Is Toronto The New Mecca Of Game And PUA’s?

Over at Roosh’s blog, he’d written an article where he shed some light on the Toronto pick-up scene [apart from the RSD politics]. Here’s an excerpt: Is RSD hurting young men?

“For the longest time I thought that Washington DC was the capital of PUA culture in North America (alongside Los Angeles), but I hadn’t yet been to Toronto. Hands down, I’ve never seen so many PUAs in my one week visit there than I have in my entire life. There are Toronto bars where you can find over two dozen PUAs working simultaneously to approach every single woman in the bar in rapid succession (go to Madison Avenue Pub on Thursday night to see what I mean)”.

Personally, I’ve never been to Toronto YET! But it is on my fucket-list for the near future.

Anyway, I’m not opposed to running my fabulous game in a bar packed with fellow seductionists, but it’d seem pretty strange to me since I’m always like the only Pick-Up Artist in whichever venue I chose to hit up.

At bars, my competition is always Alpha natural type guys with good Game, but that’s usually like 2-3 dudes in the entire venue.

I couldn’t imagine tryna run Game in a locale which has fellow players competing for the prime real-estate of the crop. It’d be like sibling rivalry but battling for pussy instead.

Luckily though, a lot of guys wouldn’t purposely try to sabotage another guy’s set, but I have heard cases where wingmen even fuck up their own wing’s sets.

Cock-blocks are expected, but I’d rather be AMOG’d (cockblocked) by a Natural than a fellow PUA who should at least be able to read bro-code and let me do my thing and vice versa.

Competition is healthy though!

Generally my attitude is, “Let the best man win”!

But I’m allowed to say that since I can fire everything in my arsenal at the competition.

To get a clear sense of how intense it can get when tryna seduce the same girl that other men are trying to snatch up, read this field report of mines from last year @ a nightclub, where I and 2 other guys were fiercely trying to pull this 1 specific chick.

That night was hectic: 3 guys battling for 1 girl at the club.

In a town or city where everyone is into pickup, or the local guys are good with their skills: Game will be fucking fierce!

Therefore, cities like Toronto will present a great test to your game and overall skill-set with HB’s.

Since getting into this community years ago, I’ve never ran into another PUA while out in-field, sarging or at a bar….at least not knowingly.

From browsing the comments on Roosh’s post, it would appear that men in general have a hard time pulling ass in Toronto: competition is stiff and the chicks are generally adverse to game [according to the commenters].

These guys make it seem like it’s impossible to get laid there.

A lot of this attitude stems from guys who generally do bad with chicks anyway, so their assertions will always be negative in saying shit like Toronto women aren’t feminine enough.

I would totally fuck the shit out of Toronto whenever I do venture there in the near future.

Can a city be so saturated with players and Pick-Up Artists that it makes it next to impossible to get laid there?

I doubt it!

By the way, if you’re in Toronto, Canada or the Ontario area, you can meet up and sarge with other PUA’s in that area also, by signing up at the following meet-up groups:

Toronto PUA Rockstar Meet-Up Group. Group led by Good Karma.

Toronto PUA Club Meet-Up Group. Group led by Intense.

Toronto Pick-Up Artist Meet-Up Group. Group led by Alton & Big C.

Alpha Male Meet-Up Group. Group led by S.A. (The organizer). No girls/wing-girls allowed in this meet-up group.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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  1. I wanted to commenet on this article at roosh’s site but it was too flooded.

    Toronto supposed to be the mecca from day 1 since Mystery and those guys are from over there.


  2. This is definitely something I’ve thought about, with the explosive growth of pickup in the last few years and the sheer effectiveness of it in turning unattractive guys into studs. What would happen if practicing and studying pickup and seduction was as much a right of passage for young men as, say, getting a first job? I’m sure it would change gender relations in quite interesting ways.


    1. For sure IP. I never delved this deeply into it as far as gender relations (changing it). As far as right of passage, it really seems like that’s way it’s headed. The amount of high schoolers who are into game and pickup is just crazy!!! We should have an under 18 wing lol!


  3. I guess from my own perspective..if you know your game and you got that shit down packed, fuck with any other PUA tries when it comes to not only approaching but locking in your spot with the chick. If you approach her after another PUA has failed she may look at you as a sign of relief if you’re natural about it. No chick wants to get hit on constantly back to back by several guys..after a while its like..OK wTf?! It gets played out..or atleast for me it does because I detect the fuckery.


    1. Wow! Some good chick advice! So what you’re saying is, let’s say a girl is constantly hit on at a bar, she may eventually give it after rejecting some guys? If that’s what you’re saying. Sounds plausible to me.


  4. Yes but you can’t come off too strong or she’ll write you off as one of the other “guys” who tried to holla. Just chat up casual conversation…ask her questions to get her to talk more about herself..this way she’ll think it’s all about her when in actuality…it’s about you…(can’t believe I’m saying this lol)..You need to be her Captain Save’A’Hoe basically. Save her from all of the other forceful PUAs using weak game.


    1. Well I totally agree with. Every PUA would agree with you also.

      It’s just so weird to hear a chic say these things lol. It ever shocked you that you’re giving away the playbook.

      I may need to recruit you as my wing-girl to help me coach.


      1. lol..Hey..I look at it this way: I can show you my hand but you cannot play it for me. Every woman can be totally different but at the same time we share a lot of similarities that one another could relate to. I’m actually contemplating on posting up something about how we as women know right off the rip if we’re going to fuck you or not.

        I’m always here to lend a hand hun ;o)


        1. Of course!

          We teach this in pickup. This is like the first thing we learn, that a woman decides within the first seconds of seeing you whether she’ll give you some or not. This is what we teach. And this is why body language is key more than what you say out your mouth.


          1. Yes I peeped the video of Mystery in the bar…body language definitely plays a big role because we can send off the wrong signals if we’re intoxicated (unless you’re looking for some drunk nana which some rule as an easy score) versus when we’re sober as a mouse.


          2. Real men should prefer sober sex than to take advantage of a drunk girl. Not that I have a problem with banging drunk girls but I rather work for it.

            SKenny I know agree too.


    2. A girl teaching game. wtf is the world coming to. We do have female coaches in this underground community but for a outsider, you know your shit bambi


      1. Hahaha!! Thanks Japan! I tend to go into a lot of situations with the mindset of a male..which helps me prevent a lot of heartache and wasted time!


        1. Bla bla bla. Another chic who wants to believe that she thinks like a man.

          I’ve always stated that women are way smarter than men in almost everything, and mostly dating [this is typical Pickup teachings]. But for women to say they think like men. Nah.


          1. First – you have to FUCK me which isn’t such a easy thing from the jump. You can try all of your cards in the deck that is held before you but as I stated earlier, I will determine whether or not I’m going to part these thighs and let you in. I rule out dudes based on so many things that even fucking me is a challenge, let alone getting to know me – by choice simply because I’m not up for any bullshit.

            So to answer your question – No I would not catch feelings at all for you because you would not f-close me.


          2. This wasn’t personal. Just a general question as to catching feelings.

            Every girl is a challenge. Remember that. The sluttiest girls put up challenges and sexual barriers also. This is expected. So because you think that you are challenging, doesn’t mean it’s something unique, because every girl puts up challenge.

            Ultimately, it’s up to every girl to decide to spread her legs. But it’s up to the man to try sway and convince her that it’s OK to spread them. That isn’t an impossible task. Women want sex just as much as men, she just needs a prod or convincing that it’d be safe and she won’t be judged afterwards.


          3. this is the issue that i have…once i fuck a dude..i toss him..unless its really good then i’ll hold onto him for my satisfaction but other than that – i go cold turkey..i won’t reply to emails..texts..answer nothing. So with me its like..its better to establish a friendship and not have sex rather than have sex and try to keep a friendship going – it doesn’t work for me.

            This is why I said it’ll be a challenge to sleep with me not out of me feeling like a slut or anything because sex is sex..forget anyone else’s views. If i want some, i’ll get it some way. By me knowing this, it is the least of my concerns when either getting to know someone or continuing to grow a friendship. I put up a challenge because if the person is really cool, i might not want to lose them after sex (which is hard for me not to do..idk)


          4. I hear you. This is the case with lots of women. And this all comes down to the types of men y’all usually deal with (Beta-Males).

            If you were to come across an Alpha male, he’d drive your ass crazy. But in the western world, only like 5% of men are alphas while 95% Beta pussies who will sell out their manhood just for pussy.


          5. Most men are bitch males/beta males. It’s rare that a girl finds or dates a guy who is up on game and knows how to operate without caving. There are not enough Alphas/ real men in the world to go around. Most men have been brainwashed by their mothers, media and churches into giving away their power to women.


  5. Fuck what Roosh V says. He’s just saying that because he had troubles there gaming girls.

    I think Israel is the new PUA haven and mecca. We got coaches and players like rice all up through Tel Aviv running night game and shit.


  6. Kenny,

    Alphas, as you wrote in a previous article, always get what they want. Bad game spells failure almost anywhere on planet earth. I dig your upbeat attitude about pulling snatch in Toronto. Much respect.

    – Tarik


  7. I can only speak for day game, but yah there lots of people who gaming in Toronto. There were times that for single mall there would be like 15 people sarging.

    Also the pua style seems to be very robotic and based on mass approach.

    Personally I am not big fun of RSD, but they approach of not giving f#$ck and just do mass approaching seems to be very helpful to the noobs who just start game. The problem is people get stack in it, and rather than improve their seduction skills they just play huge number game.


    1. Wow, 15 guys sarging 1 spot!? I can’t imagine. No wonder game maybe difficult in Toronto for many.

      As for mass approaching lots of women, this is definitely helpful to newbies who need to get experience in approaching women in general, so from that angle, RSD form of game is key.

      I get what you saying with not brushing up on overall skills.


      1. Yah, it’s get really bad in winter time, as there not many places to go for the day game so everybody comes to the mall. Summer of course better as you can take a walk and just approach attractive/interesting chicks who you come across.


  8. In NYC you can hit a few bars and find PUA’s. I’ve been to plenty of bars like that. Guys literally trying to take the girl you’re talking to away. Like pulling her away haha. I’ve also been places where you have a lot of attractive women and no guys are approaching, dancing, nothing. Of course I just hit up those spots. I like cooperation


    1. I haven’t run game in the city in so long (since I’m in and out on occasions), the layout of the bar scene is strange to me.

      Lol @ “I like corporation”. I’m with you there Reema.


  9. I’m commenting on what another commenter brought up. If all the guys had good ‘game’, it definitely would change things up. Don’t you think women would eventually catch on, if everyone is doing it, and change things up. Since that’s what we like to do?


          1. That’s what I’m asking! If you think we would make things harder or easier for you guys if all you guys suddenly had your game right. Just wondered what you thought. I honestly don’t have a guess of what would happen. I can’t even picture it!


          2. Lol IDK why I couldn’t understand your question. Thing is, there seems to be a misconception that if every guy knew game or had game, women will all of a sudden start to shut down. Isn’t the case.

            Every girl I meet, I let her know what I’m about. I’m sort of addicted to challenge where I love to tell women that I’m a seducer who’s gonna seduce them.

            Women usually find this intriguing and not a turn off.

            IDK if that answers your question.


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  12. Hey there,
    Happy new year! My new years resolution in 2014 is NO REGRETS in 2014!
    That’s right… you have TONS of untapped potential.
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    Too busy rushing to work?
    You’ll approach her if she get’s off at the same stop as you?

    Are you looking for how to pickup women. We cover everything from limiting beliefs, i.e. she’s too good for me.
    How to approach girls with friends, girls with guys, respectfully i.e. without risking getting knocked out.
    Rather than “Pickup Coaching” I like to call it more of a “Shy guy gone fearless” type of thing.
    as for AMOG … I saw RSD feedback some student thought it was cool to “ignore the guy”… except it isn’t.
    I argue that either approaching the group, or approaching the guy, is the only respectful way about going about the approach without getting knocked out or really pissing off a dude. Mind you, if he’s half your size and you want to assume he’s unarmed go for it.

    Call EJ at 647-725-2153 for your FREE 15-minute Pickup coaching consultation. At just $80 for 3 hours MONEY-back guaranteed, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I’ve approached and number closed a girl in front of literally 10+ friends, who decided to back off, when I made my intentions clear.
    I’ve approached tables of 8+ people at tons of restaurants and been given compliments from guys like “you are sure going places man”

    We cover emotions, trust, joy, etc. rather than trying to convince her to like you, we have certain routines that make the whole pickup thing, more playful.
    Of course, I have the philosophy in 2014 of NO Regrets in 2014! So that means I approach virtually every person I want to talk to,
    ​if its a guy I would approach him regarding my business and let him know about it etc.


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