Kenny’s Night-Game Adventure: “Feeling on your booty [in-field video]

*[Days ago, I cooked up an idea for an in-field video project [Kenny’s Night-Game Adventure] where I’d be recording some physical escalation on random women I come across while out @ night running game.

The point of it all is to demonstrate to guys out there that you can push the envelope and get forward.

As long as you can read body language, eye contact and sub-communications, it’d all go smooth.]

Last night [Thursday], I had an intense cravings for a late-night snack, so decided to hit up an outdoor fast-food joint at 11 PM [this is after doing some grueling night-game pickup the entire evening].

Soon as I stepped in the joint, this HB8 hot-black girl with a firm-bubble ass locked eyes with me.

I mean, this chick had a super nice porn ass to die for [she was about 5’1 though].

I instantly struck up a convo and banter [abiding by the old 3 Seconds Rule of pickup].

I sat down at a distance from her, and a minute later, she came and stood right in front of me while waiting for her pizza [I think it was pizza]!

I mean blatantly got up from her seat 20 yards away to stand literally in front of me in proximity where I can have physical access to the booty.


That is a HUGE fucking IOI/SOI (indicator/sign of interest) and a green light for me to escalate.

So I took the camera out and started recording while I touch up her ass [however most of this wasn’t captured].

I kept caressing her calves and the back of her thighs (covertly) out of the view of other patrons in the joint [to avoid activating her ASD].

She never reacted negatively (as you will see).

She actually kept looking back @ me chuckling and smiling.

As she was leaving, she jokingly said to me, “You almost made me fall over”.

This is called balls and a fearless approach to interacting with hotties.

If a sexy girl covertly does something to get your attention; take fucking advantage and have a little fun!

Escalate, KINO and give her that physical and sexual attention she craves.

Grow some balls and be a man!

Don’t waste your time collecting phone numbers [during night game especially when women are sexually charged].

Focus on pushing things far as allowed.

I enjoyed the sexual tension and flirtation that went on.

I had the options to fully escalate by walking her outside and start tonguing her down and probably fuck her somewhere.

But I was spent and burnt out from sarging and doing day game all day [since 7 AM].

It’s very easy to get lazy.

Anyway, the lesson overall is to ESCALATE, TOUCH, PUSH, PULL, BUMP, GRIND, SLAP, SPANK, KISS…

Women mainly only become offended when you do such forward things as if you’re doing something wrong.

But if you do them with a sense of “this is normal. I’m doing nothing wrong”, she will most likely excuse the forwardness and actually enjoy it [from my experience].

Of my many years in seduction, I’ve only been slapped once for being a fresh and forward, rude-sexual pig. And that’s only 1 in 1,000 times [great frikkin’ ratio LOL]!

Here’s a short in-field video clip of my boy Jayshizzo doing some pickup [in the background].

The interaction isn’t audible, but what I respect most about this, is that he had the balls to approach a chick who has a banging body and an equally banging face.

That is the most important step [the first step] into becoming a shameless rockstar with the hotties!

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

17 thoughts on “Kenny’s Night-Game Adventure: “Feeling on your booty [in-field video]

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  1. Off the subject for a second…but watching your videos always make me want to come back to the island! I don’t know which one I will visit this year but I’m ready!!


  2. Now the ass grabbing issue- ok normally that deserves a slap…but once or twice I too have let it slide and I really don’t know why! LOL


    1. I’m vexed that I didn’t get to capture the real ass-grabbing.
      But I can imagine in a club situation, girls get their asses touched all the time, but the guy who touches it is always like “it wasn’t me”.


  3. I saw this video thumbnail on youtube the other day, was gonna watch but then got distracted. Glad it’s here on the blog!
    But dang, if she’s basically gonna put it in your face, why not?
    What’s wrong with being 5’1″ Kenny!?


  4. Love that recording,

    It is world apart from previous ones, you much bolder with your approach, much more active, and taking action where it should be taken.

    Imho that how seduction should be done.


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