Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #8: “Why We Lose Our Mojo With Women, And How To Reclaim It

In the 8th episode of my PUA podcast show, I explore the topic of mojo, and why we lose it (in dating), and how to crank it back up!

As we men age, our mojo and propensity to pull ass like we used to, will have waned and slackened off.

Why does this happen?

Numerous reasons which I talk about:

•Age in itself
•Social Anxiety
•Our careers


Your mojo, zeal and tenacity to seduce women will not be as sharp as when you were a reckless, fearless kid, or when you were 21.

As men age, we tend to become complacent and lose the ability to pull the trigger as rapidly as we would have at the ripe age of 24.

A boxer’s natural abilities and reflexes will have gone due to age. His snappy punches will have lost its snap and pop.

Fortunate for us, dating and pickup isn’t boxing, and doesn’t require any strenuous-physical maneuvers. So it’s super simple to re-invigorate your mindset, skill set and drive to get laid again.

No techniques or mantras needed to get your edge back guys.

The sheer recognition that you lost your edge with the hotties is enough to get your snap back.

Check out the show by downloading it directly from the link below [45 MB, 33 minutes]!

Download Socialkenny PUA’s Podcast Show Episode #8: Mojo.

Don’t want to download, then feel free to listen to the show at the following link: Listen to show.

Episode will be available for download in the iTunes store shortly.

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