Erika Awakening Soft Attacks Socialkenny, Alex Rose Defends Her, + AFC Adam Comes To His Wife’s Rescue [Facebook PUA Politics]

Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening, top female-PUA coach

What is it with me and female-dating coaches squabbling?

Makes me feel like a womanizer.

Am I just lucky or is this just a form of “Projection” as Erika would say?

Perhaps she has a secret crush on me but just doesn’t know how to express it.

Erika Awakening is a top female PUA-Seduction coach [I give her that at least] who runs the Spiritual Seduction Blog.

Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening

Her brand of Game advice is an intertwining of spiritualism with pickup for an interesting concoction of seduction.

We’ve never had prior altercations besides subliminal jabs here and there on her blog and Facebook.

I’d seen her remotely @ a PUA gathering once, but never entertained a conversation.

However, last night via Facebook, she elected to open a can of dirty worms because of a comment I’d made on a Facebook-status update of Alex Rose, a seduction and men’s lifestyle coach out of Maryland.

Alex Rose, seduction and men's lifestyle coach

Alex Rose, seduction and men’s lifestyle coach

Essentially, Alex & Erika got all butt-hurt because I’d said that Amanda Lyons [wife of Adam Lyons, a top PUA coach from London], wasn’t fit to be advising men on Game and seduction.

Erika and AFC Amanda apparently have history, so she felt that she had to defend her girl…which is cool by me.

Amanda Lyons

Amanda Lyons

AFC Amanda Lyons, wife of AFC Adam Lyons, PUA instructor out of London

AFC Amanda Lyons, wife of AFC Adam Lyons, PUA instructor out of London

Adam Lyons butts in to defend his wife (as would expect) and her credibility to teach men on pickup.

AFC Adam Lyons, rated the top Pick-Up Artist and instructor in the world by TSB Magazine

AFC Adam Lyons, rated the top PUA instructor in the world by TSB Magazine

I have no problems with that [women coaching]!

But I do have a problem whenever bigger heads in the community like Johnny Wolf decides to put Amanda on a virtual pedestal, as been the case over the years [solely because she’s said to be hot].

Johnny Wolf, Asian PUA guru

Johnny Wolf, Asian PUA guru, founder of the PUA Summit gathering

So I find that a lot of guys would be quick to entertain what a hot girl has to say even though it’s bullshit, just to gain her favor and approval.

Anyway, I detail some of the contentious dialogue below between I, Alex Rose, Erika Awakening and AFC Adam:

Alex Rose
Amen. ♥Seriously. I was watching the PUA Summit 2009 DVDs, and Johnny Wolf asked Amanda Lyons if she would prefer to have the Adam Lyons now, after all the coaching and personal development, or the geeky nerdy socially awkward kid before he worked so hard to develop himself. She answered that she has the best of both worlds, because Adam is still really geeky, and mentioned how they have all manner of swords and shields in the house that they role play with, but at the same time she also has the new Adam as well who is absolutely amazing.

Kennyata Socialkenny Joseph
I think the Adam and Amanda pair is the cheesiest in the community. I feel it’s overblown and exaggerated and Amanda has no business circumventing PUA events as if she knows anything.

Erika Awakening
Afc Amanda Lyons has been in the biz for years, my friend, and is as much an expert as anyone. Do you have any idea how many boot camps she has taught? Not to mention that she got a guy who
could have been with anyone to commit to her. A woman doesn’t pull that off unless she knows a fair bit about attraction and male/female dynamics. There is a lot of bias in the community about female coaches, and a lot of them don’t get the recognition they deserve. She certainly deserves the community’s respect.

Kennyata Socialkenny Joseph
@Erika- You’re trying to school me on community politics as if I’m some newbie outsider. Adam is cool although his teachings are very suspect (his entourage game which was called out as BS by Krauser PUA, a rising coach out of London). Nevertheless, I learned from Adam. Amanda on the other hand doesn’t know anything she talks about when it comes to LTR or game. It’s just simple as that.
And lastly, don’t try to school me as if I’m some newbie in this. So you may want to do your homework.

Erika Awakening
I know them personally and have seen them teach. Your judgments are just that. Judgments. And they are not accurate. Why do you need to slam other coaches who have done nothing to you personally? If what you do works, why not keep your focus on that?

Kennyata Socialkenny Joseph
@Erika- Knowing them personally is besides the point. What is that proving or saying, that because you know them personally, it gives Amanda legitimacy? Mark Manson seem to have really done a # on you. I’m not knocking you but you’re giving someone props when she doesn’t deserve it.

Alex Rose
I don’t think it’s pompous to not want to participate in drama. I am here because I love women, and enjoy spending time with women, not to participate in gossip or drama. It’s something I cannot stand in the community.

Adam Lyons
Wait… I just scrolled up. Kenyatta, who is Nick Krauser? I’ve never even heard of the guy? Or been called out lol. Surely someone has to actually contact you to call you out. My boys in NYC are still running a version of entourage. And teaching it. Heck I was out 2 weeks ago with them and like 25 girls hahaha. How can that not work? Psychological studies, puas, and promoters have been doing that and making it work for years. People make me laugh sometimes. Anyone who says entourage game (or pre-selection) as its more commonly called doesn’t work is someone you need to stop listening to.

Kennyata Socialkenny Joseph
@Adams- No love loss. I respect your abilities as I stated above. Come on now, you’ve never heard of Nick Krauser? He’s only the most active PUA and PUA instructor out of London over the past 2 to 3 years. You’re in the states now so maybe that’s why it never clicked. But sure you were called out on entourage game and never backed it up.

Adam Lyons
And should a girl teach game? That’s no-ones position to decide. Surely you have an opinion that you don’t think they should… And that’s good. Personally I’m a fan of listening and learning from anyone who has something sensible to teach. I like to believe I’m intelligent enough myself to sort out the good from the shit. (And I’m not just talking pick up here). Female instructors are becoming more prevalent, and some have some wonderful things to say. In fact I’ve learnt more from my wife than any other instructor in the world. And it’s helped me a lot more too. Saying they’re all rubbish is pretty closed minded, but obviously you’re entitled to your opinion. Personally, I’m going to keep listening learning and improving. People are free to do the same or
not. I’ve heard your advice on not listening to female instructors and now my advice to you (for what it’s worth) is… Maybe try to listen to everyone and not segregate based on sex, or any other thing for that matter.

Alex Rose
When I was living at Project Hollywood, I experienced first hand the power of social proof and preselection. During the parties there bc I wore my robe after the jacuzzi for quick easy dry/ off and staying warm, everyone there thought I was the owner, and I can tell you I’ve never experienced it so easy. And afterwards I said a very similar thing. Anyone who says that entourage/social proof preselection doesn’t work doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is just trying to take advantage of the fact that it **hasn’t worked for you** in order to sell you his method that will certainly work for you. (seen a few guys doing this).

That was just a preview and slimmed-down version of the heated dialogue which is still going on @ the moment.

Well, I was a bit chauvinistic by insinuating that a woman cannot and should not be advising men on Game and pickup.

However, I’m not against it at all!

I’d publicly stated that Ms. Bossy Moksie, a chic-blogger who gives NON-AFC’ish dating advice, would make an excellent seduction/PUA instructor.

Bossy Moksie

Bossy Moksie

I’m all for women coaching in this genre, just as long as they’re advising guys the right way.

AFC Amanda might be a cool chic after all who gives decent advice. But I’m more of the opinion that looks carry her through, and most guys in the community give her leeway and center stage solely based on looks.

Also, I was to incorporate a female writer to my blog almost a year ago, my girl Emyli Lovz, a rising-seduction coach who knows her stuff pretty well. However, that merge never materialized (yet) due to certain obligations.

Emely Lovz, female seduction coach

Emely Lovz, female seduction coach

So I’m pretty much down for women teaching seduction and game skills.

Amanda basically flew in through the back door riding Adam’s wave, and never really got called out on her insights like other chic-coaches have.

Lastly, some in this genre are under the misconception that whenever ideas and views contend, it’s a bad thing.

Not so!

Alex and Erika need to understand that theories of Game will clash, and that doesn’t signify “implosion” nor in-fighting.

The hidden beauty about the community, is that no matter how large or popular a certain guy or gal gets, we are all on equal grounds where we pretty much connect, interact and intermingle with each other in person, private or via the web.

No 1 PUA (coach) is above another.

Such condescending mentality is the quickest way to ostracize yourself and be ousted in a heartbeat.

All of us connect, communicate, meet up, have fun and do business with each other.

AFC Adams had been featured on prime-time TV and news networks around the globe, yet he intuitively understands that we are all on the same level in this community, which is why we can dialogue without fame and exposure getting to his head.

The PUA/Seduction community is unique in that regard: pretty much all of us link with one another and meet up at intervals.

Super Conference of Pick-Up Artists and coaches

Super Conference of Pick-Up Artists and coaches meet up

The heated discussion continues @ the following Facebook link.

Facebook argument over Amanda Lyons and her capability to teach pickup.

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23 thoughts on “Erika Awakening Soft Attacks Socialkenny, Alex Rose Defends Her, + AFC Adam Comes To His Wife’s Rescue [Facebook PUA Politics]

Add yours

  1. isnt Adam living in the states last thing i head? i stand corrected.
    i dont know about you kenny but amanda is facking smoking like a chimney. But do she get a pass for that i think is what you saying. we don’t really know. that is like neither here nor there.


    1. Well said. I’d rate her as an HB9 on her best day. Adam lives somewhere in the mid west now. That is the real Adam because there are few troll accounts and fake accounts on twitter claiming to be the real AFC AL. I don’t think he’s in Britain any longer.


  2. What the fuck is up SocialK!? I haven’t logged in in probably months. Don’t kill me ROTFL bruh.

    Dude, add me to facebook. Its long overdue now that we connect on their and share some stuff.

    As for the politics and drama, I can agree with the side that Alex is taking. But I can see your point too which you state at the end which is that it isn’t the end of world to feel out someone and their qualifications.


  3. I like the brotherhood type structure yall have going on in this community of people with some women in it.

    I’m new to this whole game and pickup stuff but we have plenty guys in my town into this so I’m looking to get down after reading up some things.

    A little ruffling feathers won’t hurt nobody man


  4. I feel obligated to comment on this since I use Adam Lyon’s system and took a bootcamp with him.

    I also have a problem with the female PUA coaches popping up like Starbucks, but then again I have a problem with almost all PUA coaches.

    They list her as an instructor but on my bootcamp she didn’t teach. She just did the paperwork and then went shopping with Adam to Chinatown. I think she’s more of an assistant/secretary for Adam but they call her an instructor so that people don’t think less of her.


    1. Yea I remember you said a while ago that in DC you took a bootcamp with AFC Adam.

      And for the record as I’d stated on the FB post, I respect Adam’s game. I learned frame control from a video of his years ago.

      BTW bro, why is it that we’re not following each other on Facebook? Surprised I never ran across your profile through mutual PUA’s, unless you’re not on there.


  5. A guys gotta defend his lady! lol. Thanks for the lady PUA links, I’m watching bossymoksie right now. It’s interesting to see so many red pill ladies in the mix these days.

    As for the debate, I wish I could give my two cents but I’ve never been to an official PUA event. I dunno how I would feel about taking pua advice from a girl though…she would have to be damn good.

    Where are you posting from right now? Somewhere warm I’m guessing?


    1. Hey Keanu the self-professed hottest guy on the globe lol! Just saying.

      Well no one has to go to any PUA event for legitimacy.

      As for girls giving advice on game, it’s hard for guys to swallow this unless as you said, the chick has to be good.

      Oh yea, I am somewhere warm right now lol. IDK what would give you that impression.


  6. I don’t know much about the PUA game. I do know dudes love having their capes on for good looking women. When it comes to women teaching the game, I’m not against it. She just needs to be thorough.

    Hahaha@ that pic of bossy. That pretty much sums her up!


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