drama over the past 2 weeks but it looks like it hits the fan over the past day or so…as far as the link you posted.

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        1. The thing is, and this is in spite of our disagreement, I don’t believe he mean for rape to be legal. He claims it was pun and I believe it. Even if someone were to say this, there is no way to possible get rape legalized. So whether he has meet ups about legalization of rape, no law maker will ever take that into consideration, and no guy out there would ever think that rape is legal. In all fairness also, his meetups were about teaching men how to pick up women. They weren’t rape meetups. Every pickup coach has meetups with their students and followers. So to think that there would be a meet up somewhere where guys would talk about raping women, that isn’t so. It is just a case of where the media took things out of context. Even if he were to believe that rape should be legal, this doesn’t mean that guys who start to go around raping women because Roosh says rape should be legal. Im just being rational here, regardless of my past issues with Roosh. I can unequivocally say that he doesn’t advocate rape, nor has he ever taught that.

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