Does the “V” in RooshV stand for “Virgin”? You be the judge

I’ve decided to narrow my proposed 1 month Roosh bashing rampage down to a 1 day spectacle instead.

Reasons being?

I’ll explain in my subsequent post [the last of the 4 Roosh bashers to be posted tonight].

Out of curiosity, I’ve always wondered what does the V in Roosh V stood for.

A Manosphere PUA friend of mines came up with 3 suggestions:




It cannot be Villain since Villains are tough-skinned individuals like Socialkenny who isn’t afraid to tussle and be outcast.

Since he’s a Muslim, I was leaning towards V standing for Vegan, but after following few Roosh posts, it’s apparent that he’s a carnivorous beast.


After doing some extensive research, we came to a unanimous conclusion that Virgin was the most suitable adjective to append to the “ambiguous” V.

Roosh Virgin it is.

This seems like a pretty rational attribution for a guy who whines all day about feminism being his greatest obstacle to getting ass.

He’s too short-sighted to see that the greatest obstacle to men getting laid is other fucking men.

Women secretly root for men to bang the shit out of them; not for men to fail.

So Roosh Virgin should be wary of the men he surrounds himself with.

Perhaps they are the detractors to his inability to visit poon-town.

15 thoughts on “Does the “V” in RooshV stand for “Virgin”? You be the judge

Add yours

  1. Socialkenny will be banned for life but we gotto respect that.

    Rossh has been sheltered too long with challenge. This might be that he needs.



  2. Roosh doesnt do permanent bans.

    Matter fact Roosh doesn’t block people he disagrees with. As kenny said in his other post, roosh deleted his comments not because they were bad comments but because they came from him. This was personal according to kenny pua.


  3. “Women secretly root for men to bang the shit out of them; not for men to fail.”
    I think the biggest obstacle for a man in getting laid is just himself. Handle your business. That’s what makes you a man.


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