How To Seduce A Girl [Socialkenny Breaks Down Video Of PUA Guru Mystery In-Field]

Mystery PUA guru, godfather of the seduction community

Mystery PUA guru, godfather of the seduction community

Fresh off the controversy of my last article, I’d received numerous e-mails from guys who were very perplexed as to “How do you seduce a girl” (by being illogical)?

My last article, as expected, flew over the heads of many guys who don’t understand the concept of “women being illogical”, therefore you must seduce them on an illogical level- which in turn means tapping into her triune brain (Reptilian Brain).

Guys, as I’ve stated in my last article; you must make the target (girl) emotional in order to seduce her.

If she’s not in an emotional state of mind: you will fail to seduce her!

She will reject you!

Being in an emotional state means being irrational and illogical.

The purpose of this video-observational exercise is to give the audience a better sense of how to speak to a woman’s emotional side, and hook and reel her in by saying things which doesn’t make logical sense.

To seduce means to mislead. In order to seduce a girl, you’ll essentially have to mislead her.

Sounds unethical and hard-line to some; but it’s the cold-fucking reality of courtship and dating!

And this is why “Nice guys finish last”. You cannot be ethically nice and get chics at the same time, or you’ll be masturbating from now until Armageddon.

A woman will not sleep with you unless you mislead and trick her into sleeping with you.

This isn’t unethical, it’s the law of the land. And any guy who doesn’t believe he has to manipulate his way into getting ass, he’s probably never gotten any.

If she feels as though she’s leading and direction the interaction towards sex; she will feel slutty then shut the whole show down!

So she wants to be tricked!

She needs to be tricked!

Or else, she’ll be too much in a rational state of mind, which will make her feel whorish for soliciting sex from you.

Moreover, every guy on the face of the Earth who’s ever gotten laid before, had to have done this in order to get laid [tap into a girl’s reptilian brain to mislead her].

However, not every guy “CONSCIOUSLY” knows that he’s doing this, but a selected few; who happens to be Pick-Up Artists and pimps.

Pimps are the only other set of men on Earth who “Consciously” seduce girls [since it’s an art form and method for them also].

Only that he seduces girls for the sake of prostitution, while the PUA seduces girls solely for sexual pleasure.

Now to the good stuff!

In this post, I’m gonna break down the art of seducing a girl, via in-field video of the master PUA guru Mystery, as he chats up a girl at a bar (on hidden camera), by playing to her Reptilian Brain with irrational language.

Looks like an innocent chat to the average guy. But this is powerful stuff on a subconscious level.

Step by step, frame by frame breakdown of Mystery in-field

Notice the nonsensical babbling that Mystery does.

Notice how he’s being irrational and erratic by jumping from topic to topic.

This technique essentially confuses the girl (which is what you want to occur).

A confused person is easily seduced.

A rational-thinking person cannot be seduced.

So mystery will basically be confusing the girl in order to get her deeply attracted to him like a hypnotist and his subject.

He’ll have to psych her out.

And remember; every guy who’s good with women does this.

Every guy who’s ever been laid before has done this [although he might not have been conscious of the procedure].

They just aren’t aware of they doing these things, tactics and techniques.

Ok, the video begins with Mystery and the girl just starting the conversation not long before. And the subject of smoking weed was discussed:

[Everything the girl says will be ignore by me since her answers doesn’t really matter in this case]

8:48 “What’s the most profound moment you’ve had…smoking weed”?

[Notice that this is a weird, deep, unorthodox and illogical question that the girl has probably never been asked before]

As she’s talking to Mystery about her most profound moment smoking hash, pay attention to her body language (her positioning).

Whenever a girl is physically attracted to a guy, she will face him directly [vis-a-vis], her chest to his, her face to his, her feet to his (as she’s talking).

The positioning of the feet is the most important here.

This is a classic-sure sign that a woman is feeling you.

Her feet facing you (towards your direction), opposed to away from you [which will indicate that she’s NOT into you…as yet].

So the way she positions her body towards Mystery, says that she’s attracted to him and wants him.

This is done subconsciously, therefore, women aren’t aware of it, that they’re doing these things [men aren’t neither].

7:39 Mystery is looking directly into her eyes as he asked her, “How old were you”?

Eye contact is HUGE guys!.

You can get a girl’s panties soaking wett just by injecting her with the proper amounts of EC (eye contact)…which is an art form.

And it shows balls to look someone directly into the eyes [in the right way].

7:30 As the girl continues to talk about hash-smoking, Mystery strategically turns away from her as if he was distracted [while he outs his cigarette].

So he’s robbing her of undivided attention.

He’s subcommunicating to her that he’s possibly bored or annoyed by what she’s saying.

This in turn will make her self-conscious, which is an emotional reaction [which is what you want].

The average guy would not have done this (believing it to be bad manners).

This subtle technique of turning away from the girl as she’s talking is called Body Rock-Out.

7:20 Look at Mystery’s body language now. He’s turned somewhat sideways with his shoulder facing her (instead of his entire body facing her).

This innocuous technique is called FTC: False-Time Constraint [I demonstrate it in this article while picking up a girl at a bar: Socialkenny field report from a bar.

It disarms the girl and put her at ease and also makes her think that you’re about to leave (which would be the last thing she wants to happen if she likes you).

This is subtle and seems innocent to guys, but it’s powerful.

7:13 Mystery asks her, “Do you listen to music”?

Very illogical question, since everyone listens music LOL!

Once again, women aren’t logical, so you must seduce her on an illogical plane by saying illogical stuff and asking illogical questions.

This may sound crazy, but it works. It will fly under her radar. She’s not gonna be saying to herself, “What a crazy question”!

7:08 “What’s your favorite (music)”?

Mystery now changes the conversational topic from smoking to music.

This subtle tactic is called Routine Stacking; jumping from 1 conversational topic to another unexpectedly.

It builds confusion [which is what you want].

Also, by asking her what’s your “favorite”? “Favorite” speaks to one’s likings and desires, which originates in the reptilian portion of the brain [which is where you want to actively work].

6:56 Mystery routine stacks again by instantly changing the subject from music to friends.

Once again: this confuses the brain (rational part), and gets the person more engaged in what you have to say.

6:52 Mystery: “The night’s young, and you’re gonna end up interacting with a few people in here”.

This subtle-verbal technique is very powerful.

By telling the target (girl) that she’s gonna be talking to other people, Mystery is subcommunicating to her that he’s of higher value, and he will not be devoting all of his time to her.

This build scarcity, and activates a scarcity mindset in the girl, which will make her want you more, and want to lock you down even more.

Think of it as going to a supermarket, and there’s only 1 can of a certain item left in the entire store.

You WILL buy that last can more readily than if they were 50 cans left.

The fact that this 1 can could be gone instantly by another shopper (since it’s scarce), is equivalent to Mystery subcommunicating to the girl that he’s scarce.

Also, by telling the girl there are other men here to interact with, it makes her self-conscious that she doesn’t fit your standards, or else, why would you be telling her she’ll be interacting with other guys?

This creates “Prizability”, and makes her want you more (since you’re the prize).

6:40 “Here’s a unique piece of information…before I tell you that though…”.

With this verbal technique, by saying that, it builds intrigue and anticipation, which gets the girl more emotionally engaged.

Just as promising to tell someone something, will cause them to want to know what it is even more.

You tell someone you have something to tell them: they become intensely curious.

This verbal technique is called building curiosity and curiosity loops.

Also notice how Mystery changes subject again: from friends to “I have something to tell you”.

Confusing her again by routine stacking (changing subjects).

6:37 He’s building anticipation in the girl and making her anxious by pausing and procrastinating on telling her what he’s going to tell her.

She’s becoming anxious, which means emotional, which means investment, which deepens the attraction.

6:35 Just like a hypnotist, watch how Mystery puts her into a trance as he tells her: “Turn off that little social mask of yours.

Just as a hypnotist commands his subjects while he simultaneously dangles an object before their eyes.

This is essentially what Mystery does at this point. He’s leading her!

6:31 “Be normal”!

He negs with a sly statement by insinuating that she isn’t a normal person.

Just as any perfectly timed neg does: the girl laughs rather than become insulted.

6:28 “The average life span of a human being…[Pauses] how many days you think it is”?

He asks her a completely difficult question, which will serve to confuse her logics since the question is so illogical and complicated.

Also, this technique is a concept originated by Mystery, which is that during a conversation, you should at least bring up an interesting fact or question or 2.

Notices how he pauses, which builds intrigue and deepens the vibe.

6:18 Notice how he waves, wags and moves his fingers and hands constantly in front of her as he talks.

Once again, this creates the same effect that a hypnotist does when he hypnotizes his subjects by waving and dangling an objects before them.

Doing this also holds their attention on you, rather than “break state” and be distracted somewhere else.

6:17 “Clear your mind”!

Once again, he commands her as a hypnotist or magician/illusionist does.

Pay attention to his hand in front of her face. This is subtle, seems innocent, yet deadly powerful.

6:16 He KINO’s her (in other words, touch her).

He’s making her used to his touch gradually as he touched her on her shoulder.

6:15 “Think of the moon”!

He’s continuing to be illogical by telling her to do illogical stuff like think of the moon.

He’s deepening the ritual!

6:10 “Don’t try to figure it out [the answer]”!

He’s confusing her more, but telling her “Don’t”, then Do, then Don’t, then Do. He’s sending conflicting messages to her brain, which will serve to deepen the attraction more.

6:08 “…Feel”!

He gives her an embedded command, which is part of NLP, by telling her to “Feel”!

NLP means “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”. It’s a school of thought of the PUA community, which bases its teachings on the art of hypnotizing the woman by giving her embedded commands like: to feel, to touch, to sense, to imagine, to want, to see, to picture, etc.

Feeling is a sensation deriving from the reptilian brain.

5:47 “How long do you feel you’re gonna live…how many days”?

5:41 He breaks the building tension by laughing.

5:30 “You ready for the sobering fact”?

He builds anticipation again by asking if she’s ready for what he was supposed to tell her a while ago.

5:02 He begins telling her 1 interesting fact (which every PUA should inject into his conversations: at least 1 interesting fact).

Now, that fact doesn’t even have to be factual or true. Just as long as it sounds interesting and has numbers [big numbers confuse people].

4:48 “If you were to get to know an individual…and spend time…”.

He’s now routine stacking again: jumping from 1 topic to the next [confusing her thought process- which is what you want to do].

Also by saying this, he’s subcommunicating to the girl that “HE IS” the individual she should get to know [he’s using more NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming].

This verbal technique is called “Future Projecting”, by asking her a question pertaining to the future [“what if we were lovers, etc.].

4:48 He tilts his head to the side as he talks. This builds compliance and trust.

4:42 He becomes really irrational and illogical by being very vague and enigmatic.

Remember guys; you cannot seduce a girl LOGICALLY. You will only bore her to fucking death with logical convo!

4:27 “But imagine…[Pause] spending an entire day with somebody…”.

Notice he pauses to build anticipation and emphasize the command (to imagine).

He’s doing more “Future Projecting” [by telling her to “imagine” in the future tense].

This also has built-in NLP embedded commands.

He’s now commanding her to imagine spending her day with someone (which is him).

She will now (subconsciously) begin to image spending her day with someone (which is him, the 1 giving the command).

4:12 He’s being illogical and rambling about something of no sense [which is the right strategy].

He’s purposely confusing the hell out of the target (girl) by purposely being illogical [which bypasses her rational brain].

3:53 “I thought I’d catch you up to speed with my friends here [in the venue]”.

That statement seems innocently harmless, but it powerful!

In pickup, we call this tactic “Screen and Accept”.

By him telling her that he’ll introduce her to her friend(s), it’s sort of initiating her into his elite group of friends.

He’s now accepting her after screening her to see if she qualifies. Thus “screen and accept” concept.

3:46 “I’ll introduce you in a little bit”.

He’s building curiosity and intrigue via procrastination (just like open loops).

3:40 He routine stacks again by jumping to another topic: from best friends to assholes.

Guys, please realize the importance of Phase Shifting and Routine Stacking.

It’s powerful!

You’re taking the girl on a roller-coaster ride of emotions by jumping from 1 subject to another at the drop of a dime.

3:37 He injects some humor to lighten the mood a bit.

3:04 “What is occurring here right now, is happening all over the world”.

Once again, another vague, parable-like comment which doesn’t make sense to the rational mind.

But since the girl is currently in an emotionally excited state, her rational brain doesn’t notice.

Pay attention to how ambiguous, vague and nonsensical he gets with what he’s saying.

This is what you want to happen.

You do not want to be talking about school, her boring job, kids, parents or anything logical (and boring).

You want to be talking about the metaphysical, spiritual and imaginary.

Rationality and logics kill seduction!

Logics are anti-seduction.

Logics, logical facts, and logical conversations are your enemy when trying to seduce a girl.

Rationality (and the rational side of the brain) is what causes women to say (while trying to fuck her): “No, we have to stop! I don’t know you like that! We can’t have sex”!

Once you put her rational brain to sleep, she will comply, be seduced and get fucked.

2:53 So Mystery doubles down on the nonsensical, illogical and spiritual [which will put the rational mind to bed, and activate the reptilian brain, or the illogical brain].

Notice how he keeps saying “we, we, we, us, us, us”.

This tactic gets the girl accustomed to hearing and visualizing we, us, together…(as in sex).

2:45 “I’ll introduce you to the friend”.

Once again, building intrigue with promises of introduction to this “mystery” friend.

2:42 She looks around the room wondering where this friend is.

She’s obviously engaged, invested and totally attracted and ripe for the picking.

2:30 “Would you say you’re interested in psychology…or fascinated by it”?

Mystery routine stacks once again (changing subjects suddenly).

This time, he uses a “loaded phrase” [as they say in NLP seduction]: “Fascinated”.

Also, subjects like psychology, astrology, the Zodiac, spirituality, meditation, etc. are all topics which fascinates women and entrance them.

2:14 “Can I show you something cool for shits and giggles”?

He’s now gonna do a “Routine”, which will enable him to touch her [KINO].

1:28 “Fear and excitement are the same adrenaline release”.

1:06 “Describe what you feel”.

The remainder of the video is academic.

Part 2 continuation of the above video:

If you ask me what happened at the end of the night; most likely Mystery would’ve banged her if it wasn’t for her relationship status (she was still ready to be seduced fully).

Not every pickup follows this order; for instance, looking for quick phone # closes where the girl is in a hurry, etc.

If you’re looking for sex, perhaps you’re at a bar, nightclub or such venues, then this sort of game which Mystery displayed in the video is what you’re looking for.

In the PUA/Seduction community, we have numerous methods of picking up women (schools of thoughts). However, Mystery’s is most famous and most used.

Mystery’s Method of pick-up is designed to take at least 4 hours to sleep with a woman (from meet to sex).

This is not a technique you’re required to learn if your intentions are to take it slow with a girl.

This is for One-Night Stands, Same-Night Lays and sleeping with random women fast.

Also, there’s a huge difference in “picking up a girl and seducing a girl.

To pick up a girl consists of attracting her and to get her contact details (phone #, etc.) by the end of the chat.

To seduce a girl consists of attracting her, putting her in a trance, getting her to fall deeply for you, then lay her.

The above video demonstrated how to seduce a girl. Not necessarily how to pick up a girl (get her #, set up date, etc).

This sort of game is also perfect for picking up girls at clubs, bars, lounges and anywhere during the night (where logistics can lead to sex).

Just to reiterate lastly, you cannot seduce a girl on a logical level by being logical with her by having logical conversation!

Perfect example: if you say to a girl (whom you’ve never fucked), “Let’s go to my house so I can fuck you”.

She’ll obviously be offended, cuss you out, leave, etc.

That was too RATIONAL of a statement, which engages her rational mind, which gets her offended.

However, had that same line been said in an IRRATIONAL way, where it flew under her radar (to the subconscious mind/Reptilian brain), she would not have caught it, but it would touch her in the right way.

Guys like I am, who are skilled in social dynamics and female psychology, can get away with saying to a strange girl, “I wanna fuck you”.

Novices and guys of lesser skills must stick to the script until…

The following-related articles below will put you on your way to becoming a master seducer who’s able to take random women to bed within minutes of meeting them!

Re watch the video and my breakdown in order to learn how to hypnotize and seduce a girl.


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  1. I remember chateau heartist doing a similar video break down of a video by steve jabba when he made out with the girl on the streets of london. But the mechanics went over guys heads as to what was taking place. But since roissy gave the break down, it clarrified much for the audience where guys can actually follow. Same thing here with you breaking down the video for us.


    1. The video of Steve was powerful because he kissed the girl.

      And it was the body language which steve was able to manipulate and work on.

      Socialkenny, thank for the information of a girl body language and the way they position their body. I didn’t know that at all that a chick turns her feet to you when she likes you. This is news to me.


    2. It’s the least I can do. Although I can’t really stand Roissy, I did like the way he broke down Steve’s k-close video to the extent that one can actually take notes and learn.


  2. @Giacomo- body language and ability to read it is key in this game. Like kenny said, it’s what separate boys from men. Your everyday joe doesnt know shit about reading signs and a woman’s BL. Its nice to learn this art.


  3. Hey Kenny man, solid shit here. I had to click on the link when I seen the post in the seduction routine page on Facebook.

    This a wicked fucking article. I’m not a Mystery Method kinda PUA, but this summed it up pretty well.


  4. Hey Kenny, I have few questions bruh:

    1 How to tell if she likes you from body language.

    2 How to tell if she dopesnt like you.

    3 How to make her like you from your body language

    I’m curious about those 3 tings


    1. 1.) As I said in the post, her feet or knees faces you.

      2.) She does the opposite from point #1, crosses arms, etc.

      3.) You’d have to display proper body language and eye contact.

      I’ll blog about this in the near future.


      1. To add to that kenny, I think this concept is called body language call out or something like that where the guy alters his body language to get the girl more attracted to him.


  5. Aight, ure at a bar, you spot a girl you like but she can’t see your full body. You would move to where she can see your body, then you would slightly turn your body towards her (not completely) and throw some EC her way. And make sure that your body language is open.

    1 of the article kenny put in the related section leads to a post that deals with this.


  6. Wow you broke that the fuck down.
    I can see why the visualizing and slipping in ‘us’ and ‘we’ many times would help.
    I would also like to add that by getting the girl to talk about things she is passionate or excited about helps, because then she feels excited (and sometimes even more connected) around you.
    I hate when guys ask ‘where do you work’ ”what do you do for fun’. Boring! I’ve been on dates where guys will list why we should date and what makes them so great. BORING TURNOFF! Definitely don’t do that!


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