Field Report: “My Worst New Year’s Ever” [I got fucked by “State” At An All-White Party]

Date: January, 1st. 2013

Time: 1 AM

Venue: The Lime Nightclub

Country: The Caribbean island of “Barbuda”

[I took a photo of an actual flier as I exited the Lime nightclub which hosted the All-White Party]


What a privilege to actually pass the New Years on a tropical island in the Caribbean this time of year, where women are still scantily-clad in next to nothing!

If you’ve never partied in the Caribbean before, ensure that you mark that shit on your to-do-list for the near future, where you can enjoy fucking some tropical-black vaginas!

Anyway, last night though ended with a fucking dud [for me at least]!


Imagine a high explosive which promises to pack a punch more deadlier than an Afghan mine, but when detonated, a firecracker would’ve been more lethal.

Well that was my night in a nutshell.

When 12 o’clock struck, I fount myself @ the bar meeting up with “The Black Dons”.

These 3 Alpha Naturals are cool as a MOFO!

They personally know the main promoter of the All-White Party event, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get in free and game some chics from the VIP area [a huge DHV].


Anyway, The Black Dons decided to go to a house party first, so I told them We’ll meet up at the venue in an hour.

Starving like Marvin, I decided to look me something to snack on but nothing was open in that area.


How am I gonna pick up chics on an empty stomach LOL!?

Finally, It’s like 2 AM, and I ran into a food vendor outside of the nightclub and bought me some Jamaican-made jerk chicken [only real men can eat these]!!!

The bouncer-promoter waved me in when I was standing in line, so I skipped a bunch of ppl [thanks to The Black Don’s connection].

This is a quintessential aspect of nightclub game, when you can be waved into the venue like a fucking Rockstar while women are watching this [a super DHV Demonstration of High Value]!

So I clawed my way through the crowd to reach the bar counter, ordered my signature drink: Cherry Brandy with a splash of Grenadine syrup to give it an exotic look.

A hot girl [HB8] standing beside me so I said to her with an on-the fly opener, “How many drinks you got bought for you so far- 20”!?

I was essentially mocking Beta-Males who buy girls drinks in order for the girls to like them (which rarely happens).

Girls inherently understand that buying drinks is a weak move [DLV].

They accept the drinks but laugh at the Beta-Male for buying the drink.

That’s why PUA’s are TOTALLY against buying girls drinks [but in rarest of cases]!

So this HB8 laughed and smiled as I opened her.

Lo and fucking behold; the bartender hands her a drink and points to some guy across the bar counter as if to say, “He bought this for you”.

She had a frazzled look on her face!

The type of shit you see in the movies LOL!

Then she rolls off.

Obviously not giving a shit about the clown who bought her the drink.

I spotted my wingman Unit, we high 5’d and started rocking away to the music.

My intentions were not to be dancing with girls, but to spot a hot chic, isolate her, chat her up, then escalate for the One-Night Stand.

Now, all seems to be going great for me!

I got into the venue free, got my drink pretty fast, great response from the first girl I opened and chatted up, met my wingman, bla, bla, bla…

But something was wrong: I was OUT-Of-State!!!

In PUA community jargon, that means that my current state of mind was not conducive to picking up women.

Being Out-Of-State or NOT in state, is basically not being in the mood to seduce.

Not that I didn’t want to take some random girl home [that was my plan]. But actively making this happen isn’t easy when not “in-state”.

I believe that I’d hyped myself up so much for this 1 particular night, that the pressures of actually living up to the hype was killing my state and potential to seduce.

This rarely ever happens to me. But it did that night!

And what a night for “my state” to fuck me over!!!

When it was all said and done, I’d chatted up 6 girls.

Got frustrated and tired (of being out of state), so I existed the joint after 5 AM.

Gets a BBM message from a former fuck-buddy whom I blogged about in my last post of 2012.

Former FB: “Kenny, are you @ the all-white party @ Lime nightclub”?

Me: “Yep. Just leaving”.

Former FB: “Meet me by the food vendor”.

I met her and she wanted me to come home with her [remember from my previous post; she has a BF].

She’s definitely DTF, so I waited for her while she chatted with some guy.

Ten minutes passed, I grew impatient and walked away to catch a cab to go home.

She calls and BBM’s me saying let’s catch a cab together to her spot, and why had I walked off. But I ignored her calls and messages.

Overall, it was a great fucking night!

Just that I was surprisingly Out-Of-State!

The music was to my liking [lots of Techno and Dance], lots of hot girls without their Bitch Shields up…

The logistics for a perfect night were well in order!

I couldn’t have wanted that shit any smoother.

However, when you’re NOT In-State, over-hyped, or simply not in the mood, it doesn’t matter how hot a chic is, or how good of a blowjob she can give; it’s impossible to get a boner!

Likewise, it was impossible for me to even seduce women who were visibly open for me because my mind just wasn’t there that night.

This is just what happens in pickup.

RSD Tyler [the PUA guru], in the following 2 videos, talks about exactly what I went through last night [State issues].

The best of Pick-Up Artists and players will go through this from time to time.

[Tyler talks about “State”]

[Tyler infield picking up girl while Out-Of-State].

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12 thoughts on “Field Report: “My Worst New Year’s Ever” [I got fucked by “State” At An All-White Party]

Add yours

    1. Lol that’s the part I was trying to avoid and admit but I didn’t hint at that in my latest podcast that we lose our mojos and edge when we get older. It’s a combo of that too.


  1. The black dons? What is that about kenny? Dudes looking like godfathers in the picture tagged. I like that style. Girls dig that shit too.

    And how do you manage club game in respect to enetering venues for free?


  2. Hey Kenny,

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head when you say, “I believe that I’d hyped myself up so much for this 1 particular night, that the pressures of actually living up to the hype was killing my state and potential to seduce.”

    Pretty much every dude I know who tries to use “state” has it backfire on them in the end. As far as I’m concerned, it’s utter BS malware from top to bottom. Better than that is simply taking the action you know is required to get you where you want to be, regardless of how you feel about it at any given point in time. Anyway, good luck next time you’re out. Happy 2013,



    1. Thanks JR. This sort of stuff is just an anomaly at times. You’re having decent interactions with women and everything just doesn’t progress even with perfect logistics and perfect vibe.


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